Baker Academic Fall 2021 Catalog


EARLY NORTH AFRICAN CHRISTIANITY Turning Points in the Development of the Church David L. Eastman Zeroing in on five key moments in history, this book explores how the North African church significantly shaped Christian theology, identity, and practice in ways that still directly impact the church today. “This book skillfully weaves history and reflection into a highly accessible account of North African Christianity. This title is indis- pensable for any reader, whether beginner or seasoned scholar, who wants to understand North Africa’s early contributions to fundamen- tal issues of the Christian faith.” —KYAMA MUGAMBI, Pan Africa Christian University; Centre for World Christianity, Africa International University “A compelling and insightful introduction to the faith, context, and practices of early African Christianity that will enrich readers’ grasp of its decisive influence on the legacy of the Western church.” —ROBIN JENSEN, University of Notre Dame

NOW AVAILABLE • 192 pp. • paper • $22.99 • 9781540963673

DAVID L. EASTMAN (PhD, Yale University) is the Joseph Glenn Sherrill Chair of Bible at the McCallie School. He is also an adjunct fellow at the University of Regensburg (Germany), a fellow with the Center for Early African Christianity, and the author of several books.

WHEN DID SIN BEGIN? Human Evolution and the Doctrine of Original Sin Loren Haarsma

A science-and-theology scholar argues that there are several possible ways to harmonize the doctrine of original sin and human evolution, taking seriously both Scripture and science.

“I wholeheartedly recommend this book to the church as we think through the question of the relationship between the Bible and science.” —TREMPER LONGMAN III, Westmont College

“My own work as a sociologist shows that Christians need rigorous examples of deep theological debate that takes science and Chris- tian doctrine seriously. When Did Sin Begin? is an accessible, lively, rich volume that is an excellent example of this kind of debate.” —ELAINE HOWARD ECKLUND, Rice University; author of Why Science and Faith Need Each Other

LOREN HAARSMA (PhD, Harvard University) is associate professor of physics at Calvin Uni- versity, a fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation, and a member of the BioLogos Voices network of scholars.

NOW AVAILABLE • 288 pp. • paper • $27.99 • 9781540963680


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