Baker Academic Fall 2021 Catalog


PASSIONS OF THE CHRIST The Emotional Life of Jesus in the Gospels F. Scott Spencer

This book delves into the emotional life of Jesus in the Gospels—his anger, grief, disgust, surprise, compassion, and joy—revealing what mattered most to Jesus and what motivated his mission.

“Combining a close exegetical reading of the Gospels with ancient and modern approaches to emotion study, Spencer provides a truly interdisciplinary exploration into the emotional life of Jesus. The result is a thorough, stimulating, and provocative work. Anyone interested in the study of emotions in the Bible will find this volume enriching and informative.” —TE-LI LAU, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School “ Passions of the Christ is a welcome addition to the study of emo- tions in the Bible and will be of interest to pastors, students, and scholars alike.” —BRITTANY E. WILSON, Duke Divinity School

NOW AVAILABLE • 320 pp. • paper • $32.99 • 9781540961761

F. SCOTT SPENCER (PhD, University of Durham) previously served as professor of New Testament and biblical interpretation at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. He is the author of numerous books, including commentaries on Luke, Acts, and the Song of Songs.

JESUS AND THE FORCES OF DEATH The Gospels’ Portrayal of Ritual Impurity within First-Century Judaism Matthew Thiessen

Correcting a popular misconception, this book demonstrates that the Gospel writers present Jesus within the context of Judaism, opposing ritual impurity but not the Jewish law itself.

“Utterly fresh and innovative. . . . Thiessen summons his reader to nothing less than a radical reimagining of Christian origins.” —PAULA FREDRIKSEN, Review of Biblical Literature “Compelling and wonderfully written—a must-read for anyone interested in Jesus, the Gospels, and the ins and outs of ancient Jewish law and practice. It also makes a powerful case for the ongoing relevance of the Hebrew Bible for a historical understanding of Christianity and for Christians today.” —ADELE REINHARTZ, University of Ottawa MATTHEW THIESSEN (PhD, Duke University) is associate professor of religious studies at McMaster University. He is the author of Contesting Conversion: Genealogy, Circumcision, and Identity in Ancient Judaism and Christianity (awarded the Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise) and Paul and the Gentile Problem .


NOW AVAILABLE • 254 pp. • paper • $35.00 • 9781540964878


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