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The Holidays have come and gone and as the New Year has so rapidly approached us, we are focusing on our New Year’s resolutions. Among other goals and resolutions in 2018 for better health and self-improvements, we decided to take it a step further. We are on a mission to increase the number of pre-need guardian declarations made in South Florida this year! Would you believe that only 1/100%, yes .0001, of families in Broward County have filed their Declaration. We want to take this very important step to help more people become a Hero to their Family. Also, I am looking forward to the spring lacrosse season for the east Fort Lauderdale 12U Lady Landsharks. Many of these girls just finished a successful “fall ball” season. It is an honor to continue as their coach. We are a growing program in South Florida Youth Lacrosse. Hopefully, your 2018 has started well and we wish you success with all your endeavors in the new year!

With the arrival of a new year, you’re probably setting some goals for your business. Some of these, no doubt, will be related to your numbers. Maybe you want to increase retention, grow revenue, or reduce unnecessary spending. These are all worthy goals, but don’t be afraid to tackle some big-picture ideas, as well. If you’re in need of some inspiration, look at a few of 2017’s most notable industry leaders, and consider adapting their strategies to fit your own company. HONE YOUR SERVICE LIKE WARBY PARKER Across countless industries, specialization is all the rage. Tesla has come to dominate the electric car market, in large part because they offer nothing else. Glasses manufacturer Warby Parker is another great example of wonderful specialization. They don’t sell a million products from a thousand brands. Instead, they focus on their own products, do the bulk of their sales online, and offer in-home trials. Ask yourself what makes your business special and make that the focal point of your company. Are you spending too much money on supplementary products that bring little value to your brand identity? Could that money be better spent on the thing that sets your business apart? When you trim the fat from the products or services you offer, you’ll strengthen your brand. Unless you’re Amazon, it’s hard to be a one-stop shop. BLOG LIKE WHOLE FOODS Having a blog is a great way to get eyes on your website and share valuable information with both current and prospective customers. However, too many businesses create a blog without any foresight or direction. Maybe they stop posting after a month or provide bland content that doesn’t interest readers. Some companies solely post direct advertising, which sours readers. But these mistakes are easily fixed. BUSINESS TRENDS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW IN 2018 Be Like These Industry Leaders

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