Damai88 wind system

ANYBODY CANAGREE TO ENJOY CHEAPER TARIFF – WITH NOCOST It is not that difficult to set up a system that can produce clean energy. However the scale of it can be a huge challenge. The difficult part is to make it stable and to make it profitable. Reducing cost is a no-regrets move in an industry facing slow growth, rising cost and heightened competition. ElQuator offers a progressive solution that is easily integrated into existing architecture. It simplifies the procurement process for energy storage with full planning and deployment and fully managed construction in sustainable ways as follows: ü Security: Delivering the highest level of reliability and availability of electricity to end– users in all areas/part of the world (all system run on a storage concepts, nonstop – get the power you need when you need it) ü Environment: CO2 free, clean energy from existing resources. NO need for nuclear power or construction of new Hydro dams ü Economy: Cost effective energy. Under this model, there is essentially NO cost to the Government/Grid System Operators and Regulators (installation costs will be borne by the Group Founders/Stakeholders) ü Industry: Focus on specific market and contract requirements, guaranteeing performance on unique market and operating constraints as well as improving domestic infrastructures


‡ To generate & supply sustainable electricity (SEP)* ‡ To treat & supply cleanwater consumption (UWS)* ‡ To set up a waste managementsystem ‡ To develop&manage the projectfrom initial feasibility studies, projectbudgeting, masterplanning, fund sourcing, construction& ultimatelyopening& operation ‡ To providemaintenance & services ‡ To ensure 98% manpowerwill be recruited locally ‡ To allocate 8% of our gross income to CSR: ‡ education/scholarship ‡ green infrastructures/initiatives * SEP – Sustainable Energy Plant UWS – UndergroundWaterSystem

‡ To identifyasuitable location fordevelopment ‡ To provide 30 acres of land (lease orsell) ‡ To provide IPP licensed capacity/permits ‡ To pay electricity consumed basedon agreed prices/rates set by TNB/Energy Regulator ‡ To establish a long termcontract on energy supply, land acquisition&necessary licenses ‡ To provide access to local universities/schools/local institutions fortechnology transfer ‡ To identify&source local talent supply ‡ To establish aframe work formonitoring utilization of trust fund& CSR initiatives



This proposal is drafted to provide alternative power for Damai88. The installation of our energy system with a cheaper tariff offered can power up all the facilities in Damai88 with green and clean energy as promoted by the Government. It is also the aspiration that been voiced out by our MESTECC’s Minister in opting to Renewable Energy for not only to save the Ringgit and cents but to reduce carbon emissions. Our proposal to MKH Berhad: • ElQuator will install and maintain a 35kWh Wind Energy System (Vertical Windmill) complete with Storage System on the location as per the next pages (on top of the building) to harness the wind energy • ElQuator will charge RM0.35 per kilowatt-hour for the power consumed including the service and maintenance charges • Damai88 will sign a contract agreement for 21 years (or with any ElQuator’s subsidiaries that will sign the agreement with MKH Berhad) • ElQuator will increase the tariff by 1.2% every year for 21 years • Damai88 will enjoy one (1) month free trial period • ElQuator will install the complete system by March 2020

ZERO INVESTMENT • It is a zero investment for Damai88. ElQuator will install the system including all the setup such as transfer cables, metering, etc • Damai88 will enjoy cheaper electricity tariff without to finance anything • Damai88 only pay the power utilized every month as per the metering installed • ElQuator will send an invoice for the usage of kilowatt-hours rated at RM0.35 every month • Damai88 will make payment to ElQuator (or any ElQuator’s subsidiaries that will sign the agreement with Damai88)

PROPOSED INSTALLATION • ElQuator will install three (3) units of total 35kWh Windmill System complete with Storage System on the peak of the Damai88 building (as per visual on the next page) • The power generates then transferred to the dedicated MSB and distribute to power up all the facilities in Damai88


Artist illustration of the system.



The idea behind our Vertical Windmill System is, we come up with a very light windmill with the same m2 wing area as a traditional windmill. We use natural elements to spin our shafts to drive our generators. We fill up our storage by the moving shafts. For each windmill there is a special designed storage system. If there is no wind, the power from storage drives the shafts and energy will be produced Unlike the traditional windmill that use high knot wind to move the blades that rotate the shafts, our Vertical Windmill System is more useable in any areas and runs well regardless of any wind direction. It is suitable to be placed on tall building and as such, we design the tower to be high not only to stores the whole system in it but also to place the windmill on top of it Together with the system, you could find our Vertical Windmill System operational components comprises of generator, smart energy system, motor and controller box. All this component is the ‘heart’ that makes the Vertical Windmill System alive The base of Vertical Windmill System are two gear box with ratio 1:5, control box build on Raspberry P I-3 and ESP 32, one wind turbine generator and one energy system generator It hold Smart Energy System made from LithiUm Ion Polymer 18650 Batteries controlled by ESP 32 and Interface board, both are our own design. The output come from pure sine wave inverter with makes load at the design rate


• Wind system that run 24/7 with constant power output • Even during low and zero wind • Able to produce 300watt, 900watt, 3kW, 5kW, 10kW, 25kW, 50kW, 100kW , 200kW • Can operate both on and off grid • For 25kW and above, can be in single unit or three phase power equals to 50/60 Hz 440 V • Three phase system available for 100kW and 200kW • Foot print for 100/200 kW system model approximately 4m2 x 4m2 with 8m height


Our systems can be monitored either from the control room or on any smartphone. We can monitor the system's performance anywhere in the world to ensure it is running perfectly and able to deliver the desired electricity needed for our client. Our monitoring system will show all the data including the system's status, water level indicator, water velocity, energy generated and usage as well as carbon footprint saved.

The monitoring system is designed according to the system used by our in- house programmer. It can be customised to suits the needs of our client.

The system's intelligent will notify us if the system seized, or having difficulties in any part of its components. The technical team will be despatch immediately to avoid power disruption As our client, top management or any authorize personnel will be given an access to the monitoring system. Access to the system is only in your palm. Simple and efficiently monitored. Apart from the real time online monitoring, we will also stationed our personnel for on-site monitoring around the clock. Their job is to mending the systems according to our service and maintenance schedule timing. By having a schedule maintaining, the system can run as smooth as it must to deliver the power.

____________________________ MAIN EQUIPMENTS IN MICRO HYDRO SYSTEM


In future, the Asian market and the world will look upon our system with admiration. We take great pride in the fact that our system can deliver all this with zero CO2 emission commitments whilst creating a cutting-edge, stable infrastructure for supplying more electricity production for the people with NO taxpayer’s money being spent anywhere anytime. Furthermore, our system utilizes a collection of rainwater and condensation water as supply source to our storage area; it cleans the water to drinking standard and delivers clean water directly to our consumer.

It all comes down to one thing and one thing only – to help other people.


“A good company offers excellent products and services. A great company also offers excellent products and services but also strives to make the world a better place.” - Philip Kotler.

We’re giving back 4% of our gross profit to the local communities as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We believe that corporate responsibility is a virtuous cycle, where our support helps to build and grow sustainable environments in which everyone prospers.


ü Efficient source of energy ü Green, sustainable and renewable energy ü The power created 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine ü Not jeopardizing the natural environment and surrounding area ü Cost-effective and easy to install ü Low-cost maintenance ü No continuous cost for as long as the system runs ü Generates pure green energy that are pollutants free for the environment ü Will reduce carbon footprint in the long run


“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall As we fight to produce clean energy, we are taking things seriously for the future. We stress on using environmentally friendly raw materials for all our system. And to set up our micro-hydro system in a green manner. We use raw materials such as aluminium and iron can be recycled after 100 years used. So as much as we want to build, we will surely not contribute more to endangering our world.

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