2021 Annual Report

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2021 Annual Report

Then my people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes , in undisturbed places of rest. ” Isaiah 32: 18

Door of Hope does not provide handouts, it provides a hand up.” Erika, 2019 program graduate housed for two years

The road from here to home…

…is lined with partners who care!

I am delighted to share with you this 2021 Annual Report ! God has been gracious, and you have been faithful. As a result, many hearts were healed, lives transformed, and homes found. And that’s no small miracle in a year of continuing pandemic challenges that threatened to derail the progress of so many families. Because of your support, 287 precious families—more families than ever before—experienced victories that continuemoving them forward on their road home .

Your gifts enabled us to expand in two major ways. In January, we opened our fourth shelter, Casa de Alegria, designed to assist moms with children who are pursuing education as a way out of poverty. In December, we opened our new Community Center, freeing up space to shelter more families, expanding our capacity to serve community clients, and providing needed office space. Through all these efforts, families have overcome generational cycles of pain and poverty. Struggling single parents have broken through despair to experience renewed hope. Survivors of domestic violence nowsleeppeacefully. Familieswhoweredevastatedbytheeconomiceffectsof thepandemicarerebuilding with confidence. And all of this is possible because of your investment of tangible compassion. The numbers in this report speak to the impact of your gifts and to Door of Hope’s stewardship of the resources you’ve provided. But it’s the stories inside these numbers, the personal triumphs of brave moms and dads and kids, that best demonstrate the difference you’re making. These families are in our care today, but because of you they are on the road home. Thank you for making the decision to walk the road with them in 2021…and beyond!

With gratitude,

Rev. Megan Katerjian, Executive Director

Homelessness Prevention Program Launched







Community Center

Housing, healing, and hope are all a part of what inspired me to get involved with Door of Hope,” explained actress Cynthia Kaye McWilliams at our September Hope for the Future event. Cynthia shared her personal story of finding herself homeless after moving to Los Angeles from Chicago. “I was living in my car, and then one day I got into a car accident, so the only home I had was suddenly gone.” Despite the help of friends and family, she feels a deep kinship with those who find themselves desperate and out of options. “The line between everything being okay and not being okay is so thin,” observed Cynthia. “And the line that splits us is just resources.” Cynthia is a successful television and stage actress who has worked with Netflix, STARZ, Disney+, ABC, FOX, Cartoon Network, and Amazon. She is also an enthusiastic Door of Hope partner.

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Welcome from the Executive Director

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The Critical Need

Homelessness Prevention

A Year on the “Road Home”

Transitional Housing

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Alumni Support

2021 Financial Stewardship Board Members and Partners Vision for 2022 and Beyond


The road from here to home…

…where their heartache met your compassion

There is nothing so basic in the life of a family as home. Sadly, too many of life’s realities conspire to steal this basic need: domestic violence, financial and medical crises, rising costs of housing, or sudden unemployment… In January of 2020, Los Angeles County reported 66,433 homeless individuals. Yet, on any given night, there are fewer than 25,000 beds available in the region’s shelters. A new survey is anticipated in early 2022, and due to the ongoing COVID environment the homeless numbers are expected to be significantly higher. While statistics and numbers can feel sterile, they represent a person—and sometimes a family—without a home and exposed to all the dangers of homelessness. And as frightening as it is for one person to be homeless, it’s especially traumatic for families who are seeking shelter but have no options to remain together. Door of Hope is one of the only homeless providers that can shelter any size family in their own private unit, including single moms, single dads, and two-parent families. Keeping families together is the foundation upon which Door of Hope was built. The problems of homelessness are often described as intractable or overwhelming. But together we saw yet again that with the compassion of our donors and our creative, sustainable approaches, there is a road home.


HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION The most efficient way to address homelessness is to stop it before it happens. Our services foster financial stability and emotional health, helping at-risk families maintain their housing and regain self-sufficiency. These vital services are now delivered out of Door of Hope’s new Community Center , opened in December to better accommodate and serve our Homelessness Prevention and Alumni clients. At the Community Center, clients can participate in life skill classes, counseling, career guidance, and support groups in a welcoming environment that feels like home. This space also accommodates our administrative staff and now serves as the Door of Hope headquarters.

Door of Hope helped my sons and I stay in our home...I had spent two months researching and applying for rental assistance before I eventually came across your website. Door of Hope was the only organization that came through. And today, I feel empowered, organized, more engaged and am in a better place. Best of all, I know I am not alone. What you do is amazing. Thank you.” “

Nadia, Homelessness Prevention client


The road from here to home…

…is paved one step at a time

Diana is currently at Cal State Northridge, working toward a degree in communications. But she is also a single mother who, because of financial hardships, had fallen behind on rent and was in danger of losing both her home and her chance to finish her education. Diana’s dream is to go on to a Master’s program after graduation, but all that was in danger if she was evicted. Thanks to our Door of Hope supporters, we were able to provide rental assistance, emotional support, and even extra groceries for her and her young daughter during the Thanksgiving holiday. We helped in her negotiations with her landlord, met with her monthly for planning and goal-setting, and most importantly, we believed in her . “My daughter is so young,” said Diana. “She doesn’t really know what’s going on and I’m trying to protect her. The donors and the community are really helping people like me who are trying hard to get their education and find a sustainable career. Thank you so much!”

Diana, Homelessness Prevention client

Homelessness Prevention

166 Families served WhoWe Serve

Case management sessions 438

Support group sessions 89

How We Serve

96% Housed 1 year later 77% Increased income 36% Increased savings What’s the Impact

AHolistic Approach

Rental assistance/mediation $467,000


2021 AYear on the “Road Home”

Casa de Alegria launch Domestic violence survivors pursue education. We were full in March!

Mother’s Day Flowers and gifts for all the moms

Homelessness Prevention & Housing Services expanded Increase in staffing to keep up with demand

COVID One year later Fundraising virtual event







Need for Community Center identified

Graduation event Honoring families moving into new

Easter egg hunt Kids celebrate Easter

homes in June and October


Summer Carnival Games and essential items give-away for 90 families

Secret Santa kick-off Donors buy from wish list for families

Christmas Festival Winter wonderland for 134 families




Hope for the Future Fall Benefit Annual donor appreciation and outreach event

Grand Opening & Commemoration of new Community Center Christmas Angel Happy Hour


TRANSITIONAL HOUSING For those who are already

homeless, families participate in our Transitional Housing Program. This unique approach shelters families— single mothers or fathers, two-parent families, and domestic violence survivors—with their children. In 2021, our shelter capacity increased by 35% from 2020. Our newest of four shelters, Casa de Alegria, is unique in that it nurtures families whose moms are enrolled in vocational training programs, allowing them to remain in a stable setting while they finish their coursework and save money toward securing a home of their own.

Amother’s joyful gratitude… I am almost at a loss for words. As my kids opened gifts this morning I couldn’t help but cry. Thank you so much. I don’t know how I could ever repay or express thanks outside of my words, but you guys have impacted our lives in such a beautiful and fulfilling way. I thank God daily, for aligning me with such

a beautiful organization in such a dark time of my life.” Her joy is because of you, our Secret Santa donors!

Tiona, Casa resident


The road from here to home…

…breaks old cycles and creates healthy new ones

At four years old, Wendy knew what it meant to be homeless and to fear physical abuse. She was exposed to domestic violence all through childhood and so it seemed “normal” to her…so normal that when she began to experience abuse in her own relationship, she had no frame of reference for genuine love, safety, or a stable home life. But once Wendy realized that she and her boys were in real danger, she fled. She knew it would mean sleeping in their car and possibly giving up her dream of finishing her degree… But thanks to Door of Hope and the Casa program, Wendy’s dream is still alive! “When the case manager told me I’d be able to stay there and keep going to school and work part-time, I was so thrilled, because this worked perfectly for me. It was such a blessing.” Wendy and her sons are now safe and she is on the path to teacher certification. More importantly, they are all on the road to home.

Wendy, Casa resident

Transitional Housing

WhoWe Serve 54 Families sheltered 60 Parents 135 Children

Case management sessions 1326

Life skills sessions 579

How We Serve

Child/teen mentoring sessions 310

92% Increased savings 88% Increased income 88% Improved mental health 74% Improved social outcomes for children 83% Grew spiritually What’s the Impact

Spiritual care hours 186

AHolistic Approach

Adult therapy sessions 1137

Child therapy sessions 584


ALUMNI SUPPORT Once families are on the other side of homelessness, our Alumni Support program, delivered out of our new Community Center, helps ensure long-term stability. Through helping settle families in their home, ongoing case management and therapy, and assisting in emergencies, we tell our alumni that “once you are a part of the Door of Hope family, you are always family.”

Juanita and her 2 girls are a great reminder that the “Door of Hope family” extends to our church partners as well! When one of our church partners prayerfully wondered how to “do justice and love mercy” with a vacant cottage on their property, their prayers turned into permanent, affordable housing for Juanita’s family—successfully housed there since graduating from our Transitional Housing Program in 2019. Juanita loves the support and community she receives from the church, who employs her part-time while she also works part-time in a hair salon.

Alumni Support

Case management sessions 124

120 Families served WhoWe Serve 97% Employed at 1 year 95% Housed at 1 year 89% Housed at 3 years 87% Housed at 5+ years What’s the Impact

How We Serve

Adult therapy sessions 357

Spiritual care hours 267

AHolistic Approach

Alumni families assisted in emergencies 56







Individuals Foundations


$3,079,066 67%

680,309 14%

Operating Income


488,136 11%


Corporations & Organizations 150,268













$4,612,297 100%




$2,950,221 80%

Operating Expenses


482,964 13%

Management & General




$3,684,928 100%


Thanks to you, we enter the new year with a healthy surplus to help us begin working on our bold 2022 Vision (see back page). Financials are reported on a cash basis (except in-kind transactions), which will differ from audited financial statements. Audited financial statements will be available upon request in March 2022.



Robert Lagace , Chair Managing Director for Los Angeles Middle Market Banking, JPMorgan Chase (Retired) Lisa Sommers , Vice Chair Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University

David Bunn Attorney, Bunn & Bunn Attorneys at Law

Joseph Montes Attorney, Burke, Williams, & Sorensen, LLP

Kay Wolking Regional Managing Director for Pasadena Private Banking, Wells Fargo (Retired) Kimberly Kirui Community Engagement Associate, Imagine LA and Program Graduate

Carl Clauson , Treasurer Controller, J.H. Snyder Co.

Dick Kleinert , Secretary and Chair of Board Governance Committee Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP (Retired)

Michele Prince , Chair of Development Committee The Errand Club

Marc Henderson Financial Advisor, Thrivent Financial

Charlie Plowman Publisher, Outlook Newspapers

Tyler Lazarian Field Superintendent, Electric Service & Supply Co.

Daniel Fong Founder and Teacher, Million Dollar Baby

ADVISORY BOARD Rev. Andy Bales , CEO, Union Rescue Mission Bob Joe , Councilmember, City of South Pasadena

Jeff Snodgrass , Lead Pastor, Unite Church Keith Jespersen , Russ Reid Company (Retired) Kerwin L. Manning , Senior Pastor and Head Coach, Pasadena Church Stephen Lazarian Jr. , CEO, CityWorks Management, LLC

OURVISION For every family to have a home in which to thrive physically, economically, emotionally, and spiritually


FOUNDATION PARTNERS Ann Peppers Foundation Bank of America Foundation Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Community Foundation of the Verdugos Ethel J. Scantland Foundation

Patron Saints Foundation Pearl Gray Fund Pfaffinger Foundation Serving USA Shekels Charitable Foundation

Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation The Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Good Hope Medical Foundation Goodwin Family Memorial Trust Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation In-N-Out Burger Foundation

The Rose Hills Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Yes, Virginia Fund

Pasadena Child Health Foundation Pasadena Community Foundation

CHURCH PARTNERS Alhambra True Light Presbyterian Church Altadena Free Methodist Church Arcadia Chinese Baptist Church (ACBC) Arcadia Community Church Calvary Presbyterian Church Chinese Evangelical Free Church Church of the Foothills Expression58 First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena Foothills Community Church Grace Pasadena Joy Christian Center Church Knox Presbyterian Church La Canada Congregational Church La Canada Presbyterian Church Lake Avenue Church Mandarin Baptist Church of LA

Metropolitan Baptist Church Mt. Olive Lutheran Church Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church New Abbey Oneonta Congregational Church Palos Verdes Baptist Church Pasadena Presbyterian Church Salem Lutheran Church

San Gabriel Presbyterian Church San Marino Community Church St. Mark’s Episcopal Church The Spirit of Zion Fellowship Church Trinity Presbyterian Church Unite Church Victory Bible Church Vintage Church Westminster Presbyterian Church of Pasadena


Empowering families facing homelessness to transform their lives


Our Vision for 2022 and Beyond… Thanks to your generosity in 2021, scores of families walked the hard but successful road home. As we look at 2022 and beyond, we strive to do more for homeless families until the battle is won. We strive to: Prevent more— We are increasing our capacity to serve approximately 10% more families every year. This high impact, cost-effective program will keep families in their homes and reduce the tragedy of eviction and homelessness. Shelter more— We are renovating 2 of our shelters to add 3 new residential units, increasing our total capacity from 33 to 36 families suffering from the trauma of homelessness. Also, we have established an Acquisition Fund as we explore opportunities for new shelter facilities. House more— We are seeking partnerships with affordable housing landlords and developers to gain direct access to new units for Door of Hope graduates. When families have access to safe and affordable housing, they may never have to experience the anguish of being homeless. Door of Hope is growing and pressing on toward the Scripture-inspired goal: My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest. Isaiah 32:18

We invite you to grow with us and walk with families toward this goal!

@thedoorofhope @doorofhope

221 E. Walnut Street | Suite 112 Pasadena, CA 91101

626-304-9130 doorofhope.us

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