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Meet Janet Rygh!

Hi, everyone! My name is Janet, and I am the marketing director for Realty ONE Group Professionals. My husband Duane and I have been married for 23 years, and we have one son, Jalen. Our family moved to the Treasure Valley last fall after living in Utah for over a decade. Prior to moving, we visited the Boise area several times, taking trips to Idaho’s wine country and downtown Boise. After reading about all Idaho has to offer, we knew we wanted to move here. I originally entered the real estate field in 2005 when our family returned to the States after living in South Korea for three years. A real estate team hired me as their administrative assistant and transaction coordinator. It was there I discovered how much I enjoy real estate and designing marketing material. When the real estate market crashed, the fallout led to me being let go. I obtained my degree, the real estate market was still recovering, so I focused on freelance design work and bolstered my creative spirit by starting a home-based business creating custom painted artwork. Like my grandpa, dad, and brother, painting is in my blood, but like my grandma, baking is in my heart. I love baking and experimenting with techniques and flavor combinations. Just ask my co-workers and agents in the office — I’m always bringing in some baked creation. My husband retired from the Air Force after a 20- year career, and shortly thereafter, I was offered a position with one of the nation’s largest REO asset management companies, located in Salt Suddenly jobless, I made the decision to go back to school to pursue a graphic arts degree. When

Lake City. There, I worked with real estate agents across the county. I worked on property listings and recruiting, and I helped organize the annual Real Estate Symposium. When we decided to move to Idaho, my friend Denise, who is a REALTOR® in Illinois, reached out to Joel on the exact same day he decided it was time to add another team member. It was clearly meant to be!

What I love most about my job at Realty ONE Group Professionals is the people. We have an amazing team here, and it continues to grow, which is exciting because I love building and fostering relationships. Joel and Julie are fantastic to work for, and I enjoy collaborating with them. I was pulled in by their energy, positivity, and genuineness — the main reason I accepted the position. I am also incredibly thankful that my position allows me to be creative. As long as I am busy and able to use my creative skill set, I will always be happy.

When I am not working (or baking), I am planning the next adventure for my family. It is exhilarating to explore new cities and cultures, so my family is always ready for new travel escapades. One of our favorite places is the Oregon coast. We love it so much that we could live there (don’t tell Joel). We are planning a trip this fall to hunt for hidden blown-glass floats along the beach in Lincoln City during their Finders Keepers event. I can’t wait. My husband won’t even know about the trip until he reads this — ha!

I hope you have a ONEderful Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend. We look forward to seeing you soon — if you’re lucky, it will be on a day I have blessed the office with baked goods!

–Janet Rygh



vs. Dishwasher


Are You Wasting Water, Time, and Money?

We’ve all walked into our kitchens, looked at the dishes stacked high in the sink, and asked, “Is it better to throw those in the dishwasher or wash them by hand?” The dishwasher would certainly save you some time, but many people believe that washing dishes by hand uses less water and electricity. In reality, however, washing your dishes by hand is one of the worst things you can do for both the planet and your wallet. Dishwashers use less water than washing by hand. A study conducted in Europe found that individuals who wash dishes by hand tend to use 27 gallons of water to clean just 12 place settings. Meanwhile, modern dishwashers only use 6 gallons of water, and Energy Star appliances use as little as 4 gallons during their wash cycle. The Environmental Protection Agency determined that using a dishwasher instead of washing by hand can save 5,000 gallons of water and $40 in utility costs a year.

properly clean your dishes by hand. Dishwashers heat water to around 145 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure your dishes are disinfected. Even if the water from your sink could get that hot, you wouldn’t want to stick your hand in it. Which brings us to the science experiment that is your kitchen sponge. Dr. Philip Tierno, a clinical professor in the microbiology and pathology departments at NYU Langone, determined that your kitchen sponge is the single dirtiest item in your house. Soap and water aren’t enough to sanitize your sponge, which is left damp next to your sink after each use. Have you ever noticed that stagnant sponge smell? That’s

bacteria growing. And when you wash your dishes by hand, you rub that bacteria all over your plates and silverware. Yum. If you have just a single plate or cup, you obviously don’t want to run them through the dishwasher alone; that would be incredibly wasteful. But the drawbacks of washing by hand are too great to ignore. The best option is to wait until your dishwasher is full, then start up the washing cycle. All your dishes will be clean and disinfected, and you’ll use less water in the process.

It’s not just about water! Unless you have incredibly thick dishwashing gloves, you can’t

James Kimball

As is the story with many people, James and his wife, Carlie, were searching for a new home as the result of a career change. As new parents, James and Carlie researched the requirements for opening a day care, and they soon learned that living in a subdivision would make it impossible. To pursue their dreams, they knew they would have to move. about their predicament. They wanted to move to a home with enough space to accommodate their new business, and they knew that subdivision homes were out of the question. After their first meeting, Josh was on the case. So James and Carlie reached out to Josh Connell and told him

“He’s a go-getter!” said James about Josh. “He’s an incredibly positive person, and he never once made us feel like we were

an inconvenience. We felt comfortable calling him to ask questions or just for favors. Josh was always available when we needed him.”

The process of finding a new home only took a couple of weeks, but at the beginning, the couple felt as though their search might never end. “We had to find a home that could accommodate running a day care,” says James. “However, the nicest and largest homes were located in subdivisions. When we did find an eligible home, it was often in disrepair. However, Carlie was online searching for homes and constantly sending them to Josh, who didn’t mind at all. Together, we found the perfect place.” “Although Carlie and I met Josh in a professional setting, we considered him to be a friend,” says James. “Even after we bought our home, he kept in touch. We invited him to our housewarming party, and he brought me a hose as a gift. It’s the nicest hose I’ve ever owned! And he brought my son an Easter basket last month. He is truly a great guy.”

Thank you, James and Carlie, for your praises. We hope you are loving your new home!


How to Organize Your Home Live a Decluttered Life

At what temperature should your water heater be set?

A. 95° B. 110° C. 120° D. 125°


If you don’t do regular maintenance on this piece of home equipment, you could wind up taking a cold shower.

A. Sump pump B. Generator C. Water heater D. HVAC


With the feelings of renewal and rebirth in the air, you may be feeling more attracted to the idea of living a simplified and uncluttered life. While there are many benefits to owning fewer possessions — less to clean, less to organize, and less stress — the task itself can be daunting. Here are some great ways to begin decluttering your life.

How often do forced-air filters need to be changed?

A. At least every three months during the heating season B. Once a year C. Every two years


Answers: 1) C 2) C 3) A

Thank You At RŌG Professionals, we are dedicated to the prosperity of our agents, our clients, and the community. Offering the latest tools and technology, accompanied by the best customer service in the Treasure Valley, our ultimate goal is to make your

for your support

PREPARATION Before you even begin decluttering your home, start by designating bins for the items you’re going to get rid of. Label your containers “put away,” “fix,” “trash,” and “donate.” These bins will keep you organized during the decluttering process. They will also keep you focused. It’s amazing how easy it can be to become distracted while you’re organizing your home. But if you can quickly place items in their designated containers, you’ll keep the ball rolling. START SMALL Even if you’re all-in on decluttering your home, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Start by deciding which part of your home you want to organize first, then pick one item to give away. Easy, right? You can continue this method by either picking out one thing each day or increasing the number as time goes on. But if that was easy for you, try filling up one of your containers. If you start small, your task will seem less daunting and you’ll end up being more productive. WHAT NOT TO DO The best way to be successful in your endeavor is to not bite off more than you can chew. Focus on and finish decluttering one area of your home at a time, no matter how much you want to start on a new room. If you jump around, there’s a good chance you won’t make much progress, and it’ll feel as though your task will never end. Keep in mind that decluttering your home is a big project; it’s going to take time. Everyone wants to live an organized, stress-free life, but the thought of decluttering your home can be daunting. However, if you prepare yourself for the task, start small, and bite off only as much as you can chew, you’ll be on your way to a cleaner, neater home in no time.

buying or selling experience as fun and stress-free as possible. If you had a positive experience with us, we want to hear from you! Email us at Your testimonial could be featured in our next edition, and you will be entered to win two FREE movie tickets!

With Asparagus

• • • •

1 1/2 pounds skirt steak

• •

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons canola oil

Grated pecorino Romano cheese

1 pound asparagus

2 teaspoons crushed red pepper

1. Heat grill to high. Season room-temperature steak with salt, pepper, and 1

side, depending on desired doneness. Skirt steak is thin and will cook quickly. 4. Let steak rest for 10 minutes. While it’s resting, grill asparagus for 6 minutes, turning once. 5. Sprinkle cheese and crushed red pepper on asparagus. Serve alongside steak.

tablespoon oil. Any oil with a high smoke point, such as canola, will work.

2. Trim bottom inch of

asparagus and season with salt, pepper, and remainder of oil. 3. Cut steak into four portions and grill for 3–5 minutes per

Inspired by Food Network



2058 E. Franklin Rd. Ste. 100 Meridian, ID 83642


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Kitchen Cleaning Secrets James Kimball’s Success Story

Test Your Home Knowledge Grilled Skirt Steak With Asparagus Declutter Your Life


How to Make Your Road Trip a Breeze

Don’t Have to Be Painful Ro d Trips

INCLUDE THE WHOLE FAMILY Once the travel games no longer pique anyone’s interest, try an activity that can be fun for the whole family: a traditional road trip game. If you have a car full of storytellers, try “Fortunately, Unfortunately.” The rules are simple. The first person starts by saying, “fortunately,” and mentioning something good about the road trip or the destination. The next person (moving clockwise) then follows by saying something “unfortunate” about the previous person’s statement. Take turns with every passenger in the car. If someone stumbles, they get a strike; three strikes and you’re out. The last passenger standing wins. listening material doesn’t have to be limited to Dad’s favorite music. Instead, consider listening to a family-friendly audiobook or podcast, which can make the longest and most boring parts of your trip an entertaining or educational experience. Almost any popular book is available in audio form, but it can be hard to find an enjoyable podcast. “Transistor” is a science-focused podcast that explores subjects kids and adults will find fascinating. Or if you’re looking for something fictional, try “Storynory,” in which the narrator tells fairy tales and legends from all over the globe. PLAY AN AUDIOBOOK OR PODCAST We get it. Sometimes passengers don’t want to play games. Occasionally, they’d rather relax or take a nap. However, your

Try Games, Audiobooks, and Podcasts to Pass the Time

Summer is right around the corner, which means you’ll soon pile the whole family into the car, ready to brave the road for a vacation. Everyone knows that riding in the car for hours can be torture. But with a little creativity, you can turn the worst part of a long trip into a fun event. PACK A TRAVEL GAME When the excitement of the family vacation starts to wear off, keep the peace and entertain your kids with a travel game. Many board game manufacturers offer travel-sized versions that are easy to pack and play in the car. Before your next road trip, consider purchasing digital Yahtzee, which packs all the fun of the classic game without the dice, or IQ Fit, a logic game with over 100 challenges. Both games cost around $10 and can provide hours of entertainment.


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