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Impacio New Guinea Impatiens have great attributes for the grower and gardener alike. Impacio was bred to withstand cooler greenhouse temperatures in production. This means growers can offer earlier and more cost effective crops. At retail, Impacio boasts large flower sizes, uniform plant habits and a full array of colors. In the garden, Impacio has proven to be one of the most heat tolerant lines of New Guinea Impatiens available today. Definitely a winning series!

The Trial Kit: For the winter of 2018, we are offering a trial kit which contains 100 unrooted cuttings each of our 15 varieties of Impacio New Guinea Impatiens at a special price of $125 with URC’s, royalty and freight included. No other discounts apply. Labels are available for an additional charge. We ask that you trial these New Guinea Impatiens with your traditional bedding plants, rather than in typical New Guinea type situations to experience the real benefit of these cool-tolerant varieties for production. Later in the season, we encourage you to do outdoor plantings in hot sunny areas to see their impressive garden versatility and performance.

The Impacio Trial Kit can be ordered for delivery from weeks 4 - 12. Order from your preferred broker as a separate PO from existing orders.

Impacio Lavender Pink

Impacio Lilac

Impacio Magenta Star

Impacio Melon Star

Impacio Neon Flash

Impacio Orange

Impacio Orange Star

Impacio Peach Star

Impacio Purple

Impacio Purple Star

Impacio Red

Impacio Salmon

Impacio Scarlet

Impacio Soft Pink

Impacio White

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