Spring term 2020 curriculum leaflets

The Federation of Abbey Infant & Junior School Curriculum Map for Year Nursery 2019-20 - Spring term For specific class information see https://abbey-federation.secure- primarysite.net/topic/class-pages For dates see https://abbey-federation.secure-primarysite.net/diary

Communication and language Communication and language is embedded in

Personal, social and emotional development Now the children are settled into the Nursery environment the staff are working on supporting the children to develop social skills through turn taking activities, sharing and games. The children will have developed relationships with the adults and children, they will become more aware of the needs of others and will be encouraged to think of solutions to conflicts. The children are expected to be polite and use their manners by saying please and thank you. Literacy We will be reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We will discuss the difference between the two and explain that the children can use non-fiction texts to find out information. The children will begin to talk about the character, setting and events in stories and will be asked to predict what might happen next. The children will be provided with a range of opportunities for writing during child initiated time, this can be large mark making such as using chalks on the playground or writing on paper. experience a range of movements and positions to develop their flexibility and control of movement. Fine motor activities such as lacing, jigsaws and using scissors will also be developed. Physical development The children will be increasingly independent and will be expected to put their coat on, put jumpers on and off and put their shoes on with support. Children will be aware of the need for good personal hygiene and will begin to understand the need for exercise and healthy eating. Gross motor skills will be developed through progressive skills in PE, this is taught through a story. The children We aim to increase the children͛s vocabulary through the topics such as describing texture and through reading a variety of texts both fiction and non-fiction. everything we do in Nursery. Staff provide the children with lots of opportunities to speak but also to listen. We give children instructions, ask questions, and encourage discussions. We also expect the children to verbally make their needs known and use speech to ask for things that they want such as ͚Can I have the bike please?͛

Our topic is ͚Long ago and far away͛͘

Phonics & early reading During phonics sessions and through child initiated activities͕ we will continue to develop the children͛s listening skills. We will be learning a nursery rhyme every week to encourage an understanding of rhythm and rhyme through song. We regularly read to the children and will invite a mystery reader in to read once a week. This could be a parent/ carer/ Grandparent/ sibling/ Head teacher͙

This topic is split into ͚In the Wild͛ and ͚Dinosaurs͛͘ During the first half tem we will find out about the similarities and differences of a range of animals and their habitats. We will be inviting parents/ carers into Nursery to make a Jungle mask with the children. During the topic ͚Dinosaurs͛ we will find out about different types of Dinosaur, what they ate, where they lived and how they moved. During this term, we will go on a trip to West Midlands Safari Park, we will have the opportunity to see some of the animals that we have been learning about and walk around the Dinosaur exhibit.

Life skills, soft skills and bucket list experiences

Mathematics During this term we will continue to explore numbers and shapes in the environment, we will also begin to compare quantities of objects and use vocab such as more/ less/ same. We will provide the children with many opportunities to record numbers and understand quantity using a range of resources such as Numicon, natural objects and large scale objects such as blocks͙ The children will use a variety of resources to explore and manipulate shapes, this will include building models, problem solving puzzles and pattern. Understanding the world The children have access to a range of technology both old and new during child initiated learning and group times. They are encouraged to explore how things work and find out about different technology through play. We continue to talk to the children about their families and experiences, they will have the opportunity to share their news/ bring in objects for show and tell to talk to their teachers and peers during group time. We celebrate what makes us all different and unique through following the children͛s interests and providing a balance of activities to reflect this. ‘

Characteristics of effective learning The children will be encouraged to develop their concentration and attention skills by providing them with a range of challenges. This will promote independence, perseverance and a positive attitude to facing something that is not easy to complete. We encourage the children to have their own ideas and to explore open ended activities and resources. The children are able to use the resources freely to extend their own learning and to use objects in the environment to support independent learning. Expressive arts and design The children will explore a range of media and materials to make models and pictures of Jungle animals and Dinosaurs. They will explore different textures and be encouraged to talk about the similarities and differences between fur, scales, feathers etc͙ We will move to music and develop stories through role play and drama. During our explorer day the children will be creating their own art work using paint͕ chalk͕ collage͕ dough͙

Children will continue to maintain personal hygiene and grow an awareness of personal safety and emergency services such as the police. They will also learn about road safety. Children will begin to explore cooking and using a range of apparatus. Children will develop their decision making skills by becoming aware of repercussions and alternatives; these are all things that go into making a good decision. Children will develop their creativity and problem solving by making different models and choosing from a range of resources independently. Children will achieve their bucket list experiences e.g. Jungle party dress up day, explorer͛s day͕ Let͛s do it day, Safari park trip and an Easter Egg hunt .


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