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Welcome to Finding Your Forte

crescendo n. (kre-shen-do)

1 a gradual increase; specifically: a gradual increase in volume of a musical passage 2 the peak of a gradual increase.

I am really excited you have chosen to invest your time, energy and resources to the pursuit of your purpose and ultimate impact. I am also humbled that you have chosen me and Your Crescendo to navigate that path forward with you. Purpose is an empowering pursuit and I am committed to making its path available to you through guidance, collaboration, resources and support. I look forward to this period of discovery, reflection, deliberate and intentional planning but most of all uncompromised action. I want the world to have your best and for you to share the rewards of that.

Your Crescendo is your growth. Your increase in volume. Your peak. We find it highly appropriate to carry the name of what we are commited to. Your Crescendo.

About Your Crescendo We are on a mission is to empower purpose and impact for leaders and talent in their business performance, leadership and careers.

Thank you for the opportunity to engage. I look forward to our progress together.

Peace and blessings,

Reggie Hammond, Founder and Managing Partner Launched 2011 Career Highlights Accenture (Ohio and Atlanta) 1991 – 2005 Exervio Management Consulting Atlanta Office Lead (Vice-President) 2005 – 2011 Passion Empowering others performance through their gifts and purpose

Reggie Hammond Your Crescendo




Finding Your Forte Peer Group

Modules (by week) TENTATIVE

Our objective is to frame up a strategic framework to use as a guide to navigate your next career role on purpose.

Module 1 – August 24 Finding Your Forte: Overview – How it Works Gifts and Strengths on Purpose Priorities Pulse Check Module 2 – August 31 From Passions to Purpose (Passions Assessment) Rewarding your Motivations (Motivations Matrix) Module 3 – September 7 Personal Branding (360Reach Personal Branding Survey) Purpose Discovery (Purpose Assessment) Conquering Fear (Fear Assessment)

Jeannine Lewis Founder Rewriting Your Rules Co-Host / Facilitator

Module 4 – September 14 Pulling Your Forte Together Composing Your Masterpiece Vision – Goals – Action

Modules 5 – 8 – September 28, October 5, 12, 19 Accelerator Working Sessions Execution of Short Term Vision, Goals and Actions

Reggie Hammond Managing Partner Your Crescendo Co-Host / Facilitator

Registration Deadline with Fees Paid August 10 th Registration Fee $1,200



COACHING AND LEADERSHIP PROFILE Reggie Hammond is committed to his mission to help leaders, teams and organizations live their purpose in their projects, business, careers and lives. He focuses on helping professionals find their forte through optimizing their passions, gifts/strengths and marketrewarding motivations in a way that impacts their purpose and the world around them. He uses this approach to help leaders drive purpose and engagement in their teams and organizations.

§ Coaching for Performance (GROW Model) § Purpose-Focused Careers and Business § Program and Project Management § Value Realization / Delivery

§ Strategic Planning § Employee Engagement § Keynote Speaker § Go-To-Market Strategy § Business Development Planning § Business Case


EXPERIENCE Reggie has a long, successful track record of empowering the performance of leaders, teams and organizations. His experience encompasses driving both individual and business performance for his clients. He has committed his professional career to delivering business critical initiatives for the individuals and organizations he has engaged through consulting, leading and coaching.

YOUR CRESCENDO § Founder and Managing Partner § Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

"Each and every person is gifted with a unique set of strengths, passions and motivations that, when honored and engaged strategically, equip them to make a powerful and compelling impact through their purpose. When they are intentional about activating this purpose, they thrive and are fulfilled. When teams and organizations honor this, their businesses perform in an inspired way. I'm an agent and advocate for people, teams and organizations to empower this momentum and ecosystem of

§ Offerings: Finding Your Forte (Coaching); Strategic Articulation and Planning; High Performing Teams on Purpose (Teams and Leadership Retreats); Placement on Purpose (Full-time and contractor placement); Talent and Leadership Development § Coaching and Placement Clients have included: Coca-Cola Enterprises, Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County School System, Impact Church, NavigatorManagement Consulting § Speaking and Workshop Clients have included: Accenture, Deloitte, Turner Broadcasting, UNUM Group, WELCOA (Wellness Coalition Association), AT&T § Clients included The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Fiserv § Key Accomplishment: Developed and Deployed Net Client Value (NCV) Strategy and Approach, Program Delivery Diagnostic ACCENTURE § Senior Manager, Business Process Excellence and Business Case Delivery § Clients included Unilever, Hallmark, Borden Foodservice, Victoria Secret Stores, § Key Accomplishments: Developed Find the Money program for ERP Benefits Realizations and Value Delivery § Co-founder of Diversity initiatives / affinity groups in two offices: Ohio (CARE 2000) and Atlanta (African American In Motion) AAIM EXERVIO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING § Vice President, Atlanta Office (Launched)

purpose for us all." – Reggie Hammond



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