UMS Citizen Notification (ENG)

The citizen notification system developed by UMS disseminates alerts to segments of population either based on their location or subscribed areas of interest. The notifications could be sent to registered subscribers, via SMS, e-mail, app notifications or through social media networks (Facebook and Twitter).

Areas of use Bilateral communication channels established between the authorities and segments of the population in case of a pandemic/ disease out- break. Capability to send educational or awareness notifications about health related topics as well as protocols to be followed to prevent seasonal / generic diseases. Announcement of vaccination campaigns and locations of the vaccination centers available for the communities. Invitations to citizens to donate blood and notifications regarding the locations of designated blood banks according to the residential areas of the recipients. Sending surveys and questionnaires regarding the state of health of the recipients to one or more commu- nities with the intention to gather statistics and coordinate necessary courses of action. How it works 1. Select geographic area 2. Add groups/recipients 3. Select communication channels. 4. Compose message. 5. Preview message and settings

before sending alert. 6. View status of delivery

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