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Multi-channel mass notification system with geo-referencing technology to send mass alerts to segments of the population

The citizen notification system developed by UMS disseminates alerts to segments of population either based on their location or subscribed areas of interest. The notifications could be sent to registered subscribers, via SMS, e-mail, app notifications or through social media networks (Facebook and Twitter).

Areas of use Bilateral communication channels established between the authorities and segments of the population in case of a pandemic/ disease out- break. Capability to send educational or awareness notifications about health related topics as well as protocols to be followed to prevent seasonal / generic diseases. Announcement of vaccination campaigns and locations of the vaccination centers available for the communities. Invitations to citizens to donate blood and notifications regarding the locations of designated blood banks according to the residential areas of the recipients. Sending surveys and questionnaires regarding the state of health of the recipients to one or more commu- nities with the intention to gather statistics and coordinate necessary courses of action. How it works 1. Select geographic area 2. Add groups/recipients 3. Select communication channels. 4. Compose message. 5. Preview message and settings

before sending alert. 6. View status of delivery

UMS Alert Channels

TEXT MESSAGE (SMS) In modern society, SMS is the preferred notification channel because of its clear and concise messaging. UMS uses direct connections to mobile network operators to ensure messages are quickly delivered

Unique functionalites

to intended recipients. • Delivery confirmation • Reply feature • Can be sent to any mobile phone

ALERT TEMPLATES Predefined alert/

notifications allow users to send a message in a matter of seconds.

VOICE CALL When sending alerts, it is essential to maximise coverage; the use of voice calling enables recipients without access to SMS to still receive the message. • Deliverable on all phone lines; fixed, IP and mobile phones • Deliver direct, instantaneous response at the touch of a button (DTMF) • Message can be sent out in multiple languages • High capacity and load balancing for avoiding congestion of the telephone network MOBILE APP Featuring an easy to use mobile app that is currently available for Android and iOS, UMS Alert app allows the users to • Receive alerts via push notifications

CAPACITY The system can broadcast thousands of messages per minute and facilitates two-way communication from all channels.

STATUS/RESPONSE Recipient response is

displayed instantaneously, and a new message may be sent based on the recipients’ response. CHANNELS Enables sending of messages through multiple channels. MULTI LANGUAGE Ability to send messages in several languages. MAP BASED ALERTING Select recipients by drawing an area on a map. FLEXIBILITY Initiate the alert through multiple interfaces.

• Respond to alerts with • Plain text information • Multi-media information • Current location information

E-MAIL The UMS Citizen Notification solution utilises dedicated IP addresses, ensuring deliverability.

• Read receipt • Reply feature

SOCIAL MEDIA UMS Citizen Notification publishes messages directly to Facebook and Twitter.

The system identifies phones of recipients registered to a specified area and sends alerts according to various filters and criteria

UMS - an Everbridge Company, has more than 1,200 customers worldwide reaching over 500 million people with our systems for public notifications. The company provides alert solutions that enable both public and private entities to communicate with customers and citizens through various channels before, during and after of both unexpected and scheduled events. We use multiple technologies to leverage existing infrastructure of telecom operators when sending critical messages. Our solutions can help save lives and reduce damage to property by providing important information for the right people, through the right channels and at the right time. UMS has pioneered location-based mobile alerting on a regional and total country scale, and can point to having deployed more national systems than any other company in the world, including Sweden, Singapore, Netherlands, Greece, Cambodia and two states in India. Everbridge serves over 3,700 customers worldwide. The company’s secure, scalable and highly redundant plat- form was used to send over 2 billion notifications to people in over 200 countries and territories in 2017. Everbridge’s Critical Event Management software suite enables customers to improve how they anticipate, prepare for, and respond to the many critical events which threaten the safety of people, disrupt daily operations, and put brand reputations at risk.

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