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January 2018 Clearance

Some of these products are reduced in price because we are overstocked, and some have been discon7nued. In any case, you are the winner!

Numbers of each item are strictly limited so get in early to avoid disappointment.

Note: AZZA Club products have been included in this clearance and are available for purchase. AZZA Club 125 point cards may also be used to purchase some products. Look for the sign displayed on the products. It will tell you how many AZZA Club cards are needed to purchase the item. This is also at ‘clearance’ rates. AZZA Club is being disbanded in prepara7on for a new Loyalty scheme to be introduced. Exis7ng Club cards may be redeemed for a further 3 months. Check with your consultant for more informa7on. NOTE: All purchases using Azza Club cards must be ordered through your consultant, who will collect your cards from you for redempDon.


January 2018 Clearance

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