Peak Performance Sports and Spine January 2019





Peak Performance Sports and Spine opened in Yakima back in 2006. Since then, I have had the pleasure of running my own clinic and putting all my efforts into helping the community. I've learned so much in my practice, from our talented employees and from the individuals who walk through our doors. As we enter the new year, I'm excited to get another year closer to our thirteenth anniversary as we continue helping patients get back to a pain-free life. Before I started Peak Performance, I worked in many different places. After I graduated from PT school at Washington University Medical School in St Louis, I worked in a medical center for federal prisoners, Sports Medicine Fairbanks, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and locally here on the Yakama Reservation with the Indian Health Service. Although I have dabbled in many therapeutic areas, my primary focus has always been in outpatient orthopedics. Over the years, I've faced several challenges. Most of them have revolved around being a small business

owner on top of being a physical therapist. Running a business includes a lot of worries most people might not realize. However, through all the difficulties that have come our way, my incredible team and I took them head on and worked our way past them, becoming a stronger clinic together. What I enjoy most about being a physical therapist is that it allows me to learn and grow as a person, especially in hard times. I'm always looking for ways to educate myself about new techniques and treatment methods to help as many people with different problems as I can. It's one of the rewarding aspects of my job. As our technology grows, new research emerges that allows physical therapists like myself to help our patients reach their goals. When patients come into our clinic with clear goals in mind, it's important to consider their physical and emotional health and how it frames their motivation. Everyone has a different incentive for why they've come to physical therapy. It's crucial for us to understand their "why."

If physical therapists don't try to comprehend this, then the patients' enthusiasm will diminish. I take the time to talk to my patients and learn what their driving force is, which enables me to encourage them.

In addition to supporting their emotional health, I strive to give

them access to the best cutting-edge treatment options I can to help achieve physical wellness, too. Similarly to how their motivation is unique, so too is their case. Each person who walks through our clinic is treated individually and specifically for the issue they are experiencing. I think it's important to treat each case differently, as no two people are the same. Even if they both come to me with lower back pain, it doesn't mean they need the same treatment approach. My goal is to educate and help each of my patients with the problems they face. I'm here to encourage them and provide the support they need to reach their goals.

–Greg Huefner

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