President’s Message

Each gift comes with a handwritten Christmas card or e-card. Stuff a stocking for $10

‘Merry Christmas’ is the age-old greeting that also offers a wish for the other person and perhaps an expectation. What makes that wish come true is often the opportunity to welcome family and friends home and greet them face-to-face. Last year’s greetings were restricted and restrained by COVID-19 and even yet, the monster virus continues to linger, causing both sorrow and anxiety. Still, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas this year, one that will be better than last year, one that you can remember with gratitude. And I want to thank you for remembering others and reaching out with cheerful kindness. Perhaps in our giving we are reminded that for all that has been, our spirit was not broken; we still have life to give, and love in our hearts to share. So indeed, thank you and may God’s Spirit bless you with a merry joy this Christmas - and next!

Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste

Crop seeds

Sports equipment

Fr. Patrick Cosgrove, President

With one donation per month, give a child the gift of nutritious food, the joy of discovering their passion, and the chance to be a kid. Sponsor a child and leave a mark on their life forever. The joy of sponsorship

(370) Promote good hygiene and help keep teeth healthy and strong. $10

Seeds allow families to grow crops for sustenance and to sell.

Sports balls allow children to stay physically active and healthy.



(210) $10

Double the impact of your gift!

A private donor is generously offering gift matching for ‘Most Needed’ and ‘Small Business Setup’, up to $100,000.

Most Needed Gift [x2] $10 Help a vulnerable community meet their most urgent needs. Communities may need assistance providing food in droughts, or a family may need life-saving medicine for their child. Minimum: $10 (700)

Small Business Setup [x2] (514) $200 A gift of a small business setup provides start-up funds for equipment and training to a struggling family. Their new small business will provide a stable source of income.

You’ll receive letters, annual updates, and photographs as your sponsored child grows. Give a child a gift that will live on long after childhood is over. Sponsor a child today. Your sponsorship gift of just $37 per month helps parents care for their children with better support and nutritious food. Parents also access skills training, which gives them confidence and helps them earn an income.


101-26 Union Street Bedford NS B4A 2B5 1.800.776.6855

Select a gift.

Your friend or loved one receives a card with the description of your purchased gift.

Your gift is received by someone in need.


Monthly Yearly

(801) (802)

$37 $444

Call 1.800.776.6855.

A gift has been given in your name. M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S We will send a card to the recipient of your gift! m e r r y c h r i s t m a s


Visit chalice.ca.

Use the order form on pg. 15.








How your gifts make a difference


Grace is happy and healthy, thanks to support provided through gifts purchased Grace is a 13-year-old girl growing up in the community of Gilgil in Kenya.

Grace loves to snuggle in her pink blanket in the morning.


Grace gets up early to get ready for school.

Before she crawls out of her warm, comfortable bed, Grace loves to snuggle in her pink blanket.

Grace gets up to take a quick shower every morning to prepare for school, and then enjoys a nutritious breakfast and runs to school with her neighbourhood friends. Through the gift catalogue, Chalice supporters have provided Grace with warm bedding, including clean sheets and her beautiful, warm blanket. Grace can enjoy her morning shower because her home, the Saidia Children’s Home, has been equipped with a solar panel that heats the water the children need for comfortable day-to-day living. Because she has had a good breakfast, Grace can concentrate on her lessons. At lunch time, the whole class benefits from a nutritious lunch, made possible through purchases of school lunches from the catalogue. Grace’s school was also provided with desks through gifts purchased by Chalice’s generous supporters. All the children in the school are able to study comfortably with their new desks. Read more stories about the amazing things being accomplished through sponsorship and gifts purchased from our gift catalogue at: CHALICE.CA/BLOG

Poultry power

$20 $45

Baby chicks Rooster and two hens

(101) (103)

The gift that keeps on giving! Hens lay protein packed eggs, and will produce chicks to add to the family’s income.


Grace is able to enjoy a morning hot shower because the Home has a solar panel that heats their water.

Lively livestock

A family will benefit for years to come with livestock. From pigs to sheep to cows, families can use the milk, wool, and cheese, and their offspring can one day be sold for extra income.


Grace can enjoy a nutritious breakfast at home and lunch at school through nutrition gifts.

Animal feed Piglets Sheep Goat Bees and beehives Pair of goats Donkey Cow Fill a stable

(131) (123) (121) (122) (104) (124) (111) (125) (130)

$10 $40 $60 $75


$125 $150 $200 $245 $1,000

Grace is happy to be at school and sees that all her classmates have nice sturdy desks for their studies.







Give it with Joy | Chalice 4

Poultry program in Kenya soars, thanks to farming gifts


Roots of life

School farming success

Diverse crops are the key to sustainable food and livelihoods for many communities. Seeds, farming tools, and training help improve food production and income.

Thanks to school farming programs, students learn about sustainability, help tend to the gardens, and even form their own gardening clubs. These initiatives produce fresh, local crops that supplement school meals.

Not everyone in Kenya has equal access to nutritious food. The country relies on rain-fed agriculture, despite the increasingly arid climate. But, for some, school farming has made a difference. At our Starehe site, the poultry program at the Starehe Girls’ Centre is soaring. Staff at the school saw the need to strengthen the girls’ nutrition by incorporating an economical source of rich protein that could also earn the school some income, since the Kiambu and Nairobi markets are nearby. Through the generosity of Chalice supporters, the sustainable farming project enabled the school to purchase a few hundred birds in 2018, and the program now supplies hundreds of eggs per day. The girls have a reliable source of daily protein and the surplus is sold at local markets. Those with poor immune systems can also get the nutritious meals they need. With many eggs in one basket, the program has been a true success.

(530) (533) (521) (523) (534)

Crop seeds Two fruit trees

$10 $25 $50

Hand plough Wheelbarrow Tools and training for farmers

$500 $100 $250

Support a school farm


$100 $125

- 1 share in support a school farm - 2 shares in support a school farm









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Give infants the chance to grow up healthy and strong. A wellness checkup for both mom and baby ensures minor issues can be resolved before they become serious. A good start

Prevent illness

Bottles for babies

Feed a child

If a mother’s milk isn’t an option, formula and bottles are just what the doctor ordered to give babies all the nutrients they need.

“If you can’t feed 100 people, feed just one.” - St. Mother Teresa Rising food prices, crop devastation and drought - it’s not hard to see why food is one of our most requested items. Your gift helps children and families when food is scarce. Well-nourished kids do better in school, so you’ll be impacting a child’s education, too.

Regular checkups help kids grow up healthy and strong, and vaccines save lives. Help a child get the specialized items and care they need.

(360) (310) (301) (362) (351) (361) (302)

Mosquito netting Malaria prevention for a family Visit to a dentist or specialist Masks/personal protective equipment Vitamins Cleaner and disinfectant Vaccines

$10 $20 $25 $25 $35 $35 $100

Mom and baby checkup



Happy and healthy Keep a child healthy with a personal hygiene gift. Families need soap, medication, eyeglasses, and much more.

(370) (371) (330) (311)

Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste Hygiene supplies for girls Eyeglasses General medications

$10 $15 $50 $75

Safe and sound

Keep a child’s future rolling forward with everything they need to live a happy, mobile life. A wheelchair gives confidence and helps children take a bit more control of their lives.

$40 $50 $150

School lunches Feed a family for one month Feed a family for three months

(353) (352) (352)

(350) (340)

Milk Bottles and formula

$15 $25

(324) Wheelchair









Family Livelihood

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Sleep tight

Warm and bright

A booming business

The comforting feeling of sinking into a soft bed at night can never be undervalued. Soft, comfortable bedding will help a child rest easy.

For families living in unstable economic conditions, finding employment isn’t easy. That’s why a small business startup makes all the difference. Your gift will provide funds to purchase necessasry equipment.

Stoves give children warm food and full bellies, while solar lanterns allow evening family gatherings for studying and quality time.


Small business setup {x2}


Tools for the job It’s hard to get a job done without the right tools. Having the proper tools improves safety and efficiency, and boosts work satisfaction and production.

Tools for the job

It’s hard to get a job done without the right tools. Having the proper tools ensues safety and efficiency, and improves work satisfaction and production.


(520) Trade tools and equipment

Encourage self-reliance Artisans and tradespeople need specialized equipment to run their businesses, but it’s not easy to come by. Encourage a budding entrepreneur with the gift of a vendor cart, a bicycle, rickshaw, or sewing machine. Your gift will help turn an idea or talent into a sustainable source of income.

$90 $120 $145 $200

Bicycle Vendor cart Rickshaw Sewing machine

(501) (502) (503) (512)

Blankets Mattress Bed Full bed kit

(402) (430) (433) (434)

$45 $75

Eco stove Solar lantern Small stove

(410) (452) (412)

$10 $25 $155

$140 $295







Community Development


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Water is life It’s common in rural communities for children to miss school so they can walk hours to fetch water that isn’t always safe to drink. Giving a water storage tank or helping build a water system changes lives for children and helps lessen the effects of droughts.

Stock a classroom

Support students

Quality education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Children’s books, pencils, paper, and notebooks all play a role. Support teachers, too, by gifting teaching aids and books.

An extra boost of support goes a long way. Continuing education helps everyone achieve their dreams, no matter their age.

Water storage tank Water system

(607) (603)

$50 $750 $250 $500


(211) (209) (206)

Continued education (post-secondary or trade)


Children’s books Supplies for a classroom Textbooks and teaching aids

$30 $60 $250

- 1 share in water system - 2 shares in water system

Solid structures Solid, stable homes provide privacy and dignity to families, while safe classrooms help children learn. Solar panels and latrines bring comfort to families and students. By helping provide a solid structure, you help a whole community flourish.

Prepare and play Help children create, laugh and play with the gift of art supplies or sports balls. If you want to prepare a child for the school day, a uniform, pair of shoes or schoolbag goes a long way.

Latrines Solar panels for a school Classroom construction/repair House construction/repair

(601) (454) (606) (604)

$100 $350 $500

$3000 $1500 $2500

- 1 share in house construction/repair - 2 shares in house construction/repair

(210) (201) (203)

Sports equipment School uniform, bag, shoes Art supplies, musical instruments

$10 $30 $45

Sponsored child Anamary lives with her parents, her younger brother and sister, in a rural community in northern India. Through the Chalice gift catalogue, Annamary’s family has a brand new latrine. Their old one was in deplorable condition. “Now we are very happy to use a proper toilet,” says Annamary. “We are very thankful to Chalice who helped us so much through the sponsorship program and helping us to improve our daily life.”







Comfort in the Cold

First Name


Last Name

Phone # (



Apt. #



Postal code


If paying by credit card, please provide the following information:

Expiry date

Credit card #

Name on card

Our mailing address: 101-26 Union St Bedford NS B4A 2B5 You can also place an order by calling 1.800.776.6855 or by visiting chalice.ca

Winter warmth Winter can be challenging for anyone, but especially for families who are already struggling. Not everyone has the right clothing to keep warm, and in parts of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Peru, Bolivia, and Ukraine, snowfall and cold temperatures are common. Winter clothing keeps families warm and cozy, while heating materials allow them to heat their homes in dangerously low temperatures.

(405) (403) (406) (413)

$15 $25 $25 $50

Hat and mittens Baby blankets Winter coat Heating materials

Please make cheques payable to Chalice . CRA Charity Registration #13759 1012 RR0001

If you wish to have cards sent, please write the recipient information below. If you require more than three cards, they will be mailed to your address.







Merry Christmas

When you honour someone by buying a gift from the Chalice gift catalogue, we’ll send them a beautiful handwritten card telling them of the gift that’s been purchased in their honour to help a family or community in the developing world. Official tax receipts will be issued in February 2022. If your donation for specific items exceeds the amount needed, we will use your donation to support other Chalice projects and programs. Gifts are given to children and their communities; we cannot direct gifts from a sponsor to their sponsored child. CRA Charity Registration # 13759 1012 RR0001. Order today. Go to chalice.ca/giftcatalogue or call 1.800.776.6855 Chalice has received an ‘A’ rating from Charity Intelligence for 2021; and Maclean’s and MoneySense have awarded Chalice an ‘A’ in the International Aid and Development category for 2020.

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