2020 Community Report: Our Mission of Compassion

The "Our Mission of Compassion," annual report tells the story of our organization’s commitment to our community by sharing an unusual year as we faced the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We see the passion and commitment of our community, staff, donors and volunteers as we worked to keep our patient’s, families and staff safe. The report also highlights some of the special occurrences from 2020 as the organization continued to grow — from the creation of our parent company, Alivia Care, Inc., to the naming of our newest president and CEO.




To improve the quality of life for patients and families, and to be the Compassionate Guide for end-of-life care in our community.

To be the provider of choice and leader in our community for innovative solutions in end-of-life care.

Integrity, Leadership, Ownership, Respect and Value for the Individual, Superior Service, and Teamwork.



As our new 2020 fiscal year began in October 2019, Community Hospice & Palliative Care was fulfilling our mission of compassion across 16 counties in Northeast and North Central Florida, caring for over 1,300 patients and their families facing end-of-life decisions.

Each of the patients we care for daily is assigned an interdisciplinary care team composed of physicians and advanced practice registered nurses, hospice nurses, social workers, volunteers, bereavement counselors, chaplains, specialty therapists, and hospice care aides.


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The majority of our high-touch, in-person team approach to compassionate hospice care is provided wherever a patient calls home, which could be their residence, an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing facility. Our mission of compassion was underway in this new fiscal year, and so were our fundraising efforts to ensure that no patient would ever be denied care due to an inability to pay. In October 2019, the Community Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation team held their annual Halloween Doors & More fundraiser at The Jacksonville Fairgrounds, followed by three December events: our Circle of Angels holiday fundraiser at the home of Ray and Linda Matuza, and two Tree of Life celebrations, one on our Mandarin campus in Jacksonville and the other on our Stephen R. Chapman Family Community Campus in St. Augustine.

Upon the successful completion of these signature events, the team began planning their next two annual events, the Kelsi Young Gift of Care fundraiser and the These Kids Can Play event at THE PLAYERS, both

of which take place annually in March.

F UN & F UNDR A I S I NG (From top) These Kids Can Play, Tree of Life Celebration, and Halloween Doors & More


“ I know this is where I am meant to be. Hospice is my calling.” - Adrienne, APRN -

Also, during this same early fiscal year time frame, our Marketing and Communications team was developing a new advertising campaign that would launch in the new calendar year.

They asked leaders throughout the organization for the names of people who best exemplify our mission of compassion and would be willing to be the “faces” of this new campaign.

After a long selection process, because so many names were submitted, the group was narrowed, and the team went to work to collect their stories and create individual and group photo shoots for the campaign.

The “We Are Community. The People Who Care.” campaign would soon launch on billboards, in print, online, and on the radio.

In the first few months of our fiscal year, we were busy caring for our patients and families. We were actively fundraising and busily developing an advertising campaign to recognize and thank our people for their commitment to our mission of compassion.


R EACH I NG OUT Sharing the faces behind our commitment and care


O F C OM P A S S I ON Our Mission

What was world news in the second quarter of our fiscal year became local news as the pandemic found its way to our corner of the world in February of 2020.

We met daily, prepared, and seemingly overnight initiated a work-from-home order in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines. This meant that hundreds of our 1,000- person staff across 16 counties would now require laptops, and other job-specific equipment, to stay connected to ensure our mission of compassion. Technology was in short supply, and when it was available, shipping was problematic. This was the beginning of what would become our new normal, and we were determined to innovate at every turn. Also in limited supply during the early months of 2020 was personal protective equipment (PPE). Thanks to the tireless efforts of our people and our board of directors, Community Hospice & Palliative Care was able to secure and store ample supplies of PPE. Our donors answered the call for assistance and helped fund the enormous unexpected and unbudgeted expense of protecting our people, our patients, and their families. Their financial support protected and saved lives, while old and new community partners such as Manifest Distillery, Bacardi, David Thompson’s Bridal, and Home Instead Senior Care donated and discounted supplies to keep us operational.

C A R E F U L L Y C A R I NG Our staff, grateful for PPE supplies & a local Girl Scout troop proudly donating handmade masks


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“ What a blessing that I can help and

Now that we had PPE, we needed to retrain our entire clinical staff immediately on proper donning and doffing to limit the spread of infection. At the same time, we quickly established COVID-19 infection control policies for our staff when interacting with our patients and families. We created new visitation guidelines for our nine centers for caring. Visitors would be required to wear a face mask and gown while on the unit and follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines.

do what I love. ” - Community Volunteer

PPE was also in short supply for the general public, so we sent a communication to our 1,000-person volunteer army to ask if they would be willing to sew masks and gowns to help.

Our compassionate volunteers personally purchased fabric and supplies and made hundreds of masks and gowns within just a few short weeks. These handmade treasures took the burden of sourcing PPE off the shoulders of our families, allowing them, in some instances, to say their final goodbyes in this unsettling new world we found ourselves in.

Everything about COVID-19 was a mystery, but we knew we urgently needed an effective and timely solution to test our staff for COVID-19 to limit the spread of infection in the event of exposure.

2020 Report to Our Community


Options were incredibly limited in March, but the Mayo Clinic, a partner agency since before we opened the Anne and Donald McGraw Center for Caring on their campus in 2007, came to our rescue.

Thanks to Mayo, we set up our own drive-through testing site on our Mandarin campus and obtained test results within 48 hours. This innovative partnership helped us ensure the health and safety of our people and their interactions with our

patients and their families. Community Hospice & Palliative Care was the first hospice agency to conduct staff testing.

In this new normal of PPE, CDC guidelines, and staff testing, we never stopped our mission of compassion. The daily news was rife with shutdowns and closures, so we knew we needed to find an innovative way to care for our patients in this locked-down environment, especially those living in assisted and skilled nursing facilities.

We began testing a telehealth solution by adding it to our HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) text messaging system.


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“ This innovative solution will allow u s to increa s e our contact and make certain our patients, caregivers, and families have the support they need. ”

- Phillip Ward Chief Operating Officer

The result of this simple yet innovative digital solution was incredible. Within 24 hours of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) announcement that telehealth could be utilized for hospice care, we were making virtual visits.

Community Hospice & Palliative Care was the first hospice agency to offer virtual visits in our service area. Our people and our mission of compassion would not be interrupted.

OP E N COMMUN I C A T I ON Telehealth technology helped our team safely continue to provide care in our community.

2020 Report to Our Community




In these early months of 2020, we were operating in the present amidst a pandemic while making plans for the immediate future.

To understand the future, we need to look back at the history of our organization. Over the past 20 years, Community Hospice & Palliative Care created and launched non-hospice programs to help adults and children earlier in their disease progression by focusing on quality-of-life care. For example, we were the first hospice agency in our primary service area to launch palliative care, one of the first in the nation to launch a pediatric palliative and hospice care program, and one of a select few in the nation chosen to pilot Medicare’s Care Choices, a program for people who qualify for hospice care but wish to continue curative treatments. Over the years, lessons from these programs helped us create PACE Partners of Northeast Florida, a joint venture with senior care expert Aging True and its Cathedral Foundation. PACE stands for Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, and the program is designed to provide comprehensive medical and social services to frail elderly people who are certified to live in a nursing home but choose to stay at home.

Plans for a VIP reception and ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of The PACE Place center on our Acosta-Rua campus in March were thwarted by the news of the pandemic, but the center opened as scheduled to care for the program’s participants. PACE Partners of Northeast Florida is the only program of its kind in North Florida and one of only five in the state.


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As the pandemic surged and summer approached, several years of planning culminated in a national announcement on June 1, 2020. Community Hospice & Palliative Care’s board of directors announced the formation of a new board and parent organization, Alivia Care, Inc., to help more people in more places to live better with advanced illness. The Alivia Care, Inc., board selected current Community Hospice & Palliative Care President and Chief Executive Officer Susan Ponder-Stansel as their president and chief executive officer. The structure of Alivia Care was designed to support additional programs and services beyond hospice care, thereby taking over the groundwork laid by Community Hospice & Palliative Care to help people live better earlier in their disease progression. The future structure of Alivia Care, Inc., includes all- inclusive, home health, hospice, and palliative care.

Phillip Ward, chief operating officer of Community Hospice & Palliative Care, was selected by the board as the new president and chief executive officer of Community Hospice & Palliative Care. Ward began his career with Community Hospice & Palliative Care in 1992 and has a dual responsibility as the chief operating officer of Alivia Care, Inc.

At the same time Alivia Care, Inc., was founded, so was Alivia Care of Georgia. This subsidiary organization was created to partner with community-based hospice providers in Georgia to create and strengthen care solutions through vision, leadership, investment, and advocacy. And so the mission of compassion continues to expand to care for more people in more places. Shortly thereafter, affiliation discussions began with Hospice of the Golden Isles in Brunswick, Georgia, and Hospice Satilla in Waycross, Georgia, to support their quality-driven, community-based, non-profit missions.

L E AD I NG T H E WA Y With more than three decades of hospice experience, Philip Ward is ready for his new role.

2020 Report to Our Community


As the summer months began, we realized we needed to plan for what we believed would be an eventuality: caring for the acute needs of COVID-19-positive

hospice patients. We had PPE and supplies, thanks to the generosity of our donors, but what we needed was a designated center for caring for our COVID-19- positive patients. Our nursing and facilities teams began the hard work of creating a safe, secure, negative-pressure environment at our Acosta-Rua Center for Caring in Jacksonville. We were able to open this innovative 24/7 facility in May 2020, thereby affording our COVID-19-positive patients the type of care they deserve when experiencing acute symptoms. This around-the-clock care afforded family members a welcome respite from caregiving responsibilities. The Acosta-Rua family’s namesake facility was the first—and it remains the only—center of its kind in our service area for COVID-19-positive hospice patients. What is even more remarkable is that every person on the center’s staff volunteered to be on the care team, knowingly putting themselves in harm’s way to care for the most vulnerable patients.

A S A F E S P A C E Acosta-Rua Center for Caring in Jacksonville (above) has become a one-of-a-kind facility to provide hospice services to COVID-19 patients during this unprecedented pandemic.


E mbracin g I nnova t ion Facilitating memorable moments was more of a challenge when it came to our patients living in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.Families were unable to see, much less embrace, their loved ones. With the idea to create an innovative solution for all facility residents, not just our hospice patients, our team went to work. Volunteers Jeff Dodd and Frank Bondurant constructed portable “hugging stations” that could be used at assisted living and skilled nursing facilities throughout our service area. A memorable moment came when U.S. veteran William Hines was able to hug his wife, Ann, for the first time since COVID-19 emerged and finally celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. “She’s my everything,” he said. HUGGING STATIONS

Our team made this possible two weeks before Ann died. William was so grateful to have had that one last embrace with his wife. Our mission of compassion would not be interrupted.

“ For the family to be able to give them a hug is wonderful. ” - Bruce McCorkle Administrator of Windsor Care


Stories of compassion were pouring in from across our service area. Mary Mack, advanced practice registered nurse, learned that one of her hospice patients was a fan of Brian Courtney Wilson, a gospel music artist. After doing some research, she was able to locate the artist in Texas, and share how important his music was to her dementia patient, Betty Daniels. On June 24, Brian gave a beautiful performance, virtually, for Betty. This lovely patient was formerly unaware of her surroundings but was now smiling and singing along with her favorite artist. Brian continued to perform for Betty weekly, and also began doing so for other patients (left) in our care. Another patient with complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Bruce Cook, wanted to renew his vows with this wife of 19 years before he became too ill. Our team sprang into action to make the ceremony a reality, providing a memorable moment for both the patient and his beloved bride. As summer came to a close, we continued to expand our services even amidst the pandemic. Community Palliative Consultants, a division of Community Hospice & Palliative Care, expanded its hospital-based services from Northeast Florida to Alachua County in North Central Florida to help people earlier in their disease progression. The program was launched in partnership with North Florida Regional Medical Center (NFRMC) in Gainesville.

“ All of us were teary-eyed. ... It’s a beautiful thing . ” - Family & Staff Seeing patients’ joy during performances

Another first was the launch of Community PedsCare in North Central Florida. Community’s signature program in support of children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses could now expand its mission of caring beyond its original service area to help more families.


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H er o of the Year

We bridged the physical gap between Jacksonville and St. Augustine with the construction of a new inpatient unit in Baptist Medical Center South. When completed in December, it will be the third Baptist Health System unit and the tenth in the history of Community Hospice & Palliative Care.

We continued to use virtual means to reach our communities, educating them on the importance of advance care planning in uncertain times. We helped our community at large with free virtual grief and bereavement sessions, charting new waters when it came to healing after the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19. And we coordinated free seminars for underserved communities with their leaders in the hope of dispelling the myths about hospice so they might allow us to help their family one day. Somewhere amidst this unprecedented year, we launched a new employee rewards and recognition campaign called the Community HERO program. We’ve always known that our people are heroes, but this new engagement tool allows co-workers to recognize each other in real time. Employees can nominate each other for a High Five to acknowledge an action or deed worthy of a virtual high five. If someone goes above and beyond, exemplifying one of the organization’s values, they can be nominated for a HERO award.

Kizzy McCray-Sheppard

“During a patient’s recent hospitalization, Kizzy sang them ‘Amazing Grace’ and they loved it.

“Later, the patient’s family member asked if Kizzy would sing to the patient over the phone again. What a lovely way to say we care about our patients.

“My hat is off to Kizzy for this amazing show of love and leadership!”

At the end of the year, one out of the 12 monthly HERO winners is selected as the HERO of the Year, the person who most embodies our mission of compassion. The winner of the 2020 HERO of the Year award is Kizzy McCray-Sheppard (above right) .

- Dr. Ana A. Sanchez, M.D.

As we continue to expand, our mission, vision, and values remain the same. “We Are Community. The People Who Care!” and we work with HEROES!

2020 Report to Our Community


2020 by t he Numbe r s

at home 94 %

Patients served

6 % Care provided in centers for caring

18 , 241 Total patients served

$4 . 6 M Overall investment in community-focused programs

432 , 871 Days of routine care by home care teams

1 , 763 Veterans served

21 , 838 Days of general inpatient care

370 Children and families served by Community PedsCare

10 , 444 People received Community Grief & Bereavement services

5 , 448 Grief sessions serving area residents

1 , 001 Volunteers participating throughout year

72 , 385 Total hours of volunteer service

5 , 251 MASKS



Numbers of personal protective equipment (PPE) handmade by 80 of our compassionate local volunteers and community partners.


Patients Served

Primary Illnesses

19,000 20,000

Cancer 33%










14,000 15,000


Patients & Caregivers






Non-Cancer 67%








1 , 030 Size of compassionate staff that create our Community of Care

Demographics by Age



Under 65 16%









18 , 241 Patients served for 2020 across 16 Florida counties



1 989 1 995 2001 2007 20 1 1 2 01 3 2 017 2018 2019 2020 0

Over 65 84%

Amount and Percentage of Community Program Expenses

Unfunded Community Programs 27 %

Home Care & Community

(For the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2020)

Benefit 33 %

Community Benefit and Outreach

$1,674,818 (36%)

Community PedsCare

$1,349,067 (29%)

Charity Care

$1,139,154 (25%)

Pediatric Palliative Care 32 %

Bereavement and Community Grief

$439,628 (10%)

Bereavement Care 8 %




G uardians of L ight D O N O R S

We are thankful to the individuals and organizations below that have supported Community Hospice & Palliative Care at the Guardians of Light level (gifts of $1,000 or more annually). These contributions support Community Hospice & Palliative Care in continuing its mission to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families. In appreciation, we recognize and honor our Guardians of Light donors who made gifts between January 1, 2020, and to December 31, 2020.

Million + (Lifetime Giving) The Acosta-Rua Family Foundation Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Bailey, Sr.

THE PLAYERS Theador F. Weber Trust TIAA Bank Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. Halsey Wise Flame - $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Fernando J. Acosta-Rua George M. Baldwin Foundation Buford L. Bowen Charitable Fund Mary and Bruce Bower Mr. and Mrs. Steve Damerow Mr. and Mrs. Lowry Daniels Jack and Betty Demetree Family Foundation Dignity Memorial Hardage-Giddens Funeral Homes DuBow Family Foundation, Inc. The Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc. Nancy and Niall Falloon Alan and Pam Green Family Foundation Kathleen and Richard Hugo The Insetta Family Foundation Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation The Thomas M. Kirbo and Irene B. Kirbo Charitable Foundation Gasper and Irene Lazzara Charitable Foundation Deirdre S. Leake Mrs. Marion W. Minton The Marion W. Minton & Walter J. Minton Foundation, Inc. Mr. Jay W. Monahan and Susan R. Monahan, OD Frank V. Oliver, Jr. Endowment at the Community Foundation for Northeast Florida Frederick and Nancy Robbins

S. Irving and Anne Nevard Sherr Foundation, Inc. David and Linda Stein US Assure Brian and Michelle Wilson

University of Florida Department of Pediatrics Jacksonville Jennifer Walker Mr. and Mrs. WilliamWandmacher Chris and Cindy Ware Family John Wiley and Tracey Coleman

Nancy M. McDonald Endowment Fund The Donald C. McGraw Foundation, Inc. John H. Moore II and Joan K. Moore Trust The Neviaser Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Petway Family Foundation, Inc. Ms. Arlene Sommer* Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Weaver Theador F. Weber Trust Wolfson Children’s Hospital Beacon - $100,000+ J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc. Far East Brokers and Consultants, Inc. Florida Blue Foundation LaVonne Newsom Lahatte Trust The Neviaser Charitable Foundation, Inc. Petway Family Foundation Fund Torch - $25,000+ Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Chapman Mr. Robert D. Davis The Grow Family Revocable Trust Reverend Marsha Holmes Thomas C. Liptak Trust John H. Moore II and Joan K. Moore* Dr. Derek D. Muehrcke and Ms. Laura Tillis River City United Foundation, Inc. Riverside Rotary Foundation Ronnie & Jerrold Rosenbaum Family Foundation, Inc. The Donald C. McGraw Foundation

Mrs. Susan S. Winkler Mr. and Mrs. Scott Witt

Beam - $5,000+ Elizabeth and Andy Ade Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Arnold III The Bailey Group The Burns and Irene Bailey Memorial Fund

Flare - $2,500+ All American Air Charitable Foundation Auld & White Constructors, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baker Patty and Doug Campbell Gary and Nancy Chartrand Chupp Family Foundation Luther W. Coggin Revocable Trust Colaluca Family Charity Fund James S. Corbett Dattilo Family Foundation Gregory and Lisa Delaney Roger and DeAnn Dockery Chris and Teresa Emans Susan Garner Timothy and Sherrie Geddes Group 4 Design, Inc. Hatcher Endowment Mr. James Kiesler, Sr. The Korman and Shelton Families Mr. Lawrence G. Maloney Estate of J. Henson Markham Merrill Lynch Mr. William Ramsbottom, Sr. Selevan Family Foundation, Inc. Karol E. Smith Theresa Tadlock The St. Augustine Record Dr. Robert C. Nuss and Dr. Ann Harwood-Nuss

Boyd Family Tithe Fund Bill and Kelly Buckingham Mr. and Mrs. William Butler Christ Episcopal Church

Clerk of the Court, Clay County Cypress Village Christian Worship Amy R. Davis Diana and Ben Davis Sharon Dean Deerwood Rotary Charities, Inc. Mr. Ronald Dixon Mr. and Mrs. G. Ray Driver, Jr. Betty Fipp Ms. Barbara D. Graham Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Goldberg Callie and Mathew Hugo Mr. Robert Huhta The Kavalieros Family Dr. Daniel Gassert and Ms. Elena L. Laguardia Christina Mahan Mr. and Mrs. Matt McKinney Theresa Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Morales, Jr. Mrs. Lee Neviaser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Nicosia


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Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation Randy and Janet Reagor Mr. Jerrold S. Rosenbaum Mrs. Peggy Dean Schultz Michael and Dea Sims Smiles by Glenos and Hadgis Orthodontists Mr. and Mrs. William S. Smith St. Peter’s Episcopal Church William and Pamela Steitz Mr. Robert H. Stevens The W. W. & Eloise D. Gay Foundation Trager Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kramer T. Upchurch Loti C. Woods William T. Smith Southeast Aero

Kathleen Bowling Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Braddock

Fisher Koppenhafer Architecture and Interior Design Capt. and Mrs. Daniel Flynn Samuel J. Foley, Jr. Ms. Cynthia Fort Paul Forte Fraternal Order of Eagles #4505 Mr. W.J. Frazier Mr. E. Karl Frisch Hernon-Garro Charitable Advised Fund Brian and Katherine Gilligan Susan Goldberg Gordon Dental Associates John B. Graddy Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Granat Greenebaum Enterprises, Inc. Gresham Smith Mr. James R. Griffiths, Sr. Karri Guiliani Kara and Daniel Haeussner Hagan Ace Hardware of Blanding, Inc. Beatrice Hardaway and Family Daniel Harrell Joe A. Hastey Mr. and Mrs. Max D. Hedgecoth Christina C. Heisler Mary Gray Hollingsworth Dr. and Mrs. Ken Horn John and Joan Horne Captain Michael and Lisa Hosto Joseph Curtis Hyers Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ivan J.W. Schippmann Foundation, Inc. Terri Jackson Patrice Jones Dr. Warren Keene Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kelly Mr. Ken Kelsay KMS Surgical Jack and Carol Knake Fund Bill and Elaine Kopf Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Lantinberg Mr. and Mrs. Jon Larkin Teresa Lawrence Mr. Donald Lay Dr. Susan Leger-Krall and Mr. William J. Krall Lindsey and Fontaine LeMaistre Mr. and Mrs. Franz Lerch Joan and H. Ronald Levin Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lichter

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Lipham The Lokenberg Joint Revocable Trust Louis Portnoy Family Foundation Debra Malinis Elizabeth Margol Jennifer Martin Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mason Mr. and Mrs. M. Raymond Matuza Ambassador Marilyn McAfee Mr. and Mrs. John E. McElroy Billy and Jill McGriff Gail and A.J. McGuinness Susan McKeever and John Quattrochi Mr. Jack McKinney Elizabeth C. McNabb Linda A. Meehan Renee Melin Ms. Catherine Melton Mr. and Mrs. John C. Merrill, USN (Ret.) Jeff and Anne Meyer Betsy, Alison, Cliff and Daisy Miller Mr. Nathan R. Morris Mrs. Laura Mosholder Sally Murdock Murski Breeding Sales Company Mr. Thomas R. Nesbitt, Jr. Nugent Family Charitable Fund Thomas and Terri Nusz Pat and Brendan O’Connell Dr. Deanna H. Pafundi Grady C. Parker Nirmal Patel Paul and Klare Reinhold Foundation Ingrid and Galen Perdikis Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Phelps Pilot Club of Jacksonville, Inc. Odette Pitts Cheryl Player Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Poli Mr. and Mrs. George A. Pollard Ms. Susan Ponder-Stansel Mr. Ellis Pope Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Powell, Jr. Mr. Lyle Powell Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLP Dr. and Mrs. William Proctor Rayonier, Inc. Sidney Register Mr. and Mrs. James F. Register, Jr. Mr. Allan Reichert

Mr. and Mrs. John Brink Mrs. Susan Brockelbank Ms. Patricia Brown

Capt. Charles M. Brune, USN (Ret.) Mr. and Mrs. J. Shepard Bryan, Jr. Dr. Terry Buckenheimer Carl and Phyllis S. Bunge Scott and Debbie Cairns Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cameron Rev. James J. Cardosi Nancy Cavins

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Cheek Dani Clauss and Mike Bissell Michael and Mary Clemens Ms. Janet Clements The Cloud Family Amazing Fund The Ronald Cohen Endowment Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Foundation Ms. Jacqueline Cole Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid W. Coleman Barbara H. Cone Coomes Oil & Supply, Inc. Alice Mach Coughlin Brian and Susan Coughlin Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation Ashley and Jeremy Cox Charles and Carol Crozier Nancy Cueroni The Harvey & Lois Dann Foundation, Inc. Ms. Laura Davis Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Day Patsy M. Delany Bob D’Elena Lynn DeLoatch Kimberly A. Dicob Tom and Jean Dodson Dr. and Mrs. George H. Dorion Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Dugan, Jr. Duval Charter School at Baymeadows

Spark - $1,000+ A-B Distributors, Inc. Jill and Michael Abel Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Abell Mr. Mark F. Adams James L. Ade Affordable Carpet & Wood, Inc. Sam and Gail Aills Dan and Debra Alexander Amvets Post 45 Sherri Anthony The L. John and Deborah Arbizzani Charitable Foundation Inc. Tracy K. Arthur Patrice H. Austin Gail Bacon Anne M. Barnes Megan Barney Dr. and Mrs. Todd Batenhorst Batten Family Foundation Julie Baumer Shannon and Jonathan Beckham Mr. James Belisario Berman Family Foundation Mr. Robert Bibik Cynthia Bird Dan and Shannon Bishop Maureen Black Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Blakely, Jr. The Stanley Blaxton Foundation The Boles Law Firm Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Bowen

Susan C. Ebbs Revocable Trust Spence and Nancy Edwards The Elks Club of St. Augustine Erwin, Fountain & Jackson, P.A. Matthew and Karen Fairbairn Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Ferber First Federal Bank/First Federal Way FirstPoint, Inc.

2020 Report to Our Community


G uardians of L ight D O N O R S

___________________________________________ We would like to thank those who have included Community Hospice & Palliative Care in their estate and other financial planning. 1979 Society Lauree Abramowitz* Mr. and Mrs. Fernando J. Acosta-Rua Mr. John Ashenfelter

Mr. Jay W. Monahan and Dr. Susan R. Monahan John H. Moore II and Joan K. Moore*

Ursula B. O’Connor* William J. O’Connor*

Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Pangborn IV Capt. William A. Pickens, USN (Ret.)

James Rosemond* Isabelle C. Russell* Mrs. Lily Scott Joseph E. Sexton* Marjorie Simpson

Ms. Pauline M. Rice Susan Rindal

Ms. Diane Villaronga Mrs. Daphne J. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Warrell The Wawa Foundation

Ring Power Corporation Ken and Rachel Ringhaver Cornelia R. Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Robbins Ms. Sharon Rosenblum Scott Rothenberg Mr. Ronald K. Rousselle Kathy Rowlett Ann and Carl Rush Charitable Fund Kimberly Santamaria Barbara S. Schaefer Deborah Schaefer Dr. and Mrs. Brian L. Schwam Seabreeze Dental Group Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sekine Dr. and Mrs. Guy T. Selander Mimi Selig Amera, Aliyah, and Ayanna Sewell Mrs. Vicki E. Shafer Mr. H. Roger Sharp The Shaver Family Louis & Carole Shlipak Philanthropic Fund Scott and Avery Silvers Silversolutions, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Assaf Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Bailey, Sr. Ms. Marcia R. Baygents Karen Buskirk Mr. and Mrs. Marion E. Byrd* Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Duane F. Conklin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Curry Ms. Amy R. Davis Mrs. Marian M. Derfer Dr. and Mrs. George H. Dorion Elizabeth A. Dougherty* Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Dulik Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Edgar Carole S. Fishbaugh* Henry R. Gibson* Ms. Barbara Goldberg Ms. Bonita Golden-Sikes Mr. John T.R. Hayt, Sr. Mrs. Mary R. Henry Ms. Ruth Holmes Ms. Ramona G. Houston Virginia M. Johnsen* Elinor D. Jones* Louise S. Keen* Sr. Master Sgt. Randy Kersey Thomas Liptak* Mr. Scott Manley Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Martin Ms. Frances W. McCurry Mrs. Katherine A. McDonnell William G. McDonnell* Mr. and Mrs. John C. McIlvaine Barbara McManus Myrtle H. Mikkelsen* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mills Lavonne N. Lahatte* Mr. Donald E. Liebhart

Barbara Webster Deborah Weller James White Peggy and John Wilchek

Robert D. Slimmon* Marguerite Smalley* Ms. Mary A. Smith Mr. Harold H. Snyders Mr. and Mrs. David A. Spring Linnis K. Tanner* Betty J. Armstrong Taylor* George Dekle Taylor* James W. Taylor* Virginia H. Taylor* Edward A. Thornwell, Jr.* Gwynne G. Tonsfeldt* Mr. Robert L. Tonsfeldt Barry Tully Norman L. Tully* Mrs. Daphne J. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. White, Jr. Mrs. Susan S. Winkler Nadine M. Wynne* * Deceased

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Witt, Jr. Dr. Bruce and Sharon Witten Vic and Linda Yerrill Dr. and Mrs. Larry C. Young

Endowment Funds Assaf Family Endowment in memory of Barbara Browning Manning Blanchart Family Endowment Fund Ed and Lisa Dulik Endowment Evans-Holmes for McGraw Center Endowment Nancy M. McDonald Endowment Fund Monahan Family Care Endowment Neviaser Family Community PedsCare Endowment Amanda Petway Endowment Fund Estates of Capt. and Mrs. Powell P. Vail, Jr. Estate of Grafton N. Smith Endowment Weaver Family Endowment Fund The Edward W. and Marlene K. White Endowment Estate of Betty Williams Susan & Bristol Winkler Endowment in memory of John A. Winkler R. Halsey and Lisha S. Wise Family Foundation Child Life Endowment Fund Women’s Leadership Council Endowment

Gerald and Vickie Silves William and Jennifer Sims Kimberly and Richard Sisisky Jim and Jennifer Snyder Ms. M. Gale Starratt Judith and Carl Stoudemire Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sherwood John and Ann Sutton Swisher International, Inc. and its employees

Mari Terbrueggen Kathleen Thomas Beth Tresca Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Tritt Claudia Sue Turner Matthew Van Rysdam


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Community Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation 2019-2020 Board of Directors

St. Augustine/St. Johns County Advisory Board

Jane Boles Chair Virginia Andrews, R.N. Alecia Bailey Kelly Barrera Katherine Batenhorst Daphne Cameron Christine Chapman

Ex-Officio Members Michael E. Ruble

Advisory Members Meghan Congro Mat Hugo Nancy Lantinberg

Kevin Robbins ** Chair Ann Harwood-Nuss, M.D. ** Vice Chair Christopher F. Emans ** Treasurer Tracy Arthur ** Secretary Jason Barrett, FACHE Katherine K. Batenhorst Yank D. Coble, Jr., M.D. (Honorary) Gerardo Colon-Otero, M.D.

Michael E. Ruble Chair Jason Osborne Vice Chair Mark Bailey Treasurer Susan R. Monahan, OD Secretary Charlie Arnold Michael Assaf Brian Coughlin Will Courtney Thomas O. Douglas, Jr. G. Ray Driver Fontaine LeMaistre John W. Logue Josh McGraw Jill McGriff Marcia C. Morales Ingrid Perdikis Clint Pyle Sheila Rice Kevin Robbins Rebecca Schwam Susan Ponder-Stansel Unni Thomas, M.D. Craig Walker Lisha Wise

Emeritus Sen. Jim King, Jr. *** Joy Korman Gene H. Lewis ***

Betty Petway Tom Petway Lawrence A. Solberg, Jr., Ph.D., M.D.

Roberta Cleary Tony Coleman Barbara Cone Theresa Coomes, ARNP Ronald Dixon, DMD, FAGD, PA

Nancy M. Dawson, M.D. Lt. Col. Bill Dudley (Ret.)

** - Executive Committee Members *** - Deceased

Karen Glenos Skip Goodson Ingrid Guier Ray Hamel

Sen. Audrey Gibson Marie Gnage, Ph.D. Richard Hawthorne Rev. Marsha Holmes Patrice Jones T. Fitch King III Dr. Sue Leger-Krall, ARNP, Ph.D. John D. Logue, CFP Michael Mayo, FACHE Ambassador Marilyn McAfee (Ret.) Patricia A. McElroy David Meyer Greg Miller Joe M. Mitrick Susan Ponder-Stansel Alivia Care, Inc., President and CEO Larry Wagoner, Ph.D., LMFT

Kendell Hardwick Thomas Jackson Almarene Lowndes R. Joan Maguire (Honorary) Linda Matuza Bill Mignon Leslie Montoya Jane M. Sims (Honorary) Christina Upchurch

David Upchurch Sandy Upchurch Betsy Wegeman Dr. Walter West

2020 Report to Our Community


North Central Florida Offices Alachua County 4011 NW 43rd Street, Suite B, Gainesville, FL 32606

Hospice Centers for Caring Anne and Donald McGraw Mayo Clinic West Campus

Bailey Family Flagler Health+ Campus

Putnam County 5111 Crill Avenue, Palatka, FL 32177

Dr. Gaston J. Acosta-Rua 5450 Ramona Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32205 Earl B. Hadlow 4266 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257

Columbia County 163 SW Stonegate Terrace, Suite 105, Lake City, FL 32024

Northeast Florida Offices Headquarters 4266 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257 St. Augustine 1355 Dixie Highway, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Community Hospice Baptist Medical Center South, 7th Floor (Opened in 2021 FY)

Alice and T. O’Neal Douglas Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, 5th Floor

Community Hospice Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital, 4th Floor Community Hospice Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital, 5th Floor

North Jacksonville 13453 North Main Street, Suite 403, Jacksonville, FL 32218 Clay County 4689 US Highway 17, Suite #9, Fleming Island, FL 32003

George and Margaret Morris UF Health Jacksonville, 6th Floor

Nassau County 1901 Island Walkway, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Jane and Bill Warner Baptist Medical Center Nassau Campus, 1st Floor

CommunityHospice.com 866.253.6681

© 2021 Community Hospice & Palliative Care

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