Howard Orthotics and Prosthetics_ Do You Have Cold Feet?

Cold Weather Insoles Even if you don’t spend a great deal of time outside, the change in temperature from toasty interiors to the chilly outdoors can have a negative impact on your feet and legs. Cold weather insoles help shield your feet from ice and snow as you’re walking outside. An orthotic insole provides the added benefit of helping your body maintain a neutral position that can reduce strain and impact on your body. Even better, when your body is properly aligned, the chances of slipping and falling on ice or slick pavement is reduced. If you spend your day working outside in the elements, it’s even more important that you have the proper support and structure upon which to stand. Arthritis Support When the temperature drops, you may feel more stiff and sore than you do in the warmer temperatures of spring and summer. This is especially true when you suffer from arthritis, which can be incredibly painful in cold weather. Having the correct orthotic support for your lower limbs ensures that your body’s structure is fully reinforced -- adding confidence to your walk as you venture out into icy or snowy weather. An added benefit is that custom orthotics may help reduce your pain levels and cut down on your overall need for over the counter or prescription pain medicine. Whether you are suffering from arthritis, joint pain from an injury or simply finding yourself hurting more in the cold winter months, custom orthotics may provide you with significant pain relief. Want to learn more about keeping your lower limbs healthy and happy all year long? Contact the friendly and understanding team at Howard Orthotics and Prosthetics today!

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