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The International Academy of Family Lawyers

How My Fellowship Benefits My Clients

As an attorney, I’ve been presented with many resources and opportunities over the years to deepen my understanding of family law. Although these are valuable opportunities for me, I consider it my responsibility to take advantage of them, because they will benefit my clients. One of the more recent and rewarding opportunities I’ve had was to become a fellow The IAFL is a worldwide association of attorneys who are recognized by their peers as the most experienced and skilled family law attorneys in their respective countries. These attorneys deal exclusively with issues in family law, including child custody, divorce and dissolution of marriage, child abduction, financial disputes, and forced marriages. Dealing with these types of cases can be tricky, especially in an international setting, but the IAFL provides members with resources to handle these complex cases. The IAFL began in 1986, and over the years, it has accumulated 760 fellows in 57 countries. An impressive 310 of these fellows reside in 39 states. I am fortunate to be one of only six IAFL Fellows in South Carolina, and I am the only one upstate. The IAFL is made up of four chapters: U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. As a fellow, I have access to family law specialists in every chapter around the world should the need arise for any case that I handle. In addition, the IAFL hosts conferences all over the world, which allows my associates and in the International Academy of Family Lawyers ( a few years ago.

me to meet and network with attorneys from across nearly every continent. When we handle family law cases in state court, they can sometimes take several months to resolve fully; however, certain international family law cases can be handled in federal court, which moves the case along at an accelerated rate. Getting to the heart of the matter quickly and fully understanding all the options under the laws of the countries involved is a necessity, not a luxury, in these cases. Having the resources and network of attorneys that the IAFL provides thus becomes an invaluable asset for our clients during their time of need.

Because I am a fellow, I am able to keep up with important changes in international family law through online resources and in-person conferences. I also have access to family law specialists in countries all over the world who are ready and willing to assist with our clients’ needs, so I literally have access to global resources to enable me to better serve my clients in their family law cases.

If you have questions about international family law, or if you may become involved in a case that might involve international issues, please contact my office at 864-598-9172.

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