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March 2018

My Client ‘Dorothy’ How My Clients Enrich My Life

didn’t expect to hear much from her again outside of the occasional legal question. Then out of the blue, around Halloween, I received a call from Dorothy wanting to drop off “a little something.” The little something turned out to be cookies that she had baked for my son and my wife. A couple of months later for Christmas, same phone call … same delicious cookies. It was during these impromptu meetings that I really got to know Dorothy. I learned about how much she loves her grandboys and how she visibly lights up when she talks about their accomplishments. I learned that she cherishes certain photos of her late husband because they show his tender side. I learned how she drops whatever she is doing to help her neighbors, and she doesn’t think twice about it. I learned that she has vast amounts of energy and enthusiasm that make this 37-year-old envious. In short, I learned that she is a fantastic person. I want to thank Dorothy (you know who you are) and all my clients that help make this job so much more of a human vocation rather than a legal one. The practice of law, like any other job, will be accompanied by the occasional bouts of stress, banality, and conflict. It is the interaction with all of you that makes this career so rewarding. Cheers to all my fellow Irish readers (and to those Irish at heart). Be safe this St. Paddy’s Day.

They say death and taxes are the only certainties we have in this life. Well, for me personally (and a few lucky others) there is another item I can put on that list. At every major holiday I can expect to receive a visit from one of my all-time favorite clients. It doesn’t matter whether it is Halloween, Christmas, or Easter — like clockwork, she starts making her deliveries. The only thing better than the cookies she brings is the conversation. “Good works come naturally to this gal. She exudes the type of spunk and energy that makes me wonder whether she has ever crossed paths with a person immune to her charm.”

Good works come naturally to this gal. She exudes the type of spunk and energy that makes me wonder whether she has ever crossed paths with a person immune to her charm. She tells me that she is an avid reader of this newsletter, so at this stage I think she probably knows this article is about her. For the rest of you, her identity will remain a secret, and I will simply refer to her as Dorothy (my grandmother’s name). Despite the emotional turmoil she was experiencing, she tackled our professional dealings with gumption. It was only in the most fleeting of moments that I would catch a glimpse of what was stirring beneath the surface. As soon as it came, it went. We were back to business. When I first met Dorothy she was going through a difficult time in her life.

-John Thompson

In relatively short order, Dorothy and I concluded our business dealings and I

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