Steele Saddle Tree Catalog 2020

“WHAT FIT DO I NEED…?” We hear from riders all the time who are having difficulty finding – or knowing how to find – a saddle that fits, which is to say a TREE that fits, their horse. Many have tried multiple saddles based on the advice of various well-meaning individuals, salespersons and even ‘custom’ tree and/or saddle builders. Often the result has been years of riding saddles which they feel clearly do not fit their horse, as well as considerable financial cost and the frustration of not being able to relieve their horse’s ongoing discomfort and the behavioral issues which can result. Due to the sheer volume of fits

currently available from Steele Saddle Tree, we have found that using our ‘FTBS’ Fit Forms and Fit Trees is not the most efficient nor even the most cost-effective way to help the individual rider determine the best fit we will have for a horse which has proven difficult to fit, or for whom the rider simply desires to

assure the best possible fit. It is not necessary to purchase a saddle and then log hundreds of hours of riding time, watching for signs which may indicate the saddle does not fit. We can help you determine the most proper fit for your horse as the FIRST step in the process of purchasing a saddle. Armed with this information, you will be able to choose the appropriate off-the-shelf saddle or, absent that option, you or your saddler can order a tree with your correct fit, in virtually any style you choose. Your tree will NOT be priced higher as a ‘custom tree’, because it will be assembled from fits and styles for which patterns are already available.


1. Contact us by phone or email to advise when you would like to get started. 2. Purchase an ‘EQUImeasure Kit’ which can be found at www. This is the most convenient way we have seen to create a mold of your horse’s back. Follow the instructions, mark or attach your contact information to the mold, then

pack it securely and ship it to Steele Saddle Tree. 3. We charge $75 for the fit assessment, which can be paid by sending a check with the mold, by credit/debit card, or by PayPal. 4. Usually within a week of receiving your EM mold, we will be able to advise our most proper fit for your horse. We can email photos

demonstrating that fit on your mold, using a fit form/fit tree with the fit we recommend. This will allow you to see precisely how the fit conforms to your horse’s back. 5. The EQUImeasure mold belongs to you and can be returned with your tree or shipped separately, as you request, at your ship cost.

Just let us know when you (and your horse) are ready to get started.

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