Steele Saddle Tree Catalog 2021


COVERINGS: Our ‘Equi-Fit Classic’ wood trees are available in two standard coverings: • Standard Fiberglass Covered - The entire tree is covered in hand-laid 6 oz. fiberglass cloth. • Standard Rawhide Covered - Tree is covered in top-grain rawhide and hand-stitched with nylon lacing. UPGRADES: STRENGTH UPGRADES: ‘Double Layer’ (DL) Roping or Cutting Upgrade • The stress points for Roping (back of fork and fork/bar joint) or Cutting (thinner, close-contact bars) are reinforced with an additional layer of fiberglass underneath the fiberglass or rawhide covering. ‘Premium’ Strength Upgrade • ‘+’ One additional 4” screw in each joint • ‘++’ Two additional screws in fork joints, one in cantle joints Additional-Fiberglass Covering

• Full Glass – Tree covered with an additional layer of fiberglass • ½ Glass – Additional layer of fiberglass applied to front half of tree

COSMETIC UPGRADES: Rawhide Covering Upgrades • ‘CVG’: Hide is stitched with deerhide lacing. Stitches are more closely spaced and pounded smooth. • ‘HIST’: Includes ‘CVG’ Upgrade;

covering is applied using period fasteners and techniques resulting in as ‘historically accurate’ a tree as possible. Fiberglass Covering Upgrade • ‘SL’ (‘Slick Finish’): • Production fiberglass/resin covering is hand- sanded, then an additional coat of resin is applied for a smooth, slick finish.

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