Steele Saddle Tree Catalog 2023


Give us a call! at 615-792-7171. Or email us at with any questions.

Initial orders are best worked out with a phone call due to the sheer volume of styles, fits and other variables associated with our product lines. Email can be utilized to send photos or links which show the styles you are interested in and those we have available. Once your needs are determined and a working relationship established, you can easily re-order by phone, fax, mail, or email. HELP WITH TREE DESIGNATIONS The following is for those interested in how our tree designations work. Sample Tree Designation: 9716 NE 16” #23 FG



Bar Designation

Seat Length


Covering Type



NE 16”

#23 FG

The designation breaks down as follows: 97

= Fork/swell/pommel (the 97 being a Bowman roper)


= Cantle (the 16 being a 4 x 12.5” oval)

NE = Bar, also identifying the ‘Fit’, in this case our straighter-back Quarter horse 16” = Seat length #23 = Horn (the #23 being our standard post roper) FG = Covering (‘FG’ indicating ‘fiberglass covered’)

The tree designation identifies every component of your tree. It is used for scheduling orders and to identify trees on packing lists and invoices. Using the same designation when reordering will guarantee you the exact same tree every time, even years into the future.

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