Steele Saddle Tree Catalog 2023

Our History

George Steel, great-great-great grandfather of the generation currently operating Steele Saddle Tree Company, went through his apprenticeship making saddle trees in England during the 1840’s, after which he built saddle trees there for a number of years. He came to this country on business several times, and finally immigrated with his family in 1856. After spending some time in New York and Pennsylvania, he settled in what would become Goodlettsville, Tennessee and went into business building wagons. In 1859, after raising sufficient capital, he moved to Nashville and started a saddle tree factory. He did a thriving business and employed over sixty men prior to the Civil War. During the war he built trees for the Confederate Cavalry. When Nashville was captured his entire operation was confiscated and all his machinery was shipped north. He was then thrown out of the country because, as a British subject having not yet acquired American citizenship, he could only be deported for supplying the Confederacy. After the war, he returned and went back into the saddle tree business on the same property in Nashville. Except for a few temporary shutdowns due to being destroyed once by war, once by tornado, twice by fire and once by the advent of the automobile, this business has been around for over 160 years and six generations.

1343 SADDLE TREE ROAD • ASHLAND CITY, TN 37015 • Office: 615-792-7171 • F ax : 615-657-4921 • email :

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