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A TRIBUTE TO THE WOMEN WHO’VE SACRIFICED SO MUCH All my life, I’ve had a huge amount of respect for mothers, and I give ample to ensure that our kids and I have the life we’ve dreamed of. While her ability to forge unforgettable bonds with our kids mirrors IN HONOR OF MOTHER’S DAY

credit to my own mom, Regina, for laying the groundwork of my life. My mother has always been a constant and guiding presence. She cheered me on daily. She sacrificed a significant portion of her day to get me to a school near my father’s house so I could get a good education and maintain a relationship with him. She taught me to dance. She taught me how to relate to and communicate with girls. She taught me how to be sensitive to others, how to be tough when I was sad, and the importance of being kind even when I felt angry. As a registered nurse, she inspired my interest in the medical world by recounting tales of her experiences working in the operating room. My mom is special to me; we share a bond like no other in my life. Another mother who holds a significant place in my heart is my grandmother. I was reminded of her recently during a trip my family and I took to Disney World. As I rode on all the amazing rides and roller coasters with my own kids, I remembered standing in line with grandma years ago, waiting for a turn on these same rides. This was before the days of the Fastpass, so she would wait in line with us for hours! While we waited, I remember seeing signs everywhere warning, “If you have back issues, don’t ride this ride.” But although my grandmother did have problems with her back, that didn’t stop her from riding every single roller coaster with us! I couldn’t talk about my respect for mothers without talking about Casey and all the hard work and sacrifices she has made

my mom’s and grandmother’s, Casey’s approach to motherhood is different by virtue of the fact that she also works full time as a physician. While she has a lot to balance, she still manages to make time for her patients at work and her family at home. In my experience, mothers often struggle more than fathers (and are perhaps judged more harshly by others in society) when it comes to maintaining their career while simultaneously being a present mother. But Casey works hard to excel at both roles in her life, and in the moments when her work at the hospital causes her to miss something at home, our kids understand. They know that when she is caught up at work, it’s usually because she’s literally saving someone’s life. While I know it’s been a challenge for her — and that she feels the “HAVING SEEN ALL THE SACRIFICES THE WOMEN IN MY LIFE HAVE MADE AND CONTINUE TO MAKE, I WANT TO EMPOWER THESE MOMS TO CONSIDER MAKING A POSITIVE CHANGE FOR THEMSELVES.”

My respect for all these women in my family plays a major role in how I gravitate toward those of my patients who are also moms and who are finally considering doing something nice for themselves. Having seen all the sacrifices that the women in my life have made and continue to make, I want to empower these moms to consider making a positive change for themselves. So many of them feel guilty for even considering surgery as an option, but in reality, helping them raise their level of confidence causes a sort of ripple effect, benefiting their relationships with their families. I had a patient just the other day tell me that she never imagined the amount of fun she could have with her daughter at the pool when she wasn’t concerned about the way she looked in a swimsuit. She and her daughter played for hours! In the end, I want to do anything I can to help the women out there who constantly put their own needs on the back burner. It doesn’t matter if they are working moms or stay-at-home moms; they sacrifice so much. To all the amazing mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

tug and pull of guilt that a lot of working women have — she is an absolutely amazing mother. In fact, my kids constantly tease me that they love her more than they love me.

–Dr. Mike

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