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August 2019

The Value of Education

Summer is coming to an end, and kids will be heading back to school soon. It’s a yearly tradition many kids don’t look forward to, but there’s no denying the importance of a good education. That’s something my sister, Norma, and I believe. When you grow up in a family of teachers, going to school and getting an education means that much more. Our mother was a teacher, and most of our aunts were teachers. Norma also has a background in education. Our father, although not a teacher, always stressed the importance of excelling in school. When we came home with straight A’s on our report cards, he’d carry them in his wallet and post copies in his office for weeks, even months, to show them off to everyone. Seeing the excitement on our dad’s face when we got straight A’s was one of the reasons we pushed so hard as students. He wanted to tell the world how good we were doing in school, whether we were in grade school, college, or law school. So, when it came to living under our parents’ roof, if the grade wasn’t an A, it needed explanation. It didn’t matter if it was a B; we still had to sit down and talk about it. We looked at what we could do differently to raise our scores and would outline concepts/topics we needed more help with. It was collaboration — we worked together to improve. Our parents were both scholars in their own right. They were dedicated to learning, and they passed that ideal down to us. They taught us the value of education. They were always there to make sure we understood a concept, whether it be math, science, or Bible study after church. If we didn’t understand

something, they would walk us through it step by step.

These educational sessions are all about answering questions. They are also about bringing families together. Just as estate planning isn’t the easiest subject to understand, it’s also not the easiest subject to talk about, especially with family. At the end of the day, we encourage our clients to keep learning and reading as well, especially when it comes to their future plans. We’re always here to serve as educators and to help our clients and their families prepare for the next chapter.

Today, Norma and I consider ourselves committed lifelong learners (and readers). It’s a passion we share with our clients and one of the reasons we hold seminars for our clients, their families, and the community. We can’t stress enough the importance of estate planning, but we know it’s not the easiest thing to understand. It’s also why we teach special courses for our clients based on the estate plans they have outlined. We held one recently with a client and their family. We went over the plan to put everyone on the same page. The family now understands why things are done the way they are, and they know what will happen with the estate in the event of the client’s death.

-Melanie Lee

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