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July 2019

25 Years in Dentistry

Occasionally, we have the opportunity to slow down and reflect on certain benchmarks in our life. As I celebrate 25 years in dentistry, I’m doing just that. As tradition goes, the 25th anniversary is symbolized by silver, the 30th by pearl, the 45th by sapphire, and the 50th by gold. These may typically apply to wedding anniversaries, but on the eve of my 25th year of being a dentist, I can say I’ve earned my metal. Truly, though, there is something special in the tradition of connecting benchmarks to specific jewels or metals. Twenty-five years is marked by a malleable metal that also boasts the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal. Like silver, I have strived to be a conduit for the education and training I have received. I’ve aimed to be malleable and adaptable as technology has changed and practices evolved. Also like silver, 25 years is a transition point. I have learned a lot, built my career over this period, and am excited to continue to grow both my practice and skills in the next 25 years. For me, the decision to become a dentist was a calling. I’m so appreciative for the education I received and the ability to use it every day in my practice. I’m honored by our loyal patients and their families who continue to turn to Nagy Family Dental Group for their dental needs. Thank you for allowing me to pursue my passion and make this a successful career.


as a dental practice. We’ve come so far. Since my early days, I have felt enthusiastic about my passion, enough so to give back to my community with projects like our free day of dental care and our free dental clinic. The last 25 years have been an incredible journey working toward a goal. There’s a reason why we’re doing what we do; there’s a reason we have a dental office. My calling has evolved into an understanding of how to use my knowledge and skills for a bigger purpose. Looking to the future, part of what I understand now is that what we choose to do is intricately connected to what will become the legacy of Nagy Family Dental Group. We are a practice that believes in connecting to and supporting our community, which includes both delivering excellent dental care and providing for those who cannot afford it. Looking back on my mindset as a newly graduated dentist, I was optimistic, hopeful, and eager. Now, I have deep gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work, perseverance, and resilience we’ve endured as a practice. I think you need to have that experience to truly appreciate what you’ve accomplished. Twenty-five years is a mark of what we’ve done as Nagy Family Dental Group and a glimpse at what we can accomplish in the future. That’s an exciting thought.

On this anniversary, I’m very aware of how we’ve moved forward in our abilities and how we’re increasing the impact we have

-Dr. Nagy

All I know for sure is I’m halfway to gold.


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