Sampl e I t i nerar y Day 1 : Tr ave l and a r r i va l i n I nd i a Your adventure begins as you depart for India via overnight flight. Get ready to change the world! Da y 2 : A r r i v e i n Ud a i p u r Transfer to your accommodations near a WE Villages community in Rajasthan state. Our accommodations are approximately two hours from Udaipur Airport. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and the fantastic views of the Aravalli Mountain Range during the drive! Da y 4 - o nwa r d s : E x p l o r e I n d i a Highl ights include: Morning yoga: Start each day with a sunrise yoga session. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that emerged in India thousands of years ago. It allows people to focus on their physical and mental well- being. Take on the day feeling energized, refreshed and calm. Community orientation: One of the most exciting moments of your trip may be the first time you visit the community where you’ll be volunteering throughout your time in India. Your facilitators will

lead you on a tour of the development projects in the community. Be welcomed by local community members and learn more about India’s culture and traditions, joys and daily challenges. For the next several days, you won’t just be a visitor in the community—you’ll be part of a family as you work together toward shared goals. Building 101: Make the most of your volunteering time in the community by taking part in a mandatory one-hour project building safety workshop. Volunteer project: Depending on the community, day and time, your volunteering could be a variety of different activities—you could be laying bricks that will become a school, digging wells that will provide clean water, or working on constructing local Anganwadis that will help provide health services to the local community. You’ll see the real results of your work as you volunteer alongside community members on WE Villages development projects— your work will have an impact that will last for generations to come! Evening discussion: In the evenings, learn more about WE Charity’s holistic and sustainable community development model, WE Villages.


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