Safety overview: our #1 priority ME to WE has been facilitating volunteer trips overseas since 2002. Since then, we have taken more than 6,500 youth to Africa, Asia, South America, Central America and North America without major incident. We take serious measures and precautions to ensure your child’s safety from the moment they approach you about going on a ME to WE Trip to the moment they return home. ► ► ME to WE Trips abide by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs travel advisories and monitors these updates prior to and during travel. ► ► Canadian and American participants are registered with their respective embassies before departure to ensure accountability in case of emergency. For all other nationalities, ME to WE strongly recommends participants register with their embassy prior to travel. ► ► Copies of all passports, medical and travel insurance, and emergency contact information are collected well in advance of the trip. ► ► Our extensive facilitator training program includes emergency evacuation protocols, standard operating procedures, and crisis prevention and risk In India, our safety measures include: Pre-trip

management. All facilitators are trained in first aid. ► ► Emergency communication is available 24 hours a day between our Country Team and our Toronto office. During trip ► ► All accommodations have 24-hour security systems and participants are given an orientation to know where to find resources. ► ► All transportation is run by our trusted transportation providers and all travel within India occurs under the guidance of our team. ME to WE Trips do not utilize any public transportation in India. ► ► ME to WE Trips travel with a local ME to WE staff member fluent in the local language and familiar with all locations of ME to WE programming. ► ► Purified water is available at all times and all food is prepared by cooks who are trained in proper food preparation. ► ► During all building activities, participants are given thorough instructions on the use of equipment and wear protective gear at all times. ► ► Local hospitals with Western medical standards are available and prepared to handle any minor or major medical situations. ► ► Click here for more information on ME to WE’s safety procedures.


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