Visiting a travel doctor As you prepare for your ME to WE experience, we recommend that you visit a travel doctor. At ME to WE, we cannot provide advice on specific medications or vaccinations you may need for your trip. The advice given to you by a travel doctor will depend on your past medical history, and will ultimately be a family decision. We suggest going to visit a travel doctor two to six months before you depart on your adventure. When you visit the travel doctor, you can let them know: ► ► You will be spending time in the Rajsamand district, approximately 2.5 hours from Udaipur ► ► Please note that you will not be interacting with animals on your trip, but you may see animals in the communities you are working in.

youth immerse themselves fully in programming and the adventure they are having.

Within 24 hours of arrival, travelers will have an opportunity to contact parents or guardians back home by email to let them know they have arrived safely. Please note that although we strongly encourage travelers to send an email home, some choose not to. If you would like an email, please let your traveler know. From then on, the trip coordinator will send an update to all listed emergency contacts approximately every three to four days of the trip outlining what the group has been doing. Facilitators will carry an emergency cellphone at all times to be used in the event of an emergency and will be in daily communication with our team in India. Remember, no news is good news! In the event of an emergency in-country, parents or guardians will be contacted immediately by phone. We therefore ask that you ensure that if the phone numbers of the emergency contacts listed on the Trips Portal are up-to-date. If they have changed, please contact your trip coordinator as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency at home please contact ME to WE’s emergency phone at 1.416.526.8450. If you have any general questions about the trip, please contact your trip coordinator.

Communication while traveling

Once the group arrives, there will be limited access to phones and the Internet for the duration of the trip. Apart from there being very limited cell service in the areas we work in, we truly believe in having


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