ME to WE Tr i p rul es ME to WE has a set of rules that will apply to all youth, adults and staff while you are traveling with us. Breaking these rules could result in a traveler’s removal from the trip at their own expense or that of their parent/guardians. 1. There is no alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substances allowed on the trip. This includes any drug or alcohol paraphernalia, regardless of the age of the traveler. 2. There is no sexual activity or romantic relationships allowed on the trip and all accommodations are separated based on gender. 3. Only respectful and positive relationships are allowed. All travelers must show respect for themselves, their educators, staff, the community and the general public. There is no tolerance for discrimination, violence or inappropriate language use while on a ME to WE Trip. ME to WE po l i c i es There are a few policies that we ask travelers to commit to in order to ensure we are preserving the relationships we have with our communities and making this trip as impactful as possible. Photo policy This policy exists to preserve the positive relationships we have with our partner communities.

We want to ensure that the photos we take are not exploitative, and that we are taking photos of solutions—not problems—to share with friends and family. We ask that photos are only taken of people with whom we have built a relationship, after obtaining their permission. We will never take photos of people we see while driving or walking by. We can assure you that there will be plenty of opportunities for you to take photos and highlight key moments on your trip. The trip facilitators will let the group know when it’s appropriate to take a photo. Gift-giving policy WE has worked for many years to create strong partnerships with the communities we work with. The WE Villages program works toward sustainable development and empowering people and communities to support themselves. This means that the work we do is in solidarity with our communities, not an act of charity. Because of this, we ask that participants do not bring gifts from home to give local children or families. This includes anything and everything from a soccer ball to school supplies to the sunglasses on your face. Remember that you’re already contributing so much just by being in the community volunteering. A friendly wave, a smile or a hello in the local language is the most important gift you can give.


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