Ruling the World - Student Workbook


Tool Number 1: The Binder



Poor Scattered Sara, always searching for assignments, homework and handouts! She’s decided that it’s time to get her binder organized. For

obvious reasons, the file-cabinet approach wasn’t practical. After visiting the Middle School Tool Shed, Sara designed a binder system that’s easy to use and lets her store, organize and retrieve her papers quickly. In this chapter, Sara shares the secret of her Goof- Proof Binder System with you.

Sara’s Goof-Proof Binder System PRODUCT PREVIEW

“OK everybody, listen up! In middle school it’s important to have an organized binder. An organized binder helps you keep papers filed in the right place, so they won’t get lost. It also helps you find important information fast, like class schedules, study guides and reading lists. Believe me, having an organized binder makes middle school life a lot easier! “Most teachers let students decide for themselves what

kind of binders to use and how to organize them. But some schools or teachers have specific rules about binders. So, if your teacher gives you instructions for organizing a class binder, follow them carefully!”



The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World!

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