Ruling the World - Student Workbook


Let’s Practice Middle School Work Management and Organizational Skills! The Goof-Proof Binder

4. Always use plastic sheet protectors to preserve and protect important papers and class handouts, such as: a. class schedules, reading lists and supply lists. b. rubrics, grading policies and grade logs. c. any paper or handout you may need to refer to for any extended period of time. d. all of the above 5. Always keep papers, handouts and homework separated by: a. day. b. alphabetical order. c. class. d. none of the above. 6. Which of these sandwiches is most frequently found squished and moldy at the bottom of a middle school locker? a. bologna b. cheese c. peanut better and jelly d. I won’t answer such a silly question!

1. An organized binder is important because it helps you: a. keep papers filed in the right place, so they won’t get lost. b. find important information fast. c. store, organize and retrieve papers, homework and handouts quickly. d. all of the above.


2. A notebook style binder:

a. has a large capacity to hold materials for more than one class. b. closes with a zipper or Velcro. c. has a water resistant exterior. d. all of the above.

3. Your science teacher has given the class instructions for organizing their science binders. You: a. ignore her directions and organize your science binder the way you want. b. tell her that you have a better, goof- proof method. c. carefully follow your science teacher’s instructions. d. none of the above.


The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World!

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