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MRG Retained Recruitment Solutions for 2018

Reach, Engage, Select, On-Board

Why MRG?


We have one foot in the traditional Search market and one foot in the digital market. In some ways you cannot reinvent Search. It is what it is. But the market has changed so much that unless you approach Search with a 2018 digital solution you are only doing half the job.

Our solution is: • Reach – talking to a wide digital audience • Engage – creating dramatic and compelling propositions that stand out and ensuring the candidate journey engages from start to finish. • Select – we use bespoke 2018 selection methodologies to make sure the search is joined up and produces the best solutions every time • On-board – the journey is not finished at offer and we recognise this. we have a tried and tested MRG process to smooth the hurdles.



Reach Engage Select On-board




The markets have changed. Identifying the right candidate is no longer about simply mapping the like for like competition and making an approach. Supply chains and markets are more complex and the right candidate may not be in a visible role. They may be in a complementary role and need a different approach to find them. A complex and deep social media strategy is a key part of every campaign we do.

To make it work you need Digital Reach.


Candidates consume a mass of bite sized information in a different way, on the phone on the train, via email, twitter, news feeds. We have invested £1,000’s in our social network. We have 40k relevant candidates on our system, we have 100,000 contacts on LinkedIn, we use twitter and share news feeds. We pay to know when you update your LI preferences. We monitor email actions and opens and can modify our responses.



Flippingbook Online Publications

Website Views Google Analytics

4,000 followers UK Housebuilding Group 4,900 PQS Group 300 Facilities Management Group 12,000

136 Live Campaigns 31,000 Views (Yoy)

487, 920 page views (Yoy) 3 Minute average session time 32,500 users Vacancies posted (to date) 1,500



Bullhorn CRM

Mailchimp Marketing Campaigns

827 Followers 6,400 Tweets 8,800 Page Views

54,000 Records

200 Campaigns to date 70,000 emails sent 50% Average open rate (21% industry average) 6% Average click rate (2.2% industry average)




Where there was one, there are now 20!

Contact points

Your opportunity may be important to you but it will be one of many that candidates digest every day. It needs to be showcased and we are experts at doing that. Our Fliping Books campaigns are market leading. The track record speaks for itself. Stats and testimonials can be found on the opposite page.

We don’t employ researchers do make approach calls. Our experienced hires do it. All interviews (when we show case your opportunity face to face) are done by our experienced team to leave nothing to chance. The candidate journey needs to be exceptional at every touch point as it reflects on your brand as an employer, you as a hiring manager and the attractiveness of your role. We encourage informal beginnings, site tours, fireside chats, business case information, pre and post formal processes as part of the engagement journey.



Our digital candidate information packs are an industry leading product we offer our clients. Rather than sending bulky pdf’s or email attachments, our packs are hosted online and can be viewed and opened anywhere, instantly, on any device. We work with your branding to provide professional documents, with custom design they are more of a website than a file. They set your role apart from the competition, instantly add weight, credibility, and gravitas to any approach or application, helping us to fully engage with candidates. You also have the flexibility that you can share it in any way you want: send by email, embed it to your website and post to social media. Our interactive packs are viewed with a smooth page flip effect, comfortable in-document navigation and customisable design.

All of these features work without the need for any special software.

Capital Projects Manager

Head of Technical

Deputy Director, Sustainability

Technical Services Manager

University College London

Student Roost

University of Leeds

University of London


Bids & Civil Jo Beer - Director of Finance and Operations, The King's School.

“I engaged MRG to support with the recruitment of a senior position in my management team. After reviewing the recruitment approach, it was a straightforward decision for me to select them as our retained recruitment partner. David Craven invested time to gain a deep understanding of our organisation, our strategy and our culture, this coupled with their expertise in the FM space made it clear from the beginning that they would be trusted advisors. I would have no hesitation in selecting MRG for future recruitment, their approach was absolutely tailored to what was right for King’s Chester and it was a pleasure to work with the team”. Estates, Real estate Richard Buchanan, CBRE. “David listened and was more attentive than other recruiters I’d tried. Was very professional but with a friendly touch and good knowledge of the Project Management market”. Real Estate Chief Financial Officer, Real Estate Advisory “Harpreet is very focused on finding the right person for a role, as he takes the time to both understand the role he is recruiting for, and the culture of the recruiting company. I would certainly recommend Harpreet for the recruitment of key staff”. Estates and FM Denise Regan - Assistant Bursar, Epsom College. “Epsom College appointed Hayley Mintern of the Management Recruitment Group to assist with the recruitment of an Estate Manager. Her knowledge of the sector was excellent and Hayley’s proactive and professional approach ensured a strong field of applicants and a successful appoint- ment. The College subsequently appointed MRG again to assist the appointment of a Commercial and Lettings Manager. Again, their knowledge, expertise and professionalism led to a successful appointment”. Construction Raymond Acton - Operations Manager, Morgan Sindall. “I have found David to be totally professional and fully understanding of the requirements for identifying suitable candidates that fit the roles advertised. Constant updates and reviews are maintained and follow up communication is applied ensuring the successful candidates are still suitable. I have no hesitation in using David in the future to address my recruitment require- ments”. Project and cost Sue Archer BSc (Hons) MRICS - Director, Gleeds Management Services Ltd. “Melanie has a fantastic knowledge of the Project Management sector which gives her an edge in comparison to others in her field. She has developed a good grasp of the type of individuals we require that are not only suited to our business but also the clients that we work with. A very cred- ible consultant and one I would confidently recommend to others”.




Its 2018 and the world is a complex place in terms of process, legislation and skills testing. You need a system to help guide you to the right decisions and help you manage the process. We use the MRG Weighted Matching matrix to achieve this. its our design and its brilliant and its 2018. We will conduct competency interviews against the matrix

We recommend a 3 stage process that works Stage 1 – an Initial 121 meeting to test culture fit and pitch the opportunity Stage 2 - A technical and business assessment with all stakeholders Stage 3 – fireside chat and offer discussion. We also administer Psych and Intelligence testing and referencing.


Matching Matrix



We utilise Thomas International for all our psychometric and intelligence testing.

We utilise Thomas International for all our psychometric and Intelligence pro and the development industry, having been at the forefront of assessment in

We can offer the full range of assessments, however we usually recommend understand the candidates working behaviours, their strengths, limitations, c

Included in the cost, we would carry out Job Analysis questionnaire, where y applicants so we would pinpoint the qualities and experience which you desi

From this we produce the ideal candidate profile for the specific role which y assessor compares the individual candidate profiles against the ideal and pro

We would carry out the PPA assessments after the shortlisting and before yo assessment.


ling. Thomas international are the global champions of the people assessment ovation for over 30 years.

he Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) which is a psychometric assessment to better mmunication & leadership style.

u as the employer would fill out an assessment along similar lines to the e, and just as importantly, those that don’t.

u are recruiting. Then, utilising specialist software, our trained and licensed ides insight and analysis which you can then utilise during interviews.

r face to face interviews, keeping costs to a minimum. The cost is £250 per




Its 2018 and making an offer is no longer good enough to secure the right candidate.

We have a system that works;

• Offer discussion with the Recruitment Lead at MRG, then with the hiring manager • Congratulations emails and texts from the hiring executive

• Team lunch

• Offer, resignation and counter offer coaching 121 as standard.

• 1 month in lunch.


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