Voltea's CapDI Chosen to Purify Water at CoffeeHouse

Voltea’s CapDI © Technology Chosen to Purify Water for CBD-Infused Beverages at Houston, TX Coffeehouse December 17, 2020 - Dallas, TX - Voltea, the global leader in salt-free Membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI © ) electro-desalination technology, in partnership with the team at Culligan of Houston, recently commissioned a DiUse © CapDI System at the newly opened Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse in Houston, TX (amsterdamco.us). As a part of our CapDI technology distribution team, Culligan of Houston (houstonculligan.com) installed this DiUse System to purify municipal feed water for the coffee shop to ensure their customers the highest quality beverages on the market. AMSTERDAM CO. COFFEEHOUSE – PIONEERS What’s unique about Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse is not only their high-quality CapDI purified beverages, but also that they serve Cannabidiol (CBD)-infused options as a part of their drink menu. Amsterdam Co. provides a variety of CBD products to their customers, from chapstick and additives to edibles and flower, all infused with some of the highest quality CBD available.

Co-owners of Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse, Michael Migl and Drew Bailey, brainstormed business ideas from their time spent abroad in Amsterdam. With CBD being declared legal in the state of Texas in June of 2019, they jumped at the chance to enter into the newly created Texas market and officially opened Amsterdam Co. on September 21, 2020.

“We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers that was curated around the highest quality CBD products available. We also know how important water quality is to making beverages, so we chose a water treatment system that would provide top-quality drinks to our customers as well.” – Michael Migl, Co-owner at Amsterdam Co. Educating their customers about CBD and its effects is also extremely important to the partners. Migl continued, “Providing the best quality beverages and products gets people in the door, but while they’re here, they also get to learn about our products and why CBD has become such a staple in the health and wellness industry”. Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse, located in Houston, TX

VOLTEA’S CAPDI FOR HIGH-QUALITY BEVERAGES Voltea launched their first ever point-of-use CapDI water purification system in late 2017 specifically for the Hotel/Restaurant/Café (HoReCa) industry. Since then, numerous DiUse Systems have been commissioned in the industry, purifying water all over the world to allow for the best cup of coffee, every pour.

Voltea’s DiUse System operates with zero salt required and does so at a higher efficiency with little to no maintenance demands compared to conventional desalination technologies. The technology inside Voltea’s DiUse System, CapDI, is tunable, which is a special feature that no other desal technology provides. With conventional water treatment systems like reverse osmosis (RO), in many cases, most salts and minerals are completely removed only for the beneficial minerals to be added back in via remineralization. The use of Voltea’s CapDI technology eliminates this additional remineralization step, allowing for a more efficient process without the addition of soft salts as with water softeners.

Voltea’s PoU DiUse System with CapDI Technology

The tunability feature of CapDI allows the customer to decide their mineral and salt removal level based on their application and needs. CapDI then automatically adjusts based on natural variations in incoming feed water salinity to ensure customers get a stable and consistent purified water quality.


According to the Specialty Coffee Association, general and carbonate hardness levels in water can greatly impact the flavor of brewed coffee. The adjacent graph provides a range of mineral levels where coffee is known to have the best flavor, called the “Ideal Brew Zone”. 1 Since over 98% of coffee is actually water, professional baristas and coffee aficionados around the world are familiar with these standards and recognize how important water quality is to produce the very best coffee beverages.

COFFEEHOUSE PARTNERSHIP While Voltea has several DiUse System installations purifying water for the HoReCa industry globally, this is the first that is also in the cannabis industry.

“The team at Voltea works tirelessly to ensure our customers the best possible salt-free, chemical-free desalination technology on the market today. The entry of CapDI into the cannabis industry through the HoReCa application is monumental to the high- quality standards set by the folks at Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse. We are excited to work with these innovative entrepreneurs who push the boundaries of their industry by bringing in new technology and products. We can’t thank the Culligan of Houston team enough for their continued partnership on the distribution of our cutting-edge CapDI technology!” – Greg Bohannon, Chief Commercial Officer at Voltea.

Voltea visits Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse

ABOUT VOLTEA Voltea has been delivering electro-desalination water treatment equipment to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers since 2008. Voltea’s CapDI © Systems remove dissolved salts from water using electricity with less environmental cost than any other available technology. Voltea was named Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year at the 2018 Global Water Summit in Paris. Previously, the company was recognized as one of the 21 Technology Pioneers 2013 at the World Economic Forum, listed in the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 and won the best new technology award at the 2010 Global Water Summit.

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1 Graph provided by Specialty Coffee Association Water Guidelines (sca.coffee) 2017

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