2020 NCWM Newsletter, Issue #1

Outreach to stakeholders is something which should be done on an ongoing basis. There are two parts to this plan: proactive and reactive outreach. NCWM should be proactive in seeking out industries and areas that are touched by weights and measures who are unfamiliar with the Conference. There should also be more proactive engagement with those who are familiar with NCWM but need to be reminded of the benefits both parties can provide for one another. Both proactive approaches can be incorporated into a marketing plan, as mentioned in my theme. The reactive approach addresses those areas where an agenda item affects a particular industry. The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Office of Weights and Measures (OWM) has been doing this, but having both of us go to these industries can only increase the effectiveness and stress the importance of them being engaged in the process. A marketing plan to jurisdictions could also encourage increased growth and participation. Additional ideas for jurisdictional outreach include offering a recognition program for those who have 100% membership rates within their organization and publicizing NCWM meetings to weights and measures officials in those areas. We are also suggesting a component of supporting rulemaking in states for membership in order to tout the benefits. NCWM has been approached by industry to investigate the potential to add more devices to NTEP testing. Two of these device types are medical scales and THC analysis instruments. The scale industry has asked that medical scales be included since there is already a scale code in Handbook 44 and the United States is one of the few countries that does not have standards for these devices. A company that manufactures a portable THC testing NTEP device has inquired what it would take to get their devices certified. Currently, there is no code in the handbook which would apply and therefore, we would need to start with an agenda item for the body to decide whether to proceed down that path. Expanding the scope of the Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP) will take additional communication with industry and regulators. NCWM will start that conversation to see where it leads. Currently, it would seem this may be a difficult task since only weighing devices are subject to influence factor testing, which is what VCAP looks at. One very contentious item is exploring the possibility of copyrighting and publishing Handbooks 44, 130, and 133. Benefits of this would be the Conference having responsibly over the entire process of its mission, Ensuring Equity and Uniform Standards in a Changing

Marketplace. This might also increase recognition and promote NCWM. The Conference recognizes this would be a major undertaking, would affect all jurisdictions, and all implications would need to be explored and examined. As we develop the actual “plans” of the strategic plan, I expect this will not be at the top of the priority list. Supporting the professional growth of our community might just be the most important outcome. This is where we have the ability to share our knowledge with others. NCWM is laying out plans to expand the Professional Certification Program. This will require many subject matter experts to come up with good questions for the exams. We also would like to start providing NTEP training so that officials will better understand the program requirements and be able to interpret NTEP certificates. Additional training opportunities will also be investigated in hopes that we may fill any needed gaps. Finally, we will look to improve efficiencies within the overall standards development process. Many suggestions were made by the Charter Team and several of those recommendations have been implemented. The Board of Directors has put a hold on adopting any further recommendations as not to make too many changes too fast. Additionally, we are looking at assuming responsibility for drafting and finalizing committee reports. Regardless of whether or not we implement this, there are definitely efficiencies that can be found in this process. All the information above was presented at the Interim Meeting where the Board of Directors acquired input and feedback frommembers. That feedback will be considered in our next steps of creating plans for implementation. We will involve our NIST partners as we move forward with the development of these plans. I am excited to see us grow in many ways and to be able to more effectively share our knowledge with more people. I invite you to attend the 105 th NCWM Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington, July 12 - 16, 2020 at the Hotel Murano. Tacoma is on the banks of the Puget Sound and offers many art and history museums in addition to having a variety of great restaurants. Thank you to all who volunteer and contribute to the mission of NCWM! I look forward to seeing you in Tacoma this July.

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2020 Issue 1

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