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Is Your Lack of BALANCE Setting You Up for INJURY?

3. Changes in eyesight 4. Diminishing reflexes 5. Previous injuries to ankle, knee, hip or spinal joints Can You Do This? • Stand next to a counter, sink or chair barefoot with your hand gently grasping the counter surface. • Put one foot directly in front of the other, so that one heel is touching the opposite toes. • Gently lift your hand up, but keep it close to the counter in case you need to grab it quickly. Try to hold this for 10 seconds (only do this if you feel safe or have someone nearby to help you). • Now try it with your eyes closed. Do you wobble a lot or even lose your balance? If your answer is “yes,” your balance needs work! Give us a call today to see how we can help!

How is your balance? Have you checked it lately? Poor balance and coordination is the number one cause of trips, falls, and injuries. It even greatly affects back pain and posture. You don’t have to be old to have non-optimum balance. In fact, a majority of sports injuries are attributed to not having the right balance reflexes needed to adapt to the surface, causing sprains, strains and other injuries. Our balance and vestibular system gives us the ability to walk on two legs, run and be active. Our balance and vestibular system develops as we grow from a baby all the way through adulthood, and then begins to decline. Most people don’t know their balance is not optimum until they suffer a sports injury, trip and fall, or lose their balance in the shower. No matter what your age, balance affects your ability to be active. 5 Reasons for Our Decline in Balance: 1. Changes in our vestibular system 2. Changes in muscle mass, flexibility and strength

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