6 Benefits Of Good Posture, Poor Posture & Back Pain

How Poor Posture Contributes To Back Pain

Does your head jut forward? Is your head tilted to one side or the other? Are the spaces between your arms and sides unequal? Is one shoulder lower then the other? Are your shoulders drooped forward or pulled back? Is one hip higher then the other? Do either of your knees turn in or out? Do your ankles roll in so that your weight is on the inside of your feet? Is your chest sunken-in and your upper back rounded? Do you suffer from back or neck pain? If you experience any of the following call Mid-Michigan Physical Therapy Specialists to improve your posture today!

When your spine is not in proper alignment, the muscles, ligaments and joints are all under excessive strain, causing most episodes of back pain. The lower back supports most of the weight of the body and therefore is the most vulnerable to the effects of poor posture. Discs, which provide support between the spinal bones (vertebrae), are also affected from poor posture. However, with good posture, the spine is in proper alignment and the shock absorbing discs are not as subject to injury. Often with poor posture, the spine will become fixed in an abnormal position. This leads to the constriction of blood vessels and nerves over time. Furthermore, this causes problems with the joints, discs and muscles. It is important to take care of your spine. Good posture eliminates many of the health problems that can develop when the spine has

an unhealthy posture. Since you performmany different movements and positions throughout the day (sitting, standing, bending, stooping, lying down, etc.) it is important to learn how to keep correct posture. Maintaining good posture during the day results in less back pain. When you correct bad posture habits, the new and improved movements tend to become more automatic and require very little effort tomaintain. At Mid-Michigan Physical Therapy Specialists we train you on the best way to attain and hold your posture throughout the day. We help you relieve your back pain quickly while improving your posture for maximum, long term results! Discover how our therapists can improve your posture and relieve your back or neck pain, allowing you to live a happy, active and pain-free life.


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