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Why Both Kids and Adults Need a Coach to Grow

The fall season is always an exciting time of year for sports fans. While I’m most looking forward to watching Atlanta United compete in the MLS Cup Playoffs over the next couple of months, most people across the country are celebrating the official kickoff of the 2019 college football season. I’ve always been a fan of playing and watching sports of all kinds, but to me, building a relationship with one’s coach is one of the most special aspects of being on a sports team. Every athlete, whether a young child making the softball team for the first time or the highest-scoring NBA player in history, needs a coach in order to truly succeed. Coaches help you see situations from different perspectives. So often, we are too close and too invested in what we’re doing to clearly analyze our abilities and potential. Coaches help with that process. They open our eyes, instill profound knowledge, build confidence, and offer endless support and encouragement. Think about the best sports films you’ve seen; there’s always a passionate, determined, and caring coach at the center. In “Remember the Titans,” Denzel Washington and Will Patton unite a group of players to challenge societal expectations and forge lasting bonds as the first high school football team comprised of both white and African American players. In my other favorite sports film “Hoosiers,” Gene Hackman plays a high school basketball coach to the Hickory Huskers, an underdog team that painstakingly makes it all the way to the championship game despite numerous emotional bumps along the way. The passion, sacrifice, and understanding displayed by the coaches in these films is representative of the coaches we know in real life. Even as adults, we still need coaches like that. In my opinion, the only relationship that comes close to the one shared between coach and athlete is between employer and employee. In fact, at the beginning of the summer, I told my kids they either needed to have a coach or a boss during their break from school. They both chose a coach — no surprise there

— and they’ve played soccer and participated in competitive cheerleading these past few months.

Appreciation for coaches, whether in athletics or the professional world, is a habit Patti and I have tried to model for our son and daughter because we truly believe that mentorship is valuable in life, no matter the circumstance. As adults, it's common to think we have everything figured out and don’t need help, but this might be the time we need a coach the most. Whether it’s someone to help you work through your stress, grow a business, or even teach and motivate you at the gym, everyone can benefit from having a coach. If you don’t have a coach or mentor in your life currently, there’s no time like the present to find one. What have you got to lose?

–Dr. David

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