MindforYou's All About Birds Activity Pack

Apple Bird Feeder

On the below RSPB website, I found a lovely idea for making your own bird feeder.

https://www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/for-kids/games-and-activities/activities/assemble-an-apple- bird-feeder/

You will need:

An apple

A corer

Sunflower seeds

Three relatively thin stick


1. Carefully remove the core from the apple, preferably by using a corer. You may wish to get an adult to help you with this.

2. Push the sunflower seeds into the top half of the apple for the birds to eat.

3. Make perches for your birds by pushing one stick into either side of the apple, near the bottom. Again, if this is too tricky, get an adult to help you. Take care when holding a stick too, particularly if other people are around!

4. Tie the string around the last stick and thread it through the core of the apple.

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