King's Business - 1956-11


As Representative or Field Manager o f

Men, Women, Pastors, Teachers, “ Y ” Workers, Stu­ dents . . . you will make bigger income and find sat­ isfaction calling on leaders and parents not merely as a salesman but as a counselor in the field of Chris­ tian character building. You do no “ cold canvassing.” You sell only from selected leads and you work large­ ly through ministers, educators, Sunday School su­ perintendents and similar sponsors. MUCH MORE THAN “a Set o f Books" As a representative of The BOOK of LIFE you will find that selling these extraordinary volumes is not like usual selling. This is due to the natural reaction of your prospects who see instantly in The BOOK of LIFE a mighty ally in the right guidance and upbringing of boys and girls. Based on the Bible The BOOK of LIFE begins with the little child and step by step reveals the wonders of God’s Word. This graded family Bible Library guides growing young folks easily and naturally into the habit of reading, understanding and loving the Bible.

NEW 24th Edition

NothingLike It-Has k Competition! The BOOK of LIFE is truly a Bible Centered Christian Education Program and is approved and rec­ ommended by leaders in all Protestant denominations. Says one minister, Ralph Eugene Bennett, Roanoke, Virginia, “ I count it an honor to recommend The BOOK of LIFE for use in home and church religious programs. It is so arranged, so printed, so embel­ lished as to instruct, inspire and inform.”

4100 Pages Almost 1000 Illustrations

One Mother writes: "I treasure The BOOK of LIFE among my most useful books . . . has proved invaluable in teaching my children the truths of the Bible . . • has been a great help to me in my own study of God's Word." Sales Representative says, "Frankly, it is the conviction that I am ren­ dering a Christian serv­ ice that enables me suc­ cessfully to sell The BOOK of LIFE. A def­ inite number of inter­ views each day will underwrite your success. Selling The BOOK of LIFE is a ministry." rm

Working with and through ministers like Dr. Bennett many full time salesmen make from $10,000 to $15,000 a year with opportunities of even higher earnings through advancement to position of Field Man­ ager. Part time workers may earn $3,600 a year or more. The new 24th Edition has Deluxe Red (simulated pigskin) binding stamped in 24 carat gold and black and plasticized against scuffing and soiling. This new binding has caught the popular fancy. Another good reason for acting now. NO DELIVERIES TO MAKE! All shipments of The BOOK o f LIFE are made direct to cus­ tomers from our home office. You concentrate your time solely on selling. Beside the many plans and sales aids which you will be supplied, we have an unusual monthly payment Honor Sys­ tem plan which, makes it possible for anyone to buy. If you have had experience in book selling and salesmen management your higher earnings will be realized more quickly but experi­ ence is not necessary. We furnish you with a plan that is a proved success . . . a very effective well-rounded selling pro­ gram. Contents of BOOK of LIFE Volume I: Bible Treasures for Little Folks.

xSome children walk the high road While others tread the low; A mother can determine Which way her child will g o ,"


Generous Earnings—-Regular Bonuses If you meet our standard requirements — men and women of good character possessing sincerity of purpose and enthusiasm — and are selected as our representative, you will receive careful and special train­ ing to which we add our personal help and supervision; also complete sales outfit and sales aids plus plans that have proved successful. Enjoy a business of your own both financially and spiritually rewarding. Apply Now For Your Choice of Territory Grasp this opportunity for true Christian service giving you year round satisfaction and putting high purpose in your life these challenging times. Leading Bible scholars have contributed their best to The BOOK OF LIFE. Travel and research through many years have added to the value and service of these volumes. Archaeologists, exchange professors, missionaries and ministers familiar with Bible lands have done their part. Many others through careful persistent study have contributed richly. Together all these experts have compiled a work unequalled in clarity, power and appeal. It makes the Bible and all the Bible stands for a sure foundation for rich and enduring family life. JOHN RUDIN & CO., INC. Dept. KB11, 1018 So. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, III.

Volume 2: Bible Heroes and Pioneers. Volume 3: Bible Kings and Captains. Volume 4: Bible Prophets and Statesmen. Volume 5: Riches of Bible Poetry. Volume 6: The Life of the Master. Volume 7: Life and Letters of Paul of Tarsus. Volume 8: The Bible In the Home and School, Index, etc.

r ° 0 4 r

JOHN RUDIN & COMPANY, Inc. Dept. KB11, 1018 So. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, III. Gentlemen: Send me full particulars on proved successful sales plan and your new BOOK of LIFE brochure. My present occupation is................. ......................... ............... Name................. ..................................................................... Address....................................... ...................... :...................... City.............................................. Zone...... State.................... Phone Number................................................... ....................... Would like territory..................................................................... (Designate city or state) NOTE: With coupon send letter giving experience, education, etc.

To avoid cutting cover you may use coupon on page 38.

You Can M ake The Difference Tonight as you go to sleep thank God that you have a bed and that your children do not have to sleep in a barn or in a refugee camp. Last winter the Continent of Europe suffered the worst weather of the century. Tens of thousands were made homeless and in certain distressed areas thousands of others were isolated from the outside world and threatened with starvation. A new winter confronts them. Today many of them have not fully recovered from the disaster that struck them. And they face the coming winter with fear and forbod- ing in their hearts.

We need your immediate help. You can make the difference. Yes, you can bring the SUNSHINE 6f God’s love into their SADDENED lives. Stretch out your hand of love across the ocean to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Life will take

From Greece, Germany, Austria and Yugoslavia we have received many heart-rending appeals for help from God’s own children who have gone through much suffering. Added to this we have the plight of Europe’s refu­ gees who live under depressing and dismal circum­ stances. One typical family writes:

Rev. Douglas G. Stewart/ Director

“ As refugees from the Communists* we have lost everything. We are forced to live in a barn. There are eight of us in our fam­ ily. Three sacks filled with straw serve as our beds. We plead with you for help, not for ourselves, but for our children. Your par­ cel was a direct gift from God. May He con­ tinue to supply our daily bread through you.”

on a new meaning for you when you realize that your gift will bring SUNSHINE into hearts that have had so much darkness. Send your gift today. YOU CAN MAKE THE DIF­ FERENCE. Please help God’s people in Europe during this Thanksgiving season.

How can we refuse such an appeal! The best way I know to help these refugees is to send them CARE parcels. CARE parcels are already in European ware­ houses and all that is needed to release them are your gifts. The European Evangelistic Crusade stands ready to translate your Christian love and sympathy into IMMEDIATE aid for these stricken people. In cooperation with the United States Government and the CARE organization. $1.00 will help us send one parcel contain­ ing 20 lbs. of food. $5.00 will help us send 5 packages or 100 lbs. of food. $10.00 will help us send 10 packages or 200 lbs. of food. $100.00 will help us send 100 packages or 2,000 lbs. of food.

Europe's REFUGEE FUND Rev. Douglas G. Stewart, F.R.G.S. European Evangelistic Crusade, Inc. (Member Mission I. F. M . A.) 811 Westview Street, Dept. K Philadelphia 19, Pennsylvania

YES, I want to bring sunshine into the saddened hearts of our Christian brethren. Enclosed is my gift of $ ..................... for CAR E parcels.

N A M E .............................................. A D D R E S S ......................... ,........ ...... C IT Y .................................... STA TE.





THE KING'S BUSINESS A publication of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor S. H. Sutherland, President •

LIPS THAT NEVER SMILED Dear Friends: I want you to excuse me for the letter I’m sending to you. I am a very miser­ able girl because my cruel destiny gave me very bad strokes since I was but a little child. I was only 12 years old when I was affected by T.B. For ten whole years I have been sick in bed suffering bitterly. I have not experi­ enced any joy in my life, and my lips have never smiled. I get awfully dis­ appointed and tears roll down my face whenever I think that there is nobody to care for me. My mother tries so hard to support my 5 younger brothers and sisters. They are not only very poor, but victims of the last earthquake too. Our house was completely destroyed, that is why they are living in a hut now. My sister who could help my mother a little got recently sick too. Please dear friends, don’t close your heart to my appeal and send whatever you want. If I had money to buy the medicine perhaps I would feel better. I’ll be grateful to you all my life. All my hopes are set on you. Yours respectfully, Panayiota Demopoulou Sanitarium Soteria Athens, Greece How can we call ourselves Christians and refuse to put a smile on the lips of this girl ? She certainly needs the Word of God as so many of the other 2,200 patients in this Sanitarium in Greece do. But as the Word of God is given to her, we must also make her feel in a tangi­ ble way our love by providing the need­ ed medicine, food and clothing. The isame we must do for her dear homeless earthquake-stricken family. At this Thanksgiving season the American Mission to Greeks has the op­ portunity of distributing to such needy families in Greece 2,000 food packages. With only one dollar 22 lbs. of butter, cheese, beans and rice Can be placed in 'the hands of a hungry family. This Thanksgiving, show you are thankful ■ for your abundance by sharing. Remem­ ber that 2/3 of the people in the world go hungry every night, and over three •million of them are in Greece, whose population is only eight million. Will they go hungry even after you have read this? Please send your gifts to Rev. Spiros Zodhiates, General Secretary, American Mission to Greeks, Inc., Dept. K, P.O. Box 423, New York 36, N.Y. (In Can­ ada: 90 Duplek Ave., Toronto 7, On­ tario.)

Ray A. Myers, Chairman of the Board

NOVEMBER In the year of our Saviour Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Six

Vol. 47, No. 11

Established 1910

Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home

ARTICLES A W OM A N A N D HER D IME .................................................... 11 PRAYER MUST BE DEFINITE — Andrew Murray ......................... 12 HE REACHES THE BLIND FOR CHRIST — Harold Bredesen ........ 14 A PSALM OF THANK SG IV ING ............................... ......... 22 THE CHR IST IAN & WORLDLINESS— Ray C. Stedman .......... ..... 23 POEMS ...... .........,..................................................... 27 ,29,45 I W A S A BEWILDERED ACTRESS — Dorothy C. Haskin .............. 48 FEATURES FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK ...................................................... 7 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF — Althea S. Miller ................. 8 PEOPLE — A monthly column of names in the news ................... 9 H YM N S YOU LOV E— Phil Kerr .......................... ................... 10 JUNIOR K ING 'S BU S IN E S S .................................................... 16 OUT OF THE LAB — Donald S. Robertson ....... ........... ...... 18 THEOLOGICALLY TH IN K IN G — Gerald B. Stanton ............... ..... 19 SEARCH ING THE SCRIPTURES: Acts — Chester J. Padgett .......... 31 BOOK REVIEWS — Donald G. Davis ......................................... 37 TALK ING IT OVER — A psychologist answers — Clyde Narramore 46 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX ............................................... 47 ADVERTISERS' INDEX .............................................................. 50 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION THE ADULT A N D SUNDAY SCHOO L— Henry Jacobsen ............ 20 OBJECT LESSONS— Elmer L. Wilder ....................................... 41 COVER When we planned this month's cover we wanted it to be a simple proclamation of how important we feel our special "Green Report" is. For this powerful 8-page article see page 23.

S. H. SUTHERLAND: editoç.

LLOYD HAMILL: managing editor LUCY BARAJIKIAN: editorial assistant STELLA KINTER: circulation manager

ROSE HARDIE: copy editor

MILTON R. SUE: advertising manager J. RUSSELL ALLDER: business manager

editorial board: Donald G. Davis, Charles L. Feinberg, James O. Henry, Martha S. Hooker, Margaret Jacobsen, Chester J. Padgett, Donald S. Robertson, Oran H. Smith, Gerald B. Stanton

MANUSCRIPTS — "The King's Business" cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to manuscripts mailed to us for consideration. Entered as second-class matter November 7, 1938, at the Post Office of Los An­ geles. California, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in the Act of February 28, 1925, em­ bodied in paragraph 4, section 538, P.L. and R., authorized October 1, 1918, and November 13, 1938. Printed in U.S.A. by Church Press, Glendale, California. ADDRESS: The King's Business, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, California.

SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION — "The King's Business" is published monthly: $2.50, one year; $1.25, six months; 25 cents, single copy. Clubs of three or more at special rates. Write for details. Canadian and foreign subscriptions 25 cents extra. It requires one month for a change of address to become effective. Please send both old and new addresses. REMITTANCES —- Payable in advance, should be made by bank ^raft/ express, or post office money order payable to "The King's Business." Date or expira­ tion will show plainly on outside of wrapper or cover of magazine. ADVERTISING — For information address the Advertising Manager, 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, California.



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subscription office will have time-to give your order the careful, unhurried attention it de­ serves. Of course we’ll hold the attractive gift card to be mailed just before Christmas. Our gift for you. For each order of 3 or more subscriptions we’ll send you free Dr. Narra- more’s new 18,000 word booklet, “Christian Psychology, How It Can Help You.” By the way, our prices go up to $3 in Jan.

Let’s really make this a Christ-honoring Christ­ mas. After all it is His birthday. For just $2 each you can give The King’s Business maga­ zine — a gift that will be a 12 -time reminder of our Saviour . . . and of your faith in Him. Plan your list today. How about your pastor, the Sunday school teachers in your church, a shut-in, members of your family? If you’ve already planned a gift for them add The King’s Business as an extra testimony of your faith. We’re asking you to order now so that our

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The editors of The King’s Business Magazine announce that starting January 1, 1957 a new increased price schedule will go into effect. The current subscription price of $2.50 per year will be increased to $3.00 per year in the United States and its possessions and in the Do­ minion of Canada. Other foreign subscriptions will be $3.50 per year. This announcement is being made well in advance in order that our present subscribers may protect themselves against this necessary price increase. No matter when your present subscription expires you may extend it now for two and one-half years for the low price of just $5 (this means a saving of $2.50 over the new yearly price). If you wish to take advantage of this special announce­ ment simply mail in $5 and ask that your present sub­ scription be extended for two and one-half years.

throughout the west... the


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THE KING’S BUSINESS MAGAZINE ' Since 1910 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, Calif.





Nov. 18 O n page 14 of this issue we have an article that we think tells a rather fascinating story about a ministry to the blind. We’re glad to carry this story because Nov. 18 has been desig­ nated “ Christ for the Blind Sun­ day” across the nation. We’re hoping you’ll encourage your, church to keep this observance; Your church may have free bulletins for this Sunday. Write the Gospel Association for the Blind, Box 13, College Point 56, N.Y.

An Election Prayer O ur God, I come into Thy presence in the name of Jesus Christ our only Saviour. And I come with a great need. It is not a personal need . . . but a need of our nation. When national needs confronted the ancient King Hezekiah he spread them before Thee and Thou did answer according to Thy great mercy. Our God there is a great need in this election. Cause me to put aside the political thoughts and ideas I’ve grown to love and to truly seek Thy face in this matter of voting. Give me the divine courage to vote for Christians—Democratic and Republican—who have demonstrated their ability to lead such a great nation. Cause me to ignore pressures of friends and family and in the secret of the voting booth to vote as you lay it upon my heart. We believe it is to Thy honor and glory for us to elect men who have gone on recdrd before the nations of the world that their faith is in Jesus Christ. This is the prayer of my heart through Jesus Christ. Amen. — L.H. ADELAIDE CHRISTIAN HOME FOR CHILDREN Ebenezer Cottage, a lovely seven room residence, has just been completed, thus providing a single family unit to care for a maxi­ mum of four children of Junior High and High School age. OUR NEED is for a Christian couple (with no children) to staff this home. The husband may be employed as in any normal family unit. Any qualified persons interested in serving the Lord in this way may write to R. B. Matthews, Supt., Adelaide Christian Heme for Children, 5441 Overland Avenue, Culver City, California.


• THE A B C N ETW ORK 9 a.m. Mountain Time 8 a.m. in all other time zones • THE M U T U A L N ETW ORK

10 a.m. Eastern Time 9 a.m. Central Time 8 a.m. Mountain Time 9 a.m. Pacific Time

Subject for November; "T H E SEEK ING S A V IO U R " Richard DeHaan will bring the messages during November Write today for your FREE radio log THE R A D IO BIBLE CLASS

P.O. Box 22

Grand Rapids, Michigan





Under the Parsonage Roof by A lthea S. M i l l e r MOVING DAY

u x u r i o u â


o r n e ó

In Mesa La Mirada (Approximately 1 Mile from BIOLA) $1000 DN. FOR NON VETS Vets!... Still Nothing Down

A fter months of prayerful prepara­ tion and planning for the move to Florida, the great day was at last upon us. An exhausted Mother slipped into her seat in the car. Her head was swimming. What had she forgotten? Headed first for Indiana and confer­ ence, she’d had to pack sufficiently and properly for that trip and from thence to their new home. Just seven of the nine children were moving with Mother and Daddy. Bob had been married in a lovely church cere­ mony four days before the family’s departure and was headed with his bride for college. All his personal effects went with him. Bill was packed and headed for another college. Moth­ er had carefully included all his win­ ter clothes with a prayer they’d be adequate for the cold weather of the Midwest. As the parents labored over the sorting and packing of the multitudi­ nous items collected over a period of time by so large a family, they were forced to make many decisions as to what was and was not worth moving. Howls of protest went up from their offspring when some loved but worth­ less item was discarded. “ I’ve burned tons of stuff already,” Daddy exaggerated with a groan. “We’re the greatest junk collectors!” “ You haven’t known many people then,” Son number three claimed. “ I know a lot of kids who have whole rooms full of souvenirs and junk they’ve collected. Not one of us has his own room so we don’t have much of a collection.” “ If that’s the case I’m glad you don’t have a room to yourself to pile high. W ill you come and help me carry some of the junk out of the basement?” As the miles sped past Mother tried to untangle the tied-up muscles and nerves which had knotted in spite of her those last few weeks. “Dear Lord,” her heart whispered to the Un­ seen Listener, “ I’m so glad that when I move on to my home with Thee no packing will be necessary. ‘This robe of flesh I’ll drop, and rise to seize the everlasting prize.’ I’m looking up, for my ‘redemption draweth nigh.? Lord, hasten that moving day.”

Limited number of these luxurious Harry Brittain homes available to Non- Vets at only $1,000 down. For Veterans, still nothing down on sales price (impounds only) . . . 30-year loans. Drive out today!

See 6 Model Homes — 15 Styles — Beautifully Furnished

MORE HIGH-PRICED FEATURES TH AN IN A N Y OTHER MODERATELY PRICED HOMES IN SOUTHERN CAL IFORN IA • Homes of distinctive design and structural integrity by Harry Brittain, Inc. • In the all new $150,000,000 community of La Mirada, located in Los A n ­ geles County. • Near schools, churches, shopping, park and golf. • 3-4 bedrooms, 2 baths — some with dens. • Beautifully landscaped yards and extra-large patios. • Built-in GE Clothes Washer & Dryer — Disposal, Dishwasher. • Distinctive floors of cork tile — Lifetime T V aerial. • 16 other outstanding features. • 30-minutes on Freeway to L.A. City Hall. PRICES ON THESE LU XU R IO U S HOM ES . . . FROM $15,650 TO $16,900 IM M E D IA T E O C C U P A N C Y O N M O ST MODELS HOW TO GET THERE: Take Santa Ana Freeway. Turn off at Rosecrans and drive straight east. Mesa La Mirada is 1 Vi miles past Valley View on Rosecrans.

G i v e

a G i f t see page 5



DO YOU HAVE $300, $500 or $1,000?

A monthly column of names in the news

Another American missionary has met a martyr’s death— this time in Mexico. Ancel Allen had trained care­ fully for the mission field. After serv­ ice in both World War II and Korea he went to Moody Bible Institute where he graduated from their tech­ nical missionary course. An expert pilot, Allen held a commercial in­ structor’s license. In Mexico he joined the Airmail From God Mission, an organization dedicated to dropping Gospels to the farmers of Mexico. Mission Director Nyles Huffman start­ ed dropping Gospels seven years ago and up to this month his mission has dropped over 5-million Gospels blan­ keting an area of 140,000 square miles. From time to time Airmail From God met fanatic opposition but by and large the operation went for­ ward smoothly. Allen was just the kind of man the mission wanted. He was 33, married, a superb pilot, un- talkative. He knew his task and did it well. It was a calm and beautiful fall day when Allen headed his Gos- pel-ladened plane north of Toluca. Coming into a village at tree-top level he jettisoned a few hundred Gospels and pulled the plane up sharply in preparation for another pass. In the milling crowd below, a sullen radical took careful aim with a high-powered rifle and fired. The bullet ripped through the mid-section of Allen’s body and his plane flopped over and power-dived into the ground. And from the wrecked plane some 6,500 Gospels burst forth. Missionary Ancel Allen had distributed his last Gospel. Christians for two generations have viewed Cecil B. DeMille's Bible-based movie, “ The King of Kings.” Next month those who care to will get a chance to see the veteran (75 years old) movie maker’s latest Bible-based picture, “ The Ten Commandments.” Running time: 3 hours, 39 minutes; cost: $13-million. Churchmen and ed­ itors have been given free showings of the film at special premieres and their comments have been rather on the glowing side. Example: Dr. James Z. Nettinga, secretary of the Southern California District of the American Bible Society said, “ I can still feel the glow and warmth of that tremendous experience. It will remain with us throughout our lives.”

This will interest YOU . . . Our field representatives meet Christian men and women quite frequently who are looking for places to invest their money. Most of them n eed a return on their savings. Some are considering investments in stocks. But because of their limited knowledge of stocks and bonds, they are reluctant to buy. Others hesitate because of market fluctua­ tions, uncertainty of dividends, etc. And some tell us of disappointing experi­ ences on their investments. * * * Without exception, a ll are looking for secu rity . . . a guarantee that they will be as­ su red of a generous income. Something they can count on as long as th ey liv e . . . in good times or bad . . . regardless of whether the stock market is up or down. But they’re interested in som eth in g else, too. * * * You should see their faces light u p . . . when we tell them about the d o u b l e d iv id e n d s provided by Moody Annuities. When we tell them that Moody Annuities assure them of a gen erou s, guaranteed incom e as lon g as th ey live (up to 8V4% depending on their age) . . . plu s a share in the Lord’s work . . . they’re overjoyed! And when we tell them that every annuity is backed by all the resources of Moody Bible Institute, and that MBI has n ev er m issed a single payment in almost 50 years . . . they are convinced that it’s the plan for them!


We’ll be happy to send you the f r e e booklet, d o u b l e d iv id e n d s , which explains the Moody Annuity Plan in detail. Contains a chart showing income rates for all ages, explains tax benefits and tells you all about the many ministries of Moody Bible Institute in which you’ll have a share. C L I P A N D M A I L C O U P O N T O D A Y !



Dept. K-56-31-1 I

in W rite: Carl J. Frizen, Stewardship Department MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE 820 N. LaSalle Street * Chicago 10, Illinois send me, without obligation, double dividends , story of Moody Annuity □ Please Plan. Q Please send folder, Where There’s a Will, relating to stewardship.

Name ___ Address_








J Lvijmn6


J o which of your loved ones


by Phil Kerr

will you give these Bibles this Christmas?

No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus Words and music by Charles F. Weigle lsiritten in 1932, this song has be- '* c om e a favorite with gospel sing­ ers and radio soloists, several broad­ casters reporting that requests for it outnumber requests for any other special gospel song. Its use has been particularly effective in jails, mis­ sions and street meetings. In a single year 73 inmates of a certain prison were converted through the song’s message. A young man, sentenced to be electrocuted, heard it sung while in a Media, Pa. jail and ac­ cepted Christ. While awaiting execu­ tion he sang it day and night. On the day of his death he came from the cell singing at the top of his voice, “No one ever cared for me like Jesus, There’s no other friend so kind as He”—having a profound effect upon inmates and warden alike. Weigle was bom in Lafayette, Ind. After studying at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music he became an evangelistic singer, later feeling the call to preach. For many years he toured the country— singing, preach­ ing, composing music and writing books. He now makes his home in Florida. M young English preacher, Henry Moorhouse, came to Chicago to preach during the winter of 1869- 1870. For the first sermon he used John 3:16 as a text. Philip Bliss was in the audience and was so deeply impressed that he returned the sec­ ond night. He was surprised to hear Moorhouse again use the same text. Returning the third night he again heard the same text. For six succes­ sive nights the Englishman preached on that simple text, emphasizing the fact that the plan of salvation is for “ whosoever w ill.” Bliss was inspired by this series of sermons to write the words and music of “Whosoever W ill May Come.” Whosoever W ill M ay Come Words and music by Philip Bliss




For a future bride -

135x The Scofield Reference Bible in beautiful white French Morocco, limp, round comers, gold edges, ornamental gold roll. Family Record. Gift boxed. $15.00 For a reverent young person - 158x The Scofield Reference Bible in handsome red French Morocco, limp, leather lined, round corners, gold edges, orna­ mental gold roll. With Family Record. (Also available in black.) $15.50 Both these Bibles contain Concordance, Dictionary o f Proper Names, Subject Index, and colored maps with indexed Atlas. Ultrathin Oxford India Paper. Handy size: 43A x 7116, only % " thick. For a serious student - 382x Looseleaf edition of the Scofield Reference Bible, printed with generous margins on special writing quality Oxford India paper; ideally suited for study purposes; 150 pages (75 sheets) of ruled bond paper for notes; opens flat. Durable Vinyl covers, overlapping edges, round comers, red under gold edges. With maps. Large size: 6!4 x 9 x 114". $22.50 For wife and mother- 02289x A new Oxford Concordance Bible set in easy to read type — superb bindings in your choice of five colors. Author­ ized King James Version with center column references, maps, Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names, Subject Index, and Concordance. In Natural Grain Morocco, half circuit, leather lined, round corners, gold edges. Ultrathin Oxford India Paper. 5 x IVa, only 1 %cwthick. Blue, green, purple, red, or black. $14.00 A T YOU R BOOKSELLER FftiioidrAiMi'icas Gift Bifcfesirice 1675 MMjàaÉflàrifc'■ ini I ' i n iVl. ■T 'i , i - . . ... . " . . - - - • --•* ‘ * • ■ - • - --*-•*»' OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Inc., 114 Fifth Ave., N.Y.II, N.Y.

Send to Prayer Time, The King’s Business maga zine, 558 So. Hope, Los Angeles 17, California.



Ceifl&n, cM t€t£ncu&Qenefail/n¿í& i£r*i< A growing faith work in a vital field Greatly needed— being greatly blessed! Completing 62 years of service in India. Join us with your prayers and interest. As the Lord provides we lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes. Our present ministry in India and Pakistan includes : • BAZAAR PREACHING • CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS • HOUSE TO HOUSE VISITATION • MISSIONARY MEDICAL AID • CHILD EVANGELISM CLASSES • BIBLE TRAINING INSTITUTES • ORPHANAGES FOR CAST-OFF CHILDREN Opening New Stations and Engaging New Missionaries for work in the Pioneer Fields oi Both India and Pakistan Interesting FREE literature gladly supplied. Write today! Address the Secretary-Treasurer 107 NORTH HALE, WHEATON, ILLINOIS or 169 YONGE STREET, ROOM 205, TORONTO, CANADA • DISTRIBUTING LITERATURE AND SCRIPTURES

A Woman & Her Dime

Editor's N ote: This interesting story was recently brought into our office b y Miss Em ily J. A lexander who has done Chris­ tian work among young girls in the Los Angeles area for the past 35 years. During these years Miss Ale~ander has sesn many of her girls go through the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and on to useful lives in the Lord’s work. W h en Biola announced plans for a new $3-million campus last year Miss Alexander was one of the first to back the project with her enthusiasm and help. A little while ago I called upon a lady who has been a great prayer warrior for years and a great ad­ mirer of Dr. Louis T. Talbot. She has followed his teaching and lis­ tened to his radio broadcasts; also she went through the depression when the school was nearly lost. J She thinks he was God’s man who j saved the Institute from the fore- j closing by the bank. On the day I j visited her, she heard Dr. Talbot | pleading for two million dollars. She handed me 10 cents and said, “ I want you to take this to Dr. Talbot and tell him that after the broadcast I looked into my purse and I found, after paying all my bills, I had 10 cent's left. Don’t tell him my name, just tell him I am sending this as an earnest that he will get his two million because I am going to pray it in.” The Lord has laid this so upon my heart that I want all your readers to know that she gave all she had. When Dr. Talbot burned the j mortgage on the Bible Institute he promised God he wouldn’t go into debt, and ready cash is necessary. So many people say, “ If only they would start building at La Mirada, the money would come in,” but I think a “ bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” When I think of the sacrificial time and effort Dr. Talbot and oth­ ers have put into this work for the sake of our young people I want to do my part. God is no man’s debtor; He will give the joy, peace, condi­ tions and space necessary for a larg­ er campus, where a deejper work of grace and preparation for His serv­ ice may be done.

mim b RI¡RI

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How many of our prayers are vague and pointless?

Prayer Must Be Definite

by A n d r e w M u r r a y

K nd Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?” (Mark 10:51). The blind man had been crying out aloud, and that a great deal, “ Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.” The cry had reached the ear of the Lord; He knew what he wanted and was ready to grant it him. But ere He does it, He asks him: “What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?” He wants to hear from his own lips, not only the general peti­ tion for mercy but the distinct ex­ pression of what his desire was. Until he speaks it out, he is not healed. There is now still many a sup­ pliant to whom the Lord puts the same question and who cannot, un­ til it has been answered, get the aid he asks. Our prayers must not be a vague appeal to His mercy, an infinite cry for blessing, but the distinct expression of definite need. Not that His loving heart does not understand our cry or is not ready to hear. But He desires it for our own sakes. Such definite prayer teaches us to know our own needs better. It demands time and thought and self-scrutiny to find out what really is our greatest need. It searches us and puts us to the test as to whether our desires are honest and real, such as we are ready to persevere in. It leads us to judge whether our desires are according to God’s Word and whether we really believe that we shall receive the things vve ask. It helps us to

wait for the special answer and to mark it when it comes. And yet how much of our prayer is vague and pointless. Some cry for mercy, but take not the trouble to know what mercy must do for them. Others ask perhaps to be de­ livered of sin, but do not begin by bringing any sin by name from which the deliverance may be claimed. Still others pray for God’s blessing on those around them, for the outpouring of God’s Spirit on their land or the world, and yet have no special field where they wait and expect to see the answer. To all the Lord says: And what is it now you really want and expect me to do? Every Christian has but limited powers, and as he must have his own special field of labor in which he works, so with his prayers too. Each believer has his own circle, his family, his friends, his neighbors. If he were to take one or more of these by name, he would find that this really brings him into the training-school of faith and leads to personal and pointed dealing with his God. It is when in such distinct matters we have in faith claimed and received answers, that our more general prayers will be believing and effectual. We all know with what surprise the whole civilized world heard of the way in which trained troops were repulsed by the Transvaal Boers at Majuba. And to what did they owe their success? In the armies of Europe the soldier fires upon the enemy standing in large

masses and never thinks of seeking an aim for every bullet. In hunting game the Boer had learned a dif­ ferent lesson: his practiced eye knew to send every bullet on its special message, to seek and find its man. Such aiming must gain the day in the spiritual world too. As long as in prayer we must pour out our hearts in a multitude of peti­ tions without taking time to see whether every petition is sent with the purpose and expectation of get­ ting an answer, not many will reach the mark. But if, as in silence of soul we bow before the Lord, we were to ask such questions as these — What is now really my desire? Do I desire it in faith, expecting to receive? Am I now ready to place and leave it in the Father’s bosom? Is it a settled thing between God and me that I am to have the an­ swer? — we should learn so to pray that God would see and we would know what we really expect. It is for this, among other rea­ sons, that the Lord warns us against the vain repetitions of the Gentiles who think to be heard for their much praying. We often hear prayers of great earnestness and fervor, in which a multitude of petitions are poured forth but to which the Saviour would undoubt­ edly answer, “What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?” If I am in a strange land in the interests of the business which my father owns, I would certainly write two differ­ ent sorts of letters. There will be family letters giving expression to



all the intercourse to which affec­ tion prompts; and there will be business letters, containing orders for what I need. And there may be letters in which both are found. The answers will correspond to the letters. To each sentence of the letters containing the family news I do not expect a special answer. But for each order I send I am con­ fident of an answer whether the desired article has been forwarded. In our dealings with God the busi­ ness element must not be wanting. With our expression of need and sin, of love and faith and consecra­ tion, there must be the pointed statement of what we ask and ex­ pect to receive; it is in the answer that the Father loves to give us the token of His approval. But the word of the Master teaches us more. He does not say, What dost thou wish? But what dost thou will? One often wishes for a thing without willing it. I wish to have a certain article but I find the price too high; I resolve not to take it; I wish, but do not will to have it. The sluggard wishes to be rich but does not will it. Many a one wishes to be saved but perishes because he does not will it. The will rules the whole heart and life; if I really will to have anything that is within my reach, I do not rest until I have it. And so when Jesus says to us, “What wilt thou?” He asks whether it is indeed our purpose to have what we ask at any price, however great the sacri­ fice. Dost thou indeed so will to have it that, though He delay it long, thou dost not hold thy peace till He hear thee? Alas! How many prayers are wishes sent up for a short time and then forgotten, or sent up year after year as a matter of duty, while we rest content with the prayer without the answer. But it may be asked, is it not best to make our wishes known to God and then to leave it to Him to de­ cide what is best without seeking to assert our will? By no means. This is the very essence of the prayer of faith to which Jesus sought to train His disciples, that it does not only

make known its desire and then leave the decision to God. That would be the prayer of submission, for cases in which we cannot know God’s will. But the prayer of faith, finding God’s will in some promise of the Word, pleads for that till it come. In Matthew 9:28 we read Jesus said to the blind man: “Be­ lieve ye that I can do this?” Here in Mark He says: “What wilt thou that I should do?” In both cases He said that faith had saved them. And so He said to the Syropheni- cian woman too: “ Great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” Faith is nothing but the pur­ pose of the will resting on God’s Word and saying: I must have it. To believe truly is to will firmly. But is not such a will at variance with our dependence on God and our submission to Him? By no means; it is much rather the true submission that honors God. It is only when the child has yielded his own will in entire surrender to the Father that he receives from the Father liberty and power to will what he would have. But when once the believer has accepted the will of God, as revealed through the Word and Spirit, as his will too then it is the will of God that His child should use this renewed will in His service. The will is the high­ est power in the soul; grace wants .above everything to sanctify and restore this will, one of the chief traits of God’s image, to full and free exercise. As a son who only lives for his father’s interests, who Your Prayer Requests Each morning at eight the editorial staff of T h e K in g ’ s B usiness magazine gathers for prayer. Over the years God has answered the heartcry of thousands. Should you have a request w e would count it a privilege to take it to the throne of grace. Your request w ill he held in the strictest confidence. Address: The Editors, T h e K in g ’ s B usiness , 5 58 So. H ope St., Los Angeles 17, Calif.

seeks not his own but his father’s will, is trusted by the father with his business, so God speaks to His child in all truth, “What wilt thou?” It is often spiritual sloth that, under the appearance of hu­ mility, professes to have no will because it fears the trouble of searching out the will of God or, when found, the struggle of claim­ ing it in faith. True humility is ever in company with strong faith, which only seeks to know what is according to the will of God, and then boldly claims the fulfillment of the promise: “ Ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” Lord, Teach Us To Pray Lord Jesus! teach me to pray with all my heart and strength that there may be no doubt with Thee or with me as to what I have asked. May I so know what I desire that even as my petitions are recorded in heaven, I can record them on earth too and note each answer as it comes. And may my faith in what Thy Word has promised be so clear that the Spirit may indeed work in me the liberty to will that it sh a ll c om e . L o rd ! r en ew , strengthen, sanctify wholly my will for the work of effectual prayer. Blessed Saviour! I do beseech Thee to reveal to me the wonderful condescension Thou showest us, thus asking us to say what we will that Thou shouldest do and prom­ ising to do whatever we will. Son of God! I cannot understand it; I can only say I believe that Thou hast indeed redeemed us wholly for Thyself and dost seek to make the will, as our noblest part, Thy most efficient servant. Lord! I do most unreservedly yield my will to Thee, as the power through which Thy Spirit is to rule my whole being. Let Him take possession of it, lead it into the truth of Thy promises and make it so strong in prayer that I may ever hear Thy voice saying: “ Great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” Amen. END.



f k blind man is giving new eyes thousands. Though he has no pulpit, his congregation would over­ flow Madison Square Garden. Though he has no church, his par­ ish includes 32 foreign countries. Though still in his 30’s, he has al­ ready preached to more people than did the 12 apostles in their com­ bined lifetimes. He is Ralph Montanus, founder and president of the Gospel Asso­ ciation for the Blind, Inc.. Every Sunday people of every denomination gather round their radios to “ Count Their Blessings” with “ Ralph and Bea” as he and his wife come on the air singing their familiar theme song. Blind Sunday school teachers minister the Word from his Braille Sunday school quarterlies and Bi­ ble study course. Blind organists and choir leaders carry on their ministries with his Brailled hymns and music at their fingertips. Blind preachers face their congregations inspired and equipped by his Braille Bible study helps and sermon aids. Every month, in Maine, Califor­ nia and 46 other states, in England, Thailand and 30 other countries, blind folks tap-tap their way to the mail box to pick up one of their favorite magazines. Magazine? It’s more than that. It’s a personal evangelist, Christian teacher and friend. It’s what Ralph would like to be in person to every blind man and woman everywhere. It’s the Gospel Messenger Braille Monthly —the evangelical Christian maga­ zine the blind can read with their fingers. He started it in 1948. That same year he founded the Gospel Asso­ ciation for the Blind, Inc. Today it’s a world-wide missionary min­ istry to the 20 million men and women, boys and girls, behind the “ Black Curtain.” The year before, Ralph was at Bible school preparing for the ministry . . . then blindness, and for weeks, uncertainty . . . un­ til that day he felt a tug on his sleeve. He was standing in the cor­ ridor of a New York training center for the blind. “ Yes,” he said. There was no answer. ' ‘Yes,” he repeated. There was still no answer but again he felt the tug.

He reaches the blind fo r Christ

by Harald Bredesen

Ralph & Bea Montanus From N ew York to Canada, a strange thump.

“ Yes,” he exclaimed, this time a bit impatiently. “Who is it?” “ It’s Mr. K. He’s deaf, dumb and blind. He wants to communicate with you,” a sighted friend ex­ plained. “How?” “ Give him the palm of your hand. He’ll trace out the letters with his finger.” Ralph extended his palm and letter by letter, his would-be friend traced out the words, w-h-o a-r-e y-o-u? Then followed more tedious­ ly put together sentences until the full story of this desperately lone­ ly man was fully spelled out. The story ended with these words, “ I might as well be dead. No one cares to bother with me.” Ralph knew of Someone who did. Letter by letter he told Mr. K. of

the Friend who had transformed his own life. They parted com­ pany, both rejoicing. Mr. K. had found the Friend. Ralph had found his ministry. So this was why the door to a regular ministry had closed, in or­ der that a bigger door might open. This was why he’d had to become blind—that he might the better reach his fellow blind for Christ. But how? He had no means, no sponsorship and next to no profes­ sional training. What did he have? A vision, a wife and the God who had given him both. Ralph decided radio might be an open- door to reach the blind. Here’s how; Mrs. Montanus tells about their debut to radio. “Ralph had sensed for some time that God was going to put us on



are human and we do need encour­ agement. Won’t You let just one person write in they were blest by our program?’ “ A moment later, Steve Hart, our general secretary, came in with the mail. Never was so heavy a load so cheerfully carried! You should have seen Ralph’s face when he heard our shouts of jubilation. You should have seen it as I read letter after letter from people in New York, (and later that week) New Eng­ land, Canada, even Bermuda, who had been blest by our program. They were sure God wanted us to stay on the air and proved it by their gifts. “When we went down for our next broadcast, we were met by a beaming station manager. He had heard about the letters. Said he, ‘It’s sensational.’ ” But radio is only one of the media God has given Ralph for reaching the blind. Until recently, hardly anyone— any evangelical that is—has done much to reach blind children for Christ. As he surveyed the field, Ralph found plenty of Braille chil­ dren’s magazines but not one single evange lica l Christian magazine could he find. Here was one of the neediest of all missionary fields. In January of 1955, Ralph launched the Braille Pilot which, to the best of his knowledge, is the world’s only evangelical Christian magazine for blind children. His 13- year-old son, Ralph Jr., is assistant editor. Not all blind children read Braille so, coupled with the Pilot, Ralph has a talking book circulat­ ing library of children’s records— Bible and gospel stories in recorded dramatized form. The roles are skillfully portrayed, frequently by children. Like everything else it offers, the Association provides these records free of charge. Right now, Ralph and Bea are working on a new kind of camping program for blind boys and girls. Original plans which contemplated a special Bible camp just for blind children have yielded to what they consider a better idea, placing blind boys and girls in a sighted chil­ dren’s camp. Each blind child is teamed with a Christian sighted child who helps him or her become a part of the life of the camp.

The Gospel Association for the Blind, Inc. has been described as a movement that moves faster and further than any other evangelical agency for the blind. It is the only such agency in the National.Asso­ ciation of Evangelicals. “ Thousands have been reached;” says Ralph, “millions, 20 millions, need to be. “ Our best hope for the future lies in multiplying workers, blind workers. God could best reach men as man. The blind can best reach the blind, and we are out to help them. “How are we doing it? Through special training classes, through our Braille Bible correspondence course and now the talking book mission­ ary kit. “Here’s how it works. In Kan­ pur, India, Eraum Chakravarti re­ ceives his first copy of the Gospel Messenger. A year later, he writes, ‘This magazine led me, a Hindu, to study Christianity from another an­ gle. Previously I regarded Christ as one of the greatest teachers of religion. But now, I feel that He lived for me, shed His blood for me and will return for me.’ “Eraum wants to serve Christ. But what can he, physically blind and spiritually immature, do for Him? He can’t preach. He isn’t ready for that, but he can testify; and he can go into the market place with a talking book machine that can preach for him all day long in the language of his people. That message, backed by his own testi­ mony, can be the means of reaching hundreds for Christ. Meanwhile he can be preparing himself through our Braille correspondence course to be a missionary preacher. “Where do we get the records? From our sister faith organization, Gospel Recordings, Inc. which is geared to supply free gospel record­ ings in more than 1,000 languages. In each record kit, we include a handwound record player. We sup­ ply these kits to any native blind Christian who will use them for the above purpose under the terms out­ lined. “ Thus in one more way God keeps His word to ‘bring the blind by a way they knew not . . . lead them in paths they have not known . . . and not forsake them’ (Isa. 42: 1 6 ).” END.

the air, not just a good station but one of the biggest and best—Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer’s New York outlet, WMGM. One evidence, as he saw it, of God’s leading was the fact that Fred Dienert, our Christian ad­ vertising representative, had been able to secure time on the ‘Station of the Stars’ for rank amateurs like ourselves. “ So there we were, trembling with excitement as we awaited the red light which would tell us we were on the air. Ralph and I sat facing each other with the micro­ phone between us. “When the light flashed on, I was to relay the signal to him by a squeeze just above the knee. I would squeeze him again at agreed upon intervals to let him know how much time he had left. My eye was on the light. My hand was on Ralph’s thigh. My heart was in my throat. My thoughts flashed back to the moment of our marriage. Then it was I who had trembled so. This time it was Ralph. His knees were actually knocking. “ The light flashed on. In that moment listeners from New York to Canada heard a strange thump, thump, thump. Ralph’s knees were hanging his guitar and the micro­ phone was picking it up. By de­ grees our nervous excitement sub­ sided; God seemed so very close. I read Ralph’s text and he preached. That was Sunday night, Dec. 18, 1949, Ralph’s 30th birthday. “M onday m orn ing we could hardly wait for the 10 o’clock mail. Humanly speaking, our future on the air would be in that mail bag. By nine o’clock, we could thiiik of nothing else. We spent the time praying. The telephone rang. It was Fred Dienert calling from Phil­ adelphia. Usually his voice had a cheery ring. This morning it was flat and reproachful. “ Say, what happened last night? The station managers are very much upset. They said you didn’t have an orchestra, a choir or even a quartet. You just had yourselves, and if you’re not better by next week, you’re off the air. After all WMGM is the ‘Station of the Stars!’ ” “ Ralph went from the phone to his knees. ‘Lord, we’ll do anything You show us to do, but Lord we



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