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August 2018

WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE School is going to be starting up soon, and I can’t help but think about everything I learned from high school all the way to chiropractic school, where I learned the most about my profession. After undergrad I went to chiropractic school and spent five years studying there. All the classes I took were great, for the most part — I was at school from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. I did that every day for five years, but it didn’t really feel like I was going to school. I was so interested in the topics and learning everything I could about the human body that it wasn’t something I woke up dreading. I think it’s one of the big differences between high school students and undergraduates. Most college students start without knowing what they want to go into, but once they find the right field, they can go to class all day. During my years in chiropractic school, I took about 27–30 credit hours — it was a year-round, trimester-based program, and it was sometimes dyadic. For example, I took a neurology class where my classmates and I learned about the nervous system and all about how the brain works, but that was only the lecture. We’d then have a lab portion that would require all of us to be hands-on. We had to learn about the brain and nervous system by dissecting a cadaver.


you get a better perspective that you missed during the years spent in high school and as an undergrad. It was one of the great features about the program: You receive the best of both worlds — book learning and hands-on experience. I’m often asked by many of my patients, “How do you memorize all the nerves and muscles and what they do?” Anyone can open a book and memorize what goes where in the body, but once I actually saw the muscles and how the nerves work, it made a greater impression on me. I understood how each functions and how each connects to the body as a whole. It’s obvious that this is the reason why they have those labs, so students can gain a better appreciation for what they’re going into. When I wasn’t spending so much time in school, I was seeking out more learning opportunities. This was mostly due to the fact that once I graduated and entered my practice, I wouldn’t have the time to learn as I did in school. I spent most of my weekends attending seminars to learn advanced techniques so that when I became licensed to practice, I could utilize those techniques. However, even now that I’m busy with my practice, I still strive to learn as much as I can. I’m always trying to learn about the new techniques that continue to develop in the chiropractic field. I want to give my patients the best treatment they can receive. I ingrained that desire to learn when I was in school, and it’s continued to help me grow as a person and chiropractor to this day. -Dr. Todd P. Sullivan

“It didn’t really feel like I was going to school. I was so interested in the topics and learning everything I could about the human body that it wasn’t something I woke up dreading.”

What I learned through the lectures was important because I came to know all the terms that I needed, but it was just as important to learn to work with my hands. Yes, I had to memorize the muscles and what they did, but when you’re physically touching and looking at them inside the body,

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