Healthy Kids - Spring 2021


compulsive disorder. In that setting, professionals in several disciplines connect to develop holistic plans for families that cover many complex issues. “All of the different roles that I have allow me to address psychosocial aspects and well-being with purpose.” STEPHANIE SCHROTER, MD

Division of Emergency Medicine “I love pediatric emergency

SHALON N I ENOW, MD Child Abuse Pediatrics/ Chadwick Center

medicine,” says Stephanie Schroter, MD. “I think it’s a great combination of both acute and critical care.” While her teammates chose to highlight her in Cheers for Peers, she sends that love right back, saying she’s got some great coworkers who excel in high-acuity situations. “Cheers for Peers was completely unexpected, but honestly, it made my entire week,” she says. “I thought it was the sweetest thing. It was very honoring.”

There are some hard days, but making a difference for kids and empowering them is really rewarding — SHALON NIENOW ‘‘

SHALON NIENOW, MD Child Abuse Pediatrics/Chadwick Center

As the clinical director of child abuse pediatrics, Shalon Nienow, MD, has a tough job. She and her team evaluate children who are suspected victims of physical or sexual abuse, neglect and any other form of child mistreatment. “When I was in residence, we had a run of kids who were coming in for maltreatment issues and I became really passionate about trying to protect those kids,” she says. Dr. Nienow’s work helps professionals in law enforcement and other fields investigate abuse cases. “I love what I do,” she says. “There are some hard days, but making a difference for kids and empowering them is really rewarding.” EKTA PATEL, MD Behavioral Health Services It’s the job of child and adolescent psychiatrist Ekta Patel, MD, to help kids in crisis. The pandemic has accelerated mental health concerns, she says, and she’s grateful she gets to spend her days working with kids, teens and families in Rady Children’s new Copley Psychiatric Emergency Department. She and her coworkers conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations and connect with schools, counselors and other community partners to get kids and teens the support they need. “We do a lot of great work here. We really help kids feel safe, secure and heard,” she says. KAY RHEE, MD Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Kay Rhee, MD, has always been interested in multidisciplinary interaction and the intersection of biology, psychology and sociology. As director of the Medical Behavioral Unit at Rady Children’s, she and her team work with kids and teens who have eating disorders, food phobias, anxiety and obsessive-

PETER YORGIN, MD Division of Nephrology

When Peter Yorgin, MD, was a teen, he developed an adrenal insufficiency and required

hospitalization. “I was sick in the hospital, and while I was there I had an endocrinologist who diagnosed my condition and got me treated properly,” he says. “It made all the difference to me and my family.” He was inspired to pay it forward and make that kind of difference

in someone else’s life. Now he solves tough problems and works with other

physicians to help sick kids get the care they need, both in the US and abroad on medical missions. “I’ve always liked working with people and really wanted to

make my mark, my legacy, as somebody who really did something helpful,” he says.

PETER YORG I N , MD Division of Nephrology


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