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Welcome to the 2019 Pasture Reference Guide.We are pleased to provide you with this publication, givingyou themost up to date information relating to our varieties. You nowhold inyour hands one of themost sought after guides to not only ourvarieties, but pasture production in general. 2019will see further development of our Truganina warehouse and logistics team, with our business investing in more equipment and more full time staff to keep upwith the growing demand for our varieties and to support the continued growth of our business. There have been some changes in our sales team over the last 12 months and I welcome Barry Dow to the team. Barry is the territorymanager for Northern Victoria and the Riverina and has had extensive experience in agronomy and territorymanagement roles; a real asset to our team and our customers’ businesses, both rural retail stores and farmers. Other changes that have occurred are - Simon Hunt our territorymanager in Gippsland, has also taken on Tasmania, Michael Grant our territorymanager inWestern Vic has also taken on the SE of SA and Shaun Mahony’s Central Vic Territory has expanded to fill in any of the gaps – exciting times for our sales team as they get to knownew customers and continue to build our business. SPS continues to support industry initiatives like the Forage Value Index (FVI), produced by DairyAustralia, and the Pasture Trial Network (PTN), developed byMeat and Livestock Australia (MLA). These two initiatives will continue to grow and bring increased science and data to our store and farmer customers, resulting in more informed decisions being made on farm. Please like and follow our Facebook and Twitter (@AusWestSPS) pages and login to ourwebsite ausweststephenseeds.com.au to get access to all the latest product information, trial data and download digital copies of our guides. You can also view and upload photos on our #behindtheseeds page. Don’t forget our TerritoryManagers are available to assist youwith any decision making relating to pasture and forage selection, with the years of experience growing in our sales team I am confident we can find solutions for you. So call one of our TerritoryManagers today - their contact details are on the back cover of this guide. I wish you all the best for the autumn, I’m sure it’s going to be a busy one for all of us. Ben Harman, Sales Manager

Stephen Pasture Seeds also produce a Spring Forage Guide and an Autumn Crop Guide. To obtain a copy please contact SPS on 03 5334 2555, email: sps@stephenseeds.com.au or download from: www.ausweststephenseeds.com.au

SPS are proud to distribute seed on behalf of these leading companies.

Spring sownoptions forallyour summercropand lucerneneeds SPRING FORAGE GUIDE


Aselectionofqualityproducts recommended forautumn sowing




The recommendations or suggestions made in this publication are to be used as a guide only. For specific recommendations suited to your particular requirements, contact Stephen Pasture Seeds or your local agronomist/farm adviser.

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