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I’m sure that you are aware that three (3) is a numeral, a digit, and the smallest odd prime number. But did you know that it is also considered a number of good fortune? That is why I am constantly reminded about it while practicing workers’ compensation and personal injury law (including the Mass Tort cases of Zantac, Talcum Powder, 3M earplugs, Hernia Mesh, Roundup and Essure). It’s perfectly coined in the Latin phrase omne trium perfectum, which means “everything that comes in threes is perfect.”

side note, check out the 1982 movie “Night Shift” with Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton! That means, once we take on your case, it’s full throttle ahead! In fact, my staff (you guessed it, of three ) can handle after-hour calls, weekends, and/or holidays if needed. They also speak three other languages (French, Creole, and Spanish). Are you getting the theme? One part of our firm’s philosophy is based on persistence. We’ll send the opposing party’s documentation three times (via mail, email, and fax) to ensure receipt and with the hope of getting a faster response. To our client base, letters, emails, and/or texts are sent to make sure that they do not miss important deadlines and/or doctor visits — who can really trust the USPS? Does that mean I’ll get you three times as much money as another attorney? One can always hope! That being said, our law firm only takes cases on a contingency basis, so there are no attorney’s fees or costs unless there is a court award or settlement. Even if you do not become a client of The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld, my staff and I will take the time to provide free information or make a qualified attorney referral by mail, email and/or text. So, if you ever have a legal issue anywhere and want the “ Power of Three ” on your side, call us today on one of our three toll free numbers: (866) 223 BAD RXRX, (866) I SUE YOU or (844) 411-KING; we are here to help!

The power of three is of universal significance. It is used in religion (the Holy Trinity), history (Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria, so Columbus only discovered the Bahamas and not America ...), entertainment ( Three Stooges; Larry, Curly and Moe — and maybe Shemp), movies (Rocky

III — still the best in my opinion), acronyms (ETA, DOA, UFO), language (“ three blind mice” — does that refer to the NFL referees watching for pass interference?), science (Newton’s three laws of motion; I love his cookies too!), sports (the three -point shot), time (past, present and future) and music (Rush, the Canadian power trio ), just to name a few.


–King E

REFERRALS WELCOME! Thanks for allowing us to represent you. Hopefully, we’ve earned your trust for future referrals of friends and family, even if the matter occurred outside of Florida. We are only a call, text, or email away!

Rush 4/1/13 BB&T Center Sunrise, FL

Now how does “ The Power of Three ” help The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld in handling of my mass tort, personal injury, and/or workers’ compensation case? For starters, I probably work more hours than any other attorney. Of course, on my “night shift,” I never work past that magic 3 A.M. hour. As a

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In 2006, the International Agency for Research on Cancer officially labeled talcum powder a “possible human carcinogen.” A growing body of research found that talcum powder may be responsible for the development of cancer — specifically in women — when the powder is used on the genitals. However, despite raising alarm, not a single company that sells talcum powder products did anything. On top of that, there was no reaction from any federal agency. As a result, a number of women suffered — and died from — various cancers, including

ovarian, peritoneal and/or invasive fallopian tube cancer. Why talcum powder, or talc, causes cancer isn’t fully understood, but some suspect that it causes inflammation within the reproductive tract, and this inflammation leads to cancer development. As people began to piece the puzzle together, thousands of lawsuits were filed against Johnson & Johnson, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Colgate-Palmolive, Mennen, and others who produced various talc-based products, including Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and Shower to Shower. As more filed, it became clear that the various companies knew the risks associated with talcum powder and yet frankly, they put profits before customers’ safety! Studies found that using talcum powder on the genital region for a period of four years or more greatly increased the risk of developing cancer. The risk is higher when used during a woman’s active menstrual cycle. Many women between the ages of

21 and 80 have been diagnosed with ovarian, peritoneal and or invasive fallopian tube cancer. In many of these cases, diagnosis occurred after the International Agency for Research on Cancer began calling for action. If you or a loved one has had their life turned upside down by talc exposure using Johnson & Johnson or another manufacturers’ talc-based products, which caused development of ovarian, peritoneal and/or invasive fallopian tube cancer (diagnosed prior to 2004), there are legal options to try and obtain fair compensation for the injuries. Contact us today at (866) BAD RXRX, (866) I SUE YOU, (866) 223-7979, (866) 478-3968, (954) 227-7529, (954) 998-0075 text, or evan@attorney4life.com for a no-obligation case evaluation. There are no fees or costs unless there is a court award or settlement. We will even secure your medical records to help build the claim. Let Evan and his legal team assist, so you don’t have to fight this all alone.

Up In Flames The Fyre Festival’s Legal Fallout for Influencers

Influencer marketing has long been a legal gray area, but recently settled celebrity lawsuits related to the Fyre Festival — a failed luxury musical festival — have definitely added some color to the debate. The idea for the Fyre Festival came from rapper Ja Rule and his business partner Billy McFarland, a 25-year-old CEO of a luxury concierge service. The duo created the event together and touted it as the world’s most expensive music festival. They’d also launched an attractive marketing campaign which included celebrity promotions by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and other influencers. All the while, the organizers knew the Fyre Festival was doomed from the start. In lieu of a multi-day, luxury experience, thousands of people were scammed and left stranded in the Bahamas instead.

“[The organizers] had six to eight weeks to pull off something that should have taken close to a year,” says Chris Smith, who directed a Netflix documentary on the festival. “But what was most surprising to me was going to the Bahamas and seeing the aftermath of what was left behind and the effect on the people there.” The local economy was devastated. “They had engaged with so much of the local community to try and pull this off. There were hundreds of day laborers working,” says Smith. “Fyre had such a high profile that I don’t think anyone could have assumed that it wouldn’t work out.” As the Fyre Festival fell apart, Gregory Messer — the trustee in charge of overseeing the bankruptcy for Fyre Media — looked into the finances. He began to suspect that there had been “fraudulent

transfers” between the founders and many of the event’s promoters, and he began to sue the celebrities and influencers that drove the hype behind the festival. For example, McFarland and Ja Rule reportedly paid Kendall Jenner over $275,000 to publish an Instagram post promoting the festival. Although Jenner denied liability, she did not disclose on the post that it was paid and sponsored. Messer’s attorney further argued that Jenner had not told her Instagram followers that she’d pulled out of the festival after learning of its disastrous problems. Although more legal parameters will likely spring up in the future to further define the limits of influencer marketing, this will certainly make any celebrity think twice about accepting money to promote events and brands. And that’s definitely for the best!

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April 6 is National Student-Athlete Day! Many students play sports in addition to their studies in high school and college, and many famous people also spent much of their youth playing sports while going to school. Here are four stars who were also college athletes. FROM COLLEGE SPORTS TO SUPERSTARDOM CELEBRITIES WHO WERE STUDENT-ATHLETES

Singer Garth Brooks

From a young age, Brooks loved sports and hoped that his athletic abilities would make him famous. He earned a track scholarship to Oklahoma State University as a javelin thrower and spent most of the 1980s perfecting his technique. In 1999, he played left field for the San Diego Padres, and he continued to play baseball in the early 2000’s, signing with the New York Mets and Kansas Royals. Today, the famous country singer provides children with health and education assistance as well as recreational and sporting opportunities through his foundation, Teammates for Kids.

Actress Emma Watson

When Watson enrolled at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, she joined the field hockey team. She loved the sport as a child, and as an adult, her passion for field hockey continues to motivate her. She occasionally travels to elementary schools for a few friendly games in hopes of encouraging young players. Watson has also worked with Hockey Futures, an organization that promotes the sport to British youth.


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Actor Steve Carell

• 1 cup cooked chicken, diced • 1 14-oz can artichokes, drained and quartered • 1 cup fresh asparagus pieces • 1/2 cup carrots, grated • 1 1/2 cups uncooked penne pasta • 1 3/4 cups chicken broth

• 1/2 cup fresh chives, chopped and divided • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped and divided • 2 tsp minced garlic • 1/4 tsp salt • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese, divided

Much like his character Michael Scott in “The Office” once said, Carell too has “been pretty much skating my whole life.” Carell is a fantastic ice skater and has played hockey since he was a child. He was a goalie for Denison University, a Division III school in Granville, Ohio. Today, Carell still plays in a Los Angeles recreational league whenever he has the opportunity.


TV Broadcaster Robin Roberts

1. Preheat oven to 425 F and grease an 8-inch square baking dish with cooking spray. 2. In the prepared dish, stir together cooked chicken, artichokes, asparagus, carrots, uncooked pasta, chicken broth, half the chives, half the parsley, garlic, salt, and 2 tbsp Parmesan. 3. Cover the dish tightly with foil and bake for 35 minutes. 4. Uncover and stir. At this point, check the pasta to make sure it is al dente. If it’s undercooked, cover the dish and return to the oven until pasta is tender. 5. Remove from oven and garnish with remaining Parmesan, chives, and parsley.

Roberts began her career in broadcasting as a sports director at Southeastern Louisiana University’s radio station. She also played on the school’s basketball team, the Lady Lions, between 1979 and 1983. During

her career on the court, Roberts scored 1,446 points and had 1,034 rebounds, which earned

her a place in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and on the NCAA’s list of most influential student-athletes.

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The Power of Three (3)


Talcum Powder and Cancer — What You Need to Know The Fyre Festival’s Legal Fallout for Influencers


Spring Vegetable and Chicken Pasta Bake 4 Celebrities Who Were Student-Athletes


AI Is Helping Us Explore Space!


Genius Technology

3 Ways AI Is Changing Our Lives for the Better!

Detecting Disease Our health has never been more in focus than it is today, and innovators know that. Some AI devices now can detect illness just by smelling someone’s breath. The bots are designed to pick up on certain odor cues that the body gives off while fighting diseases, like cancer or diabetes. While these machines are still in the implementation and development phases, they have the potential to improve diagnostic testing and find diseases in the near future. Creating Better Engineering Platforms Engineers have thankless, albeit powerful, jobs. While they’re often credited with creating some of our biggest achievements, much of their job is spent tinkering with existing models to improve small components for greater success. Thanks to AI, Stanford University professor Chris Re surmises that engineers may be able to spend more time playing with greater ideas instead. Machine-learning technology is capable of understanding where the pitfalls in a device lie and how it would need to be improved. This can cut down on time spent doing mundane work, and instead, engineers can move innovation along faster than ever.

Artificial intelligence (AI) became a household feature when Apple introduced us to Siri, and it expanded with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. However, AI can do so much more than tell us the weather or answer our customer service questions. Today, AI is more advanced than ever, and as engineers continue to tweak its capabilities, it continues to shape the way we think about the future. Here are three ways AI is expanding beyond computer programs. Exploring Mars Putting humans on Mars is NASA’s ultimate goal, so it’s probing for safe landing sites on the big red planet with the help of AI. For the past 15 years, scientists have relied on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to send photos and other valuable data to NASA. One of the crucial aspects of the planet that NASA needs to study is the craters, both old and new. But expecting the orbiter to find these with precision hasn’t always been easy. In 2020, NASA scientists developed an AI software that could detect fresh craters on Mars’ surface in the photos that the orbiter sends back. This has already led to the discovery of dozens of previously once-hidden craters in the orbiter’s photos.

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