Spring III 2021

To Make Them Swoon SUMMER Gifts


Keep their hearts afloat with this exclusive Limited Edition figurine.

See page 2 for details.

Spring III 2021

Capture theMemories of Sweet Summer Love

You Keep My Heart Afloat Figurine The waters are calm, the swans are lovely, and this couple enjoying an afternoon in their paddleboat knows their love will always keep them afloat. Limited to only 1,500 pieces worldwide. Bisque porcelain. 9"L x 6.75"W x 5"H. 203001 | $140.00 EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION

You Make My Heart Glow Figurine A romantic candlelit dinner is the ultimate date night! So clearly in love, this sweet couple shares a special meal, but the food is secondary to the company they share. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211034 | $90.00 Personalized | $97.99

Yours for only $ 15 .00 SPECIAL OFFER

with purchase of $30.00 or more. ($30.00 Retail Value)


Make Every Day Sparkle LED Figurine A celebration of the stars and stripes, this adorable light-up puppy figurine is the perfect gift for Memorial Day, Independence Day, or any patriotic occasion. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 4.5"H. 209047 | $30.00 $15.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866.336.2554


You’re My RainbowAmong The Clouds Figurine When the days get cloudy, we turn to the ones who bring sunshine to our lives. Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 202004 | $85.00

You’re My Passport To Happiness Figurine A journey with the one you love always makes the trip more enjoyable. Strolling through the airport hand-in-hand, this happy couple has their carry- on baggage behind them and a fun adventure in front of them. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211033 | $80.00 Personalized | $87.99

I Can’t Hide My Love For You Figurine Bright red balloons spell out their emotions even as they try to hide them. Bisque porcelain. Girl | 6"H. | 202001 | $42.00 Boy | 5.5"H. | 202002 | $42.00

May All OurWishes Come True Figurine So many beautiful possibilities lie ahead for a young couple in love. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 203002 | $90.00

I Love The Story Of Us Figurine Every love story is different and each is special. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202003 | $75.00 Personalized | $82.99

Love Is the Answer Figurine No matter the question, love is always the answer! Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 203003 | $80.00



Best Day Ever Figurine Bisque porcelain. 7"H. 172007 | $70.99

You’ll Always Be My Little Girl Figurine All eyes fall to the beautiful bride and her devoted dad as they share a touching dance. He feels such pride for the young lady she has become. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202006 | $75.00

Contents not included.

Happily Ever After Photo Frame Give a wedding or shower gift that forever honors the first day of their happily ever after. This Disney- themed photo frame showcases a treasured 4" x 6" wedding photo, the perfect present for Disney fans.

Happily Ever AfterWith You Figurine This darling couple tops off their wedding day with just the right accent of Disney- themed fun. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 191061 | $75.99

Resin/Glass. 8"H. 203163 | $30.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554


Honor Another Year of Happiness with These Anniversary Gifts!

You Make Life Beautiful General Anniversary Figurine

Each year spent together as a couple brings a deepened love for one another, a mutual understanding that comes through your shared experiences. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 202005 | $65.00

We Are Mint For Each Other Figurine Sharing a minty frozen treat at their favorite ice cream parlor, this couple finds such happiness in knowing they are truly meant for one another. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211032 | $75.00 Personalized | $82.99

Love You More Each Day Photo Frame Anniversaries are a celebration of lasting love, acknowledging that when you put in the effort, love grows more deeply with each passing day. This beautiful frame holds a 4" x 6" photo and perfectly honors the occasion. Bisque porcelain/Glass. 7.5"H. 203101 | $25.00

Through The Years General Anniversary Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 123019 | $70.99

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.



Frame includes tassel hook and announcement clip.



Contents not included.

The Future Belongs To You Photo Frame Holds 4" x 6" photo. Wood/Glass/Metal. 8.5"H. A. 183435 | $18.99

Believe In Possibility Photo Keepsake Box Holds 4" x 4" photo. Wood/Glass. 5.75"L x 5.75"W x 2.25"H. B. 183436 | $22.99



Your Story Is Just Beginning Figurine It’s the end of one chapter, but the beginning of an exciting new one! Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. C. 193007 | $50.99 The Future Belongs To You Figurine Keep the memories close and remind your favorite graduates that you believe in them and their dreams.

Believe In Possibility Musical Snow Globe An eye-catching snow globe with a chalkboard-look base welcomes a bright future! This clever design features her cap outside the globe as the young graduate tosses it in the air with joy. Plays “Pomp And Circumstance”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 203120 | $35.00

Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. D. 183007 (shown) | $50.99 Blank Base Exclusive | 183007D | $50.99 Personalized | $58.98

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554



Create lasting memories of their special day.

My First Communion Keepsake Book Commemorate the Holy Sacrament of First Communion with this truly thoughtful keepsake gift. This well-written, beautifully illustrated book will keep the precious memories of their special day close. Hardcover. 8.25"H. 64 pages. SB5673-9 | $14.99

Remembrance Of My First Communion Figurine So much preparation goes into this day, and once their hearts are ready, the Eucharist is joyfully received for the first time. These figurines are lasting mementos from this holy occasion. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. Girl Blonde | 202017 | $45.00 Boy Blond | 202016 | $45.00 Girl Brunette Exclusive | 202017D | $45.00 Boy Brunette Exclusive | 202016D | $45.00





Contents not included.

Faith Is The Light That Guides You Celebrate the sacrament with beautiful gifts worthy of the milestone. Resin rosary boxes include a beaded rosary. 2.25" Dia. x 1.25"H. Resin photo frames hold 4" x 6" photo. 7.25"H.

A. Girl Photo Frame | 202424 | $20.00 B. Girl Rosary Box with White Rosary | 202428 | $25.00 C. Boy Photo Frame | 202429 | $20.00 D. Boy Rosary Box with Black Rosary | 202423 | $25.00




PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554


Accents of Faith for Baby

Choose from 3 options! As shown, Blank Base, or personalized

Welcome Into God’s Embrace Figurine Marking an official entry into God’s loving family, this figurine beautifully commemorates a baby’s baptism, christening, or dedication day. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 193002 (shown) | $70.99 Blank Base Exclusive | 193002D | $70.99 Personalized | $78.98

Blessings For Baby Prayer Jar Well-wishes, prayers, keepsakes, or money – the uses for this simple and sweet jar are endless. Ceramic/Jute. 6"H. 193405 | $20.99 Held In His Arms Rosary Box with Rosary Metal/Plastic/Zinc alloy. 2"L x 2"W x 1.25"H. 191449 | $20.99

I AmA Child Of God Cross A constant reminder of heavenly love and familial devotion, this cross reverently accents any nursery. Includes an attached easel stand and wall hook for versatility in display options. Wood/Resin. 8"H. 193406 | $27.99

I Love My Godparent Photo Frame Makes a great keepsake gift from baby to godparents for baptisms and christenings. Also perfect for a godparent’s birthday. Holds 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 8"H. 183408 | $17.99


Baby Gifts & Décor

My First Tooth & My First Curl Keepsake Box Set Decorated with an adorable elephant and giraffe parent and baby, these sweet gifts keep the special milestones of that first year close for years to come. Resin. 2 pieces. 2" Dia. x 4"H. 182401 | $30.99 Bless This Baby Blessings Jar This adorable baby blessings jar features a cute Precious Moments elephant and a round shape that provides plenty of room for blessings, notes, and keepsakes. Ceramic. 7"H. 183406 | $20.99

LoveYou Forever Photo Frame All the Earth rejoices when a new baby joins the ranks. A sweet red wolf looks over a 4" x 6" photo of the precious little one. Perfect for a sonogram image or one of Baby’s first photos! Resin/Glass. 6.75"H. 203115 | $20.00

My First Steps Photo Frame Those first few steps a baby takes mark the beginning of their journey toward independence. This endearing frame showcases a 4" x 6" photo of a youngster putting one foot in front of the other. Resin/Glass. 7.75"H. 202405 | $20.00 Precious Moments will donate 5% of the sales price of select Precious Earth gifts to Wildlife Conservation Network to support their efforts to save the world’s endangered animals. Available in U.S.A. only. | © 2019 Wildlife Conservation Network, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 10

Tons of Love fromNaptime to Mealtime!

Love You Tons Bib Silicone. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. Adjustable neck opening. 10"L x 7.25"W. 201448 | $10.99

Love You Tons Bento Box Bamboo/Silicone/Plastic. 5 pieces. Includes lid, wide strap, and leakproof small container. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. 7"L x 5.25"W x 2.25"H. Holds 20 oz. 201449 | $15.99

Tuk Elephant Hooded Blanket Polyester. Machine washable. 30"L x 40"W. 199815 | $24.99


Love You Tons Sippy Cup Bamboo/Silicone/Plastic. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. Leakproof design. 5.5"H. Holds 10 oz. 201447 | $10.99

Visit PreciousMoments.com for more adorable animal options!


Fill Your Little One’s Roomwith Love




Our collections are designed with you and your precious little one in mind. Visit PreciousMoments.com for softly glowing nightlights, mesmerizing musicals, stuffed animals, and more.

My Precious One Giraffe Bank This adorable giraffe bank is just perfect for reminding kids that money grows into a nice tall pile when you start saving early! Ceramic. 6"H. A. 179308 | $16.99

My Precious One Giraffe Photo Frame Holds 4" x 6" photo. Ceramic. 8.75"H. B. 179307 | $15.99

My Precious One Giraffe Musical Snow Globe A baby giraffe cozies up for a reassuring moment with its parent in a wonderland of glitter while your most precious blessing falls asleep. Plays the soothing tune of “Brahms’ Lullaby”. Resin/Glass. 6"H. C. 179306 | $36.99

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554


Announce Your Newest Addition!

Lights up pink or blue to reveal Baby’s gender.

We’re Adding Love Gender Reveal Photo Frame Showcase a 4" x 6" photo of the proud parents-to- be, and keep people guessing as to whether their new baby will be a boy or girl. Choose from three pre-printed inserts to reveal the answer! After the birth of your sweet bundle of joy, replace insert with your baby’s photo. Resin/Glass. 7.25"H. 202409 | $25.00

HowWeWonderWhat You Are Gender Reveal LED Nightlight

Announce the big news with a pink or blue LED light! Makes a sweet nightlight in a baby’s nursery after the gender reveal. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 4"H. 192436 | $25.99

Elephant Gender Reveal Cake Topper/Figurine Resin/Acrylic. 4 pieces. Includes 3 signs. 7.5"H. 183404 | $25.99

Worth TheWait Sloth Sonogram Photo Frame Holds a 4" x 6" photo. Wood/Glass. 6.75"H. 192427 | $20.99 Precious Moments will donate 5% of the sales price of select Precious Earth gifts to Wildlife Conservation Network to support their efforts to save the world’s endangered animals. Available in U.S.A. only. | © 2019 Wildlife Conservation Network, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Contents not included.


So Cute and Cuddly!

So Beary Sweet Charlie Bear Stuffed Animal

Snuggle Me! Barley Bear Stuffed Animal There’s just something about a teddy bear that just begs to be hugged. Lovable, huggable Barley Bear is no exception. Plush. 8.5"H. A15841 | $13.00

Super soft and sweetly smiling, Charlie Bear makes the perfect plush friend for anyone. Plush. 11"H. A15844 | $15.00

Always By Your Side Colton Corgi Stuffed Animal Sweet and faithful, Colton Corgi will be forever by your side. The perfect gift for Corgi fans, this adorable pup is ready for a cuddle. Plush. 8.5"H. A15838 | $13.00

I Love You SlowMuch Sammy Sloth Stuffed Animal A sloth’s slow and gentle nature endears it to the hearts of many. Snuggly Sammy Sloth knows there’s no need to rush a good hug! Plush. 8.5"H. A15835 | $13.00

You Are Outstanding Flora Flamingo Stuffed Animal Cuddly, snuggly, Flora Flamingo is the friendliest in the flock. A perky, pink present for anyone who loves stuffed animals. Plush. 8.5"H. A15840 | $13.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 14

Contents not included.

Inspirational Gifts for Young Girls

Kick Like A Girl Figurine Practicing each move to perfection, this student of martial arts demonstrates discipline, patience, and persistence. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. Blonde Exclusive | 202013D | $45.00 Brunette (shown) | 202013 | $45.00 Personalized | $52.99

Set Your Goals High Figurine Some girls are just goal-oriented! This one has her eye on the target and is ready to give it her best shot. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. Brunette (shown) Exclusive | 202012D | $45.00 Blonde | 202012 | $45.00 Personalized | $52.99

Make A Splash Mermaid Musical Snow Globe Plays “Beautiful Dreamer”. Resin/Glass. 6"H. 193102 | $40.99

Greatness Is Already Inside You Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 193006 | $40.99

You Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go Figurine Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 192006 | $45.99

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


A special new series of seasonal angels lights up from within, adding beauty to any space.







Sweet Land Of Liberty LED Figurine This star-spangled beauty pays tribute to Old Glory and really lights up the occasion! This patriotic figurine is part of an exclusive series of seasonally-inspired angels. Bisque porcelain. Includes 2 button cell batteries. 4.5"H. E. 209045 | $35.00

Seasonal Angels Series LED Figurines Bisque porcelain. Includes 2 button cell batteries. 4.5"H. A. Snowflakes Are Winter’s Butterfly | 209039 | $35.00 B. Let Your Heart Guide You | 209040 | $35.00 C. Irish Eyes Are Smiling | 209041 | $35.00 D. Live Life In Full Bloom | 209044 | $35.00

County Fair Favorites

Baking Every Day Perfect Figurine For the one who takes first place in your book, this sweet baker shares her prize- winning pie with a little help from her feline friend. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 209036 | $45.00 Personalized | $52.99

You Are Legen-dairy Figurine This country cutie offers an encouraging message to young and old, no matter what their dreams might be. Bisque

Keep Moving Forward Figurine Your load may be heavy, but no matter how slow going it might be, all you have to do is keep moving forward. Bisque

porcelain. 5.25"H. 209037 | $60.00

porcelain. 4.75"H. 209038 | $70.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 16

Limited Editions

Your Love Is A Precious Pearl Figurine Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide, this figurine depicting deep sea adventures is perfect for a couple that would go to any depths for one another. Bisque porcelain. 8.5"L x 7.25"W x 6.25"H. 202010 | $165.00

You Make My Heart Leap Figurine Limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. Bisque porcelain. 10.25"L x 6.75"W x 5.25"H. 173002 | $159.99

Caught In The Current Of Love Figurine Limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. Bisque porcelain. 9.25"L x 7.25"W x 6.75"H. 183003 | $169.99


YourWord Is A Lamp To My Feet And A Light To My Path Figurine Limited to only 1,500 pieces worldwide, this inspirational exclusive figurine is inspired by one of the most uplifting Bible verses, Psalm 119:105. Beautifully illustrating the sentiment, this faithful believer holds her Bible close knowing that it not only lights her path, but brings joy to her heart. Bisque porcelain. 6"L x 5"W x 6.75"H. 209033 | $110.00

This figurine is an Exclusive available through PreciousMoments.com, our catalogs, and Precious Moments Foundation.


Limited Editions

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind Figurine Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide. This touching figurine shows the quiet beauty of a love that’s pure, patient, and everlasting. Bisque porcelain. 8.75"L x 6.5"W x 6"H. 192007 | $159.99

Our Love Is Like A Sweet Song Figurine

Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide. Bisque porcelain. 9.5"L x 6.75"W x 10"H. 182008 | $174.99

My Heart Always Comes Around To You Figurine Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide. From the top of a Ferris wheel, the view is incredible, and it just might provide clarity about where a heart belongs. Bisque porcelain. 9.25"L x 6.25"W x 7.5"H. 193009 | $164.99

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 18

Offer Your Sympathy with a Thoughtful Gift

Memories Of YouWill Bloom Forever Memorial Garden Stone

The memories held within the heart can always be called upon to offer a bit of solace during times of grief. This beautiful garden stone helps someone visit those comforting memories often. Resin. 9"L x 3"W x 6.5"H. 203111 | $25.00

Run FreeWith The Angels Pet Memorial Garden Stone

Pets bring comfort, they are playmates, and they are friends. This garden stone allows them to be remembered for all the ways they brought joy to each day. Resin. 8.25"L x 7.5"W x 5.25"H. 202425 | $25.00

May Angels Embrace You Photo Frame Honor those who have passed in a way that keeps their memory forever close with this memorial photo frame featuring beautifully detailed angel wings. Holds 4" x 4" photo. Resin/Glass. 6.75"H. 192405 | $35.99

Carried On Angel Wings To Heaven Ornament When someone truly touches our hearts, even when they are gone, they are never forgotten. Ceramic. 4"H. 201455 | $15.99



2021 Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ®

Throughout 2021, we are celebrating the Collectors’ Club 40th Anniversary! We invite you to honor forty years of beautiful friendship and the pure beauty of life’s simple, yet precious moments by becoming a Collectors’ Club Member. In honor of this special anniversary, Club Membership is only $40.00 for a full year!

• FREE Symbol of Membership Figurine Believe In Pure Beauty • EXCLUSIVE right to purchase three 2021 Members’ Only Figurines • FREE one-year digital subscription to MOMENTS Magazine, the official publication of the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® • FREE shipping on all eligible purchases † • FREE figurine and doll personalization on eligible products † • EXCLUSIVE invitation to join the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® Facebook group • EXCLUSIVE ability to earn Share Love Rewards Points three times faster Earn benefits* only available as a Member, including:

Believe In Pure Beauty 2021 Symbol of Membership Figurine Included with paid membership! CC219001

Life Is More Beautiful With A Friend 2021 Members’ Only Figurine CC219003 | $60.00

Trust In The Beauty Of Love 2021 Members’ Only Figurine CC219002 | $70.00

Beauty Is In The Little Things 2021 Members’ Only Figurine CC219004 | $50.00

The bases of each figurine fit together to create a charming heart-shaped scene.

Gift Memberships Available Now! 3 WAYS TO PURCHASE YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP:

1. Catalog order form

2. Call 1-877-496-8725

3. Visit PreciousMoments.com

*Restrictions apply. Visit www.PreciousMoments.com/promotion_club2021 for details. † Valid on eligible purchases made through PreciousMoments.com and Precious Moments Mail Order Division.


Let Your Favorite People Know You’re Thinking of Them

Here’s To A Lifetime Of Friendship Figurine Cheers to friendship! Raise a glass to a special friendship that stands the test of time. These two celebrate their differences and embrace their shared experiences. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 202014 | $75.00 Personalized | $82.99

I’ve Got Your Back Figurine Togetherness when you need it most is what true friendship is all about. It is comforting to know you always have someone to lean on, someone to lend an ear, and someone who always has your back. Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 203008 | $70.00

Our Friendship Is Forever True friendship stands the test of time. Give a gift that honors this eternal bond! Each of these designs shows a special friend just how much they are loved and valued.

Votive Holder | 3.25"H. | Bisque porcelain. | 203174 | $15.00 Key Chain | 2"H. | Resin/Metal. | 203175 | $10.00 Figurine | 3"H. | Resin. | 203173 | $12.50

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 22

Inspire Them to Keep Going

Don’t Give Up, You’re Almost There Figurine One foot in front of the other is the surest way to reach your goals. Encourage someone to realize just how close they are to reaching their dreams! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202009 | $52.00

Keep Looking Up Figurine An outgoing adventurer stands face-to-face with her favorite species, the three-toed tree sloth. She shows that encouragement can be found in unlikely places! Bisque porcelain. 7"H. 202008 | $65.00

Thank your healthcare heroes!

You’re My Hero Figurine With the hearts of heroes, healthcare workers sacrifice so much to help those who need it most. Making a difference every day in the lives of their patients, these selfless healthcare workers are not only essential, but also deeply appreciated. Resin. 6"H.

Girl | Brunette Hair, Light Skin | 202430 | $35.99 Boy | Brunette Hair, Light Skin | 202431 | $35.99 Girl | Black Hair, Dark Skin | 202432 | $35.99 Boy | Black Hair, Dark Skin | 202433 | $35.99 Personalized | $43.98

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Figurines crafted from the finest bisque porcelain, these hand-painted, sweet surprises become a tradition children look forward to year after year.









Age 1: Happy Birthday Little Lamb Figurine C. 3"H. | 142021 | $27.99 Age 2: God Bless You On Your Birthday Figurine D. 3.75"H. | 142022 | $27.99 Age 3: Heaven Bless Your Special Day Figurine E. 3.5"H. | 142023 | $27.99

Age 4: May Your Birthday Be Gigantic Figurine F. 4"H. | 142024 | $30.99 Age 5: This Day Is Something To Roar About Figurine G. 4.25"H. | 142025 | $37.99 Age 6: Keep Looking Up Figurine H. 5.5"H. | 142026 | $37.99

Clown Conductor: Bless The Days Of Our Youth Figurine A. 5"H. | 142019 | $37.99 Caboose: May Your Birthday BeWarm Figurine B. 2.75"H. | 142020 | $27.99 Birthday Train

Visit PreciousMoments.com for Birthday Train ages 7-16 and Growing In Grace ages 5-16.

Growing In Grace

Age 2 Figurine Blonde (shown)


| 142011 | $35.99 | 142011B | $35.99 | 142011D | $35.99

Precious Baby Figurine



Redhead Exclusive

| 133023 | $25.99 | 133040 | $25.99 | 133023D | $25.99 | 142010 | $35.99 | 142010B | $35.99 | 142010D | $35.99 3.5"H.

Blonde (shown)


Age 3 Figurine


Redhead Exclusive

| 142012 | $35.99

Blonde Brunette

Age 1 Figurine

| 142012B | $35.99 Redhead (shown) Exclusive | 142012D | $35.99 Age 4 Figurine 3.75"H. Blonde | 152010 | $35.99 Brunette (shown) | 152010B | $35.99 Redhead Exclusive | 152010D | $35.99


Brunette (shown) Redhead Exclusive

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 24

Each figurine includes numbered stickers 1-8 to honor a special birthday.

Contents not included. Each sold separately.

Disney Collectible Parade

Disney Collectible Parade Daisy Duck and Donald Duck Figurine Resin/Metal. 4"H. 201702 | $25.00 Disney Collectible Parade Huey, Dewey, and Louie Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.5"H. 201707 | $25.00

Disney Collectible Parade Pluto and Figaro Figurine Resin/Metal. 4"H. 201704 | $25.00 Disney Collectible Parade Scrooge McDuck Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.75"H. 201706 | $25.00

Disney Collectible Parade Mickey Mouse Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.25"H. 201701 | $25.00

Disney Collectible Parade Goofy Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.75"H. 201703 | $25.00

Visit PreciousMoments.com for 2 additional Disney Collectible Parade characters.

Visit PreciousMoments.com for Disney Birthday Parade ages 4-12.

Disney Birthday Parade

Hail To The Princess Disney Prince Phillip Figurine Resin. 6"H. 104402 | $32.99

May Your Birthday Be The Fairest Of ThemAll Disney SnowWhite Figurine Resin. 4.25"H. 104403 | $32.99

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo – NowYou’re Two! Disney Cinderella Figurine Resin. 4.25"H. 104404 | $32.99

NowYou’re Three, A Beauty You’ll Always And Forever Be Disney Aurora Figurine Resin. 4.25"H. 104405 | $32.99


Disney Villains

You Leave Me Speechless Disney Ursula Figurine

This figurine captures the essence of Disney’s The Little Mermaid’s Ursula. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 192015 | $55.99

You Leave Me Speechless Disney Ursula Musical Snow Globe

Let someone know they leave you utterly speechless with an underwater snow globe featuring Ursula the villainous Sea Witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid . Plays “Moonlight Sonata”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 211108 | $50.00

You Get Me All Fired Up Disney Maleficent LED Figurine

A nod to the infamous Mistress of Evil, this malevolent creature is dressed as Disney’s Maleficent! She appears to step right from the green flames that really light up. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 6"H. 202040 | $55.00

Disney Maleficent Figurine An adorable girl dressed as Disney’s Maleficent prepares to cast a spell. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 153011 | $55.99

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 26

You’re The Queen Of My Heart Disney Queen Of Hearts Figurine

Just like the Queen of Hearts from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, this young lady plays croquet with a Cheshire Cat upon her back! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 193051 | $55.99

With You, I Have It All Disney The Little Mermaid Figurine Celebrate the beginning of happily ever after! A young, sea-ravaged prince lifts his courageous princess out of the waves, just as Prince Eric did for Ariel. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 203065 | $65.00

You’re Such A Dahling Disney Cruella De Vil Figurine This young lady inspires fond memories of favorite scenes from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians . Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 183071 | $55.99

Your Love Lifts Me Higher Disney Beauty And The Beast Figurine A beautiful moment immortalized in porcelain, this figurine captures the joy Belle would have felt while dancing with her new prince as he lifts her into the air. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 203062 | $65.00 Personalized | $72.99

Near Or Jafar, I’ll Always Be Yours Disney Jafar Figurine Dressed as Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin , this young man wears the robes of the sorcerer who everyone loves to despise! Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 201064 | $55.99


TogetherWe’re Strong Disney Frozen 2 Figurine Hand-in-hand, these strong, beautiful sisters are inspired by the royal sisters of Arendelle. When they stand side by side, they are confident that anything is possible! Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 203063 | $70.00 Personalized | $77.99

My Dream Starts With Me Disney Tiana Figurine

The evening star is great for wishing, but can only take you so far. This The Princess And The Frog figurine is a reminder to put in the work to make your dreams come true. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 211026 | $55.00

You Keep Me On Target Disney Mulan Figurine Tales of Disney’s Mulan inspire a spirit of honor and bravery. Bisque porcelain/Resin. 5.5"H. 202032 | $55.00

True To Myself Disney Elsa Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 201062 | $55.99

DreamOf Adventure Disney Belle Figurine

Invite dreams of grand adventures! With a book in hand, this beauty walks along a cobblestone road, clearly mid-song, hoping for a reason to leave her small village and experience something more. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 203061 | $50.00

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Disney Film Favorites

And They Lived Happily Ever After Disney SnowWhite And The Seven Dwarfs Figurine A sweet depiction of chivalry and young romance, this figurine will bring back those happy feelings from the first time you saw Disney’s SnowWhite awaken with a kiss. Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 203064 | $65.00

Dopey’s Brilliance Disney Dopey Perpetual Calendar

Disney’s Dopey shows off his delightful treasure of gems! This adorable perpetual calendar will remind your loved ones to find the treasures in every day. Resin. 5.5"H. 172710 | $30.99

You Have Such A Cheery Disposition Disney Mary Poppins Figurine Disney’s Mary Poppins knows that any dream is possible if she truly believes. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 182093 | $70.99

Faith, Trust, And Pixie Dust Disney Tinker Bell Figurine

No one knows the layout of Neverland like Tinker Bell! This sweet fairy tiptoes across a curling map of the famed, magical island, planning her next adventure. Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 202035 | $55.00


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Love Brings OurWorlds Together Disney The Little Mermaid Musical

Nothing can keep true love apart, not even ocean depths. The love story between Princess Ariel and Prince Eric is brought to life through this glorious musical figurine uniting their two worlds. Plays the tune “Part Of Your World”. Resin. 6.5"H. 202033 | $70.00

Don’t Feed The Bear Disney Winnie The Pooh Musical Snow Globe Pooh’s delightful antics always bring a smile. Here he may have eaten a bit too much honey and requires a little help from Rabbit. This musical snow globe plays “The Winnie The Pooh Theme Song”. Resin/Glass. 5.5"H. 203704 | $50.00

True Beauty Is FoundWithin Disney Beauty And The Beast Rotating Musical Snow Globe A true beauty to behold, this musical figurine inspired by Disney’s legendary animated classic plays the tune “Beauty And The Beast”. The dancing couple within rotates as the music plays. Resin/Glass. 6"H. 203161 | $55.00

© Disney. Based on the “Winnie The Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

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These charming covered boxes are perfect for keeping pins, earrings, and small keepsakes.


Explore This World Disney Ariel Covered Box Disney’s Princess Ariel sits keeping watch over your valuables. Resin. 4"H. 202036 | $25.00

True Beauty Disney Belle Covered Box Even while considering her reflection the beautiful Disney Princess Belle knows that true beauty lies within. Resin. 4"H. 202038 | $25.00

Dreams Come True Disney Cinderella Covered Box Perfectly poised in a pumpkin patch Disney’s Princess Cinderella sits atop this covered box. Resin. 4"H. 202037 | $25.00

Disney Cinderella LEDMusical Listen to the inspiring Disney tune “A Dream Is AWish Your Heart Makes” as you watch the color-changing lights and dream about romance, beauty, and Disney’s Cinderella’s adventures. Resin. Includes 3 button cell Disney Belle LEDMusical This beautiful musical features color-changing lights that shine through the pretty floral pattern in the sparkling gown worn by Disney’s Princess Belle. Plays the tune “Beauty And The Beast”. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 5.5"H. 183472 | $40.99

Disney Minnie Mouse LEDMusical Pretty in pink from head to toe, Minnie Mouse has an added surprise when colorful lights shine from her polka-dots. Plays “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo”. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 5.5"H. 183701 | $40.99

batteries. 5.5"H. 183473 | $40.99


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