Spring III 2021

Inspire Them to Keep Going

Don’t Give Up, You’re Almost There Figurine One foot in front of the other is the surest way to reach your goals. Encourage someone to realize just how close they are to reaching their dreams! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202009 | $52.00

Keep Looking Up Figurine An outgoing adventurer stands face-to-face with her favorite species, the three-toed tree sloth. She shows that encouragement can be found in unlikely places! Bisque porcelain. 7"H. 202008 | $65.00

Thank your healthcare heroes!

You’re My Hero Figurine With the hearts of heroes, healthcare workers sacrifice so much to help those who need it most. Making a difference every day in the lives of their patients, these selfless healthcare workers are not only essential, but also deeply appreciated. Resin. 6"H.

Girl | Brunette Hair, Light Skin | 202430 | $35.99 Boy | Brunette Hair, Light Skin | 202431 | $35.99 Girl | Black Hair, Dark Skin | 202432 | $35.99 Boy | Black Hair, Dark Skin | 202433 | $35.99 Personalized | $43.98

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


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