Spring III 2021

Each figurine includes numbered stickers 1-8 to honor a special birthday.

Contents not included. Each sold separately.

Disney Collectible Parade

Disney Collectible Parade Daisy Duck and Donald Duck Figurine Resin/Metal. 4"H. 201702 | $25.00 Disney Collectible Parade Huey, Dewey, and Louie Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.5"H. 201707 | $25.00

Disney Collectible Parade Pluto and Figaro Figurine Resin/Metal. 4"H. 201704 | $25.00 Disney Collectible Parade Scrooge McDuck Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.75"H. 201706 | $25.00

Disney Collectible Parade Mickey Mouse Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.25"H. 201701 | $25.00

Disney Collectible Parade Goofy Figurine Resin/Metal. 3.75"H. 201703 | $25.00

Visit PreciousMoments.com for 2 additional Disney Collectible Parade characters.

Visit PreciousMoments.com for Disney Birthday Parade ages 4-12.

Disney Birthday Parade

Hail To The Princess Disney Prince Phillip Figurine Resin. 6"H. 104402 | $32.99

May Your Birthday Be The Fairest Of ThemAll Disney SnowWhite Figurine Resin. 4.25"H. 104403 | $32.99

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo – NowYou’re Two! Disney Cinderella Figurine Resin. 4.25"H. 104404 | $32.99

NowYou’re Three, A Beauty You’ll Always And Forever Be Disney Aurora Figurine Resin. 4.25"H. 104405 | $32.99


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