Spring III 2021

You’re The Queen Of My Heart Disney Queen Of Hearts Figurine

Just like the Queen of Hearts from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, this young lady plays croquet with a Cheshire Cat upon her back! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 193051 | $55.99

With You, I Have It All Disney The Little Mermaid Figurine Celebrate the beginning of happily ever after! A young, sea-ravaged prince lifts his courageous princess out of the waves, just as Prince Eric did for Ariel. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 203065 | $65.00

You’re Such A Dahling Disney Cruella De Vil Figurine This young lady inspires fond memories of favorite scenes from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians . Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 183071 | $55.99

Your Love Lifts Me Higher Disney Beauty And The Beast Figurine A beautiful moment immortalized in porcelain, this figurine captures the joy Belle would have felt while dancing with her new prince as he lifts her into the air. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 203062 | $65.00 Personalized | $72.99

Near Or Jafar, I’ll Always Be Yours Disney Jafar Figurine Dressed as Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin , this young man wears the robes of the sorcerer who everyone loves to despise! Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H. 201064 | $55.99


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