Spring III 2021

Love Brings OurWorlds Together Disney The Little Mermaid Musical

Nothing can keep true love apart, not even ocean depths. The love story between Princess Ariel and Prince Eric is brought to life through this glorious musical figurine uniting their two worlds. Plays the tune “Part Of Your World”. Resin. 6.5"H. 202033 | $70.00

Don’t Feed The Bear Disney Winnie The Pooh Musical Snow Globe Pooh’s delightful antics always bring a smile. Here he may have eaten a bit too much honey and requires a little help from Rabbit. This musical snow globe plays “The Winnie The Pooh Theme Song”. Resin/Glass. 5.5"H. 203704 | $50.00

True Beauty Is FoundWithin Disney Beauty And The Beast Rotating Musical Snow Globe A true beauty to behold, this musical figurine inspired by Disney’s legendary animated classic plays the tune “Beauty And The Beast”. The dancing couple within rotates as the music plays. Resin/Glass. 6"H. 203161 | $55.00

© Disney. Based on the “Winnie The Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

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