Spring III 2021

These charming covered boxes are perfect for keeping pins, earrings, and small keepsakes.


Explore This World Disney Ariel Covered Box Disney’s Princess Ariel sits keeping watch over your valuables. Resin. 4"H. 202036 | $25.00

True Beauty Disney Belle Covered Box Even while considering her reflection the beautiful Disney Princess Belle knows that true beauty lies within. Resin. 4"H. 202038 | $25.00

Dreams Come True Disney Cinderella Covered Box Perfectly poised in a pumpkin patch Disney’s Princess Cinderella sits atop this covered box. Resin. 4"H. 202037 | $25.00

Disney Cinderella LEDMusical Listen to the inspiring Disney tune “A Dream Is AWish Your Heart Makes” as you watch the color-changing lights and dream about romance, beauty, and Disney’s Cinderella’s adventures. Resin. Includes 3 button cell Disney Belle LEDMusical This beautiful musical features color-changing lights that shine through the pretty floral pattern in the sparkling gown worn by Disney’s Princess Belle. Plays the tune “Beauty And The Beast”. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 5.5"H. 183472 | $40.99

Disney Minnie Mouse LEDMusical Pretty in pink from head to toe, Minnie Mouse has an added surprise when colorful lights shine from her polka-dots. Plays “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo”. Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 5.5"H. 183701 | $40.99

batteries. 5.5"H. 183473 | $40.99


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