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Fit NRG weekly community events continue Port Stanley’s Brenda Murray needed to change her life. She was diagnosed with diabetes last December after a lengthy pre-diagnosis period. There was stress. She wanted to lose weight. Her energy level was low. “So, I studied and learned more, and set up some best

Murray maintains an upbeat environment throughout her sessions and also provides an opportunity to participate in a Mia exercise program – combining dance and yoga – as well as ageless grace chair exercises. Every third Wednesday, a dietician and registered nurse from West Elgin Community Health Centre attend, with presentations about diabetes, offering one-on-one health talks. “I’m not going to preach,” she adds. “You take what you can use.” For more information, contact Murray at fitnrg@hotmail.com .

Port Stanley Festival Theatre offers six shows for 2020 summer season By Simon Joynes, Artistic Director The Port Stanley Festival Theatre’s (PSFT’s) 2020 summer season

To advertise here, please contact Joe@villagerpublications.com Murray advocates the methods described by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an author and Ottawa-based obesity specialist, who wrote the national best seller, The Diet Fix. Murray’s St. Thomas family doctor Dr. Aric Sudicky – who worked and trained with Dr. Freehoff – recommended the book to her. practices for myself,” Murray said in a recent interview. Her ingenuity and determination led Murray to launch a not-for-profit, self-help group called Fit NRG. Her formula for success is simple: lifestyle change through exercise and nutrition = fitness, weight loss and energy. “This group getting together is partly for me,” she added. “Personally, I needed it. I needed more energy and I created it.” A retired registered nurse specializing in occupational health who moved to Port in 2005, Murray has been a resident at Kettle Creek Villa, 289 Frances Street, since 2013. “Diabetes started the kick,” she added. “So far, I’ve lost some weight and it has helped.” Participation in her pay-what-you-can program has grown to include nearly a dozen people per session. “I don’twant anyone to feel theycan’t come,”shesaid.She’sattracting mostly retired folks, but everyone is welcomed. “To stay healthy and get the support and encouragement, you can’t put a price on it. Most of the people who come are from outside the Villa. That’s part of the confusion for people. People thought it was just for the Villa.” Launched in September, Fit NRG’s meetings continue every Wednesday, at 10 a.m., in the main-floor common room at the Villa. E-mail communications are a big component of the program and lay the framework for each session. Murray’s introductory remarks generally feed on a question – such as ‘what does fit mean to you?’ – e-mailed to participants beforehand. “By the time we get around the room, there’s a nice representation of what that means.” There’s also a private weigh-in. Then there’s a presentation byMurray, or a guest speaker, followed by an activity, such as “laughter yoga.” The activity may also be a walk around the block, within the comfort levels of individuals. It could also be a trip to the East Road exercise park, or the Solitude park on Dexter Line. Her presentations typically direct people to adjust to the Canada Food Guide. “I’m finding that they dive right in.” She provides counsel on how much is too little, and how much is too much to eat. Lessons are provided on subjects, such as reading food labels. “A lot of people don’t read labels on foods, or when they do, they don’t understand.” A popular guest presenter recently recounted the experience of shedding 85 pounds.

launches on May 19, 2020 with the ‘perfect kick-off,’ as London’s own Rick Kish and LINK theatre bring their retro magic to the stage with “The Crooner Show,” a concert style show that celebrates the greatest crooners of all time. On May 26, 2020, comedian Chris Gibbs returns to the Port Stanley stage with “Chris Gibbs: A Legal Alien,” a family-friendly stand-up comedy that playfully explores what it truly means to be Canadian. “From England, the land of William Shakespeare, to Canada, the land of William Shatner, comes a stand-up comedy show about Canadians, by someone who isn’t one.” Opening on June 3, 2020, PSFT is thrilled to be producing a Norm Foster hit comedy starring Norm Foster himself. “Jonas and Barry in the Home” will take the stage for an extended four-week run. “Like oil and water, two seniors fight for love, friendship and happy endings in assisted living in this hilarious new buddy story.” Fourth up, the Port Stanley Festival Theatre is delighted to be presenting the world premiere of “Our House” by Murray Furrow starting July 1, 2020.  “Retirement. It’s what you’ve worked for, it’s your golden years, it’s a life in the sunshine … or is it?” Rose and Brian are finding out that retirement might not be all it’s cracked up to be and take steps to find new interests in life. A comedy about the meaning of home. July 22, 2020 brings “Hurry Hard,” by up and coming playwright Kristen Da Silva. How’s it going to end? On the eve of demolition, the beleaguered Stayner Curling Club tries to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and triumph over arch nemesis, Meaford. Will romance, past hope and family ties win it all, or will history repeat itself in this truly Canadian comedy? Closing out the season, starting August 19, 2020, comes Dan Needles’ “The Perils of Persephone” by the playwright who brought us the Wingfield series and last season’s “Ed’s Garage.” A comedy about fossils, radioactive material, cows, toxic dumps and … damage control.” With a varied season, appealing to single ticket buyers, subscribers and tour groups alike, we look forward to providing another season of top-quality entertainment in 2020.

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